Valorant: How To Derank

Valorant how to derank.
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There comes a time in any competitive game that your rank may go down a tier. If you don’t want that to happen and want to know when you might derank, I am here to help you relieve yourself of your rank anxiety.

So how do you know when you will derank?


Step 1: Check your Rank Rating

When you open the game from the main menu, click on the "career" tab. The career tab can be located at the top right side of the play button.

From here you can check how many rank ratings you have. You can see your rank rating under your current rank. Your rank rating has a bar from 0-100.


Step 2: Lose a game when you have no rank rating left

When you lose a game and you have zero rank rating left, your rank will go down 1 tier. You can only derank from your tier if you have zero rank rating left. If you have at least one rank rating left, you can’t derank. Also, you can only derank one tier at a time as there are no double deranks in the game.

And that’s it. Now you know that the next time you start a competitive game with zero points and lose, you will derank one tier.



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