[Top 5] Valorant Best Frenzy Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Top 5 frenzy skins from average to best

The Frenzy is an automatic pistol that comes in handy whenever you just wanna run and gun the enemies on a save round. The Frenzy has been a go-to for some agents like Jett or Reyna for they can utilize the gun’s potential and at the same time, have the kit to either execute an enemy or get themselves out of danger when they need it. With that in mind, let’s look at the top 5 skins that riot glazed the frenzy with.

5. RGX 11Z PRO Frenzy

This is one of the most modern designed skin collections to date. The RGX 11z PRO Frenzy clears everything in terms of design, effects, and cleanliness in a gun. Such effects are in the RGX 11Z Pro such as:

  •  there is a kill counter in the gun 
  •  changes color every time you move
  •  awesome in-game feel

At the cost of 2,175 VP this frenzy skin can be yours and you will surely be a girl magnet in-game.

BlastX Frenzy

The blastX collection has one of the most unique designs that valorant has to offer. It’s designed to look like a deadly nerf gun. It’s the kind of nerf guns that you would buy in a toy store so that you can shoot rubber bullets as a kid. Its features are:

  •  awesome skin colors in every variant
  •  great in-game feel
  •  awesome kill sound whenever you get a kill
  •  great finisher that will gift wrap the enemy

The blastX frenzy costs 2,175 valorant points and can be purchasable in-game. If you’re lucky enough, maybe it will show up in your store someday.

Prime Frenzy


The prime frenzy is part of the prime 2.0 skin collection. Similar to every prime skin out there, the prime skin has a clean glossy finish and awesome kill sound. The prime features of it is:

  •  awesome kill sound
  •  great in-game feel
  •  clean color wear 

This skin costs 1775 valorant points to get in the market.

Glitchpop Frenzy


The glitchpop frenzy has got to be one of the best ones yet. Every pro has one of these, especially during the frenzy meta back in the day. The glitchpop frenzy pops everybody on this list. Well, maybe not everybody. The glitchpop frenzy has awesome features like:

  •  awesome design
  •  great finisher
  •  and a very messy but it works type of color style

This skin costs 2,175 valorant points to get in the market.

Elderflame Frenzy


The elder frenzy is the top one here, where the elderflame skin bundle collection is the first premium skin that valorant released. As the first-ever premium skin, people don’t know what to expect before it came out. When it came out, people were amazed by how detailed the skin is. It literally set the bar in terms of skins.

  • first-ever skins to have an animation in valorant
  • great kill sound
  • awesome colors
  • awesome finisher

The Elderflame frenzy can be purchasable for a very hefty price. It costs 2,475 to get at the store. I mean, you get what you pay for. So spending that kind of amount is a bang for the buck. 



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