Valorant How To Play Haven Guide

Valorant How To Play Haven Guide
Why do most players like Haven?

Out of the seven maps in Valorant, Haven is the only one with three sites: A, B, and C. A lot of players love its design and layout, making it the least-dodged map in the current meta. Let’s take a look at Haven’s mechanics, including the locations of ultimate orbs, map control, attacker side, and defender side.

How To Play Haven in Valorant

  • Ultimate Orbs

Contesting ultimate orbs is one of the essential objectives in Haven, which are located in C long and A long. Depending on your spawn point (attacker or defender), you should grab them every round for quicker ultimates and maintaining map advantage and control.

To quickly grab an orb, have a smoker cover the area and hide inside it. Be careful of eagle-eyed enemies as they can simply fire shots toward the orb location.

  • Map Control

With the presence of the B site, defenders are now required to assign one agent to guard and hold the site. A team composition with Sage or Viper can simply wall the middle entrance opposite B Window to block the enemy's vision. This way, the defending team can focus on either A or C.

For attackers, taking control of B site means guarding the spike against enemies coming from three directions: mid courtyard, C Link, and A Link. Generally, attackers only plant on B site as a last resort, when entry into A and C is hard, thanks to the defending team’s spotless defense which is usually led by sentinels.

  • Best Agents

    • Killjoy – Of course, this sentinel is an amazing defensive choice for holding a site, particularly in Haven. She can easily proc Swarm grenade lineups while the enemy defuses the spike.
    • Jett – Jett’s Tailwind makes her immune to waiting Operators in A tower, A Long, B Site, C Site, or C Window. She can quickly enter the spike site with her dashes and jumps.
    • Astra – Astra is another agent suitable for Haven. She can simply use her stars to smoke, stun, or pull enemies on opposite sites, regardless of her location. Since the map is linear, Astra’s ultimate can be maximized best.
    • Skye – Skye’s skill set is ideal for Haven’s layout, particularly in narrow areas like Garage or Short, where she can simply blind enemies and easily kill them. Her ultimate skill is excellent in locating enemies across the map.

Playing Haven might be overwhelming at first due to the extra site, but with enough practice and more playing, you’ll be familiar with the map’s layout in no time.

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