Valorant: How to Play Deathmatch Guide

Valorant: How to Play Deathmatch Guide
Reyna getting ready for deathmatch.

Practice makes perfect. In Valorant, Deathmatch is another training ground beside the Range if you want to improve yourself as a player. This mode is specifically made to sharpen and hone your skills as you play solo.

How To Play Deathmatch In Valorant

To be more familiar with Deathmatch, here are some basic terms that can help you get started:

Queue: You will be queued with up to 14 players in this mode and assigned to a random agent.

Rules: This mode has the following unique rules:

  • Abilities are off-limits
  • Infinite money
  • Swap weapons anytime
  • Short match length

Victory: You can win by being the first to achieve 40 kills or garnering the highest number of kills after 9 minutes.

Have fun playing deathmatch!

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