[Top 10] Best Fight Scenes From God of War Ragnarok

Best tag-team in all the realms mid battle

10. Kratos Vs. Bjorn

As Kratos searches the snowy forest for his son and partner in crime, Atreus, he is suddenly ambushed by a gigantic bear. Kratos and the bear proceed to throw down, full on WWE style. As Kratos parries and pummels the bear, the beast returns the favor, chewing on the god like a doggy toy. Kratos gets fed up and unleashes his infamous "Spartan Rage." In the end of the battle, Kratos pins the bear and goes for the kill. As he’s about to snap the neck of the beast, out comes Atreus, revealing yet another new ability.

Kratos getting chewed on by the bear, Bjorn, AKA his son Atreus 

9. Kratos and Atreus Vs. Vanadis

Atreus, continuing through his rebellious stage, sneaks back to his home cabin, which he’s been restricted from by Kratos, to try to find answers and a way to save his father. He finishes off a herd of Hel-Walkers and tries to portal away, but is met by none other than Kratos. Kratos gives him a brief interrogation, but their reunion is foiled by a Valkyrie.

The father and son try to stop the fight, telling the Valkyrie that they saved its sisters, but the Valkyrie proceeds with the attack. Kratos and Atreus throw down with the Valkyrie till she's almost defeated. Kratos finds out it's actually the witch, Freya, and drops his guard, which causes her to catch him and put a blade to his neck. Atreus, in fear, transforms into Bjorn and charges at Freya, but Kratos stops his attack, reminding him of their friendly past with Freya. Freya then says she’ll "spare" them because she has a better purpose for them, to escort her out of the realm to lift her curse.


Vanadis (Freya) dominating the God of War

8. Atreus Vs. Gryla

Atreus and Angrboda hide behind a giant cauldron after sneaking into the home of a giant. The giant is the grandmother of Angrboda, Gryla. They’re planning to stop her from stealing the souls of the animals she hunts down."You know... you should be thanking me. What good does a soul do to anybody? It's just a vessel for pain." the giant said as she handled her soon to be victim. Gryla is a demented and anger-driven giant who uses the souls of animals to escape her reality by using their souls to experience their memories.

After their planning, Atreus and Angrboda jump into action, distracting the giant and freeing the wolf. The giant yells at her granddaughter for returning, and the battle begins. Gryla uses her cauldron magic to throw projectiles at Atreus as he swings around, evading her magic attack. As the two children stun the giant little by little, they end up destroying all of her cauldrons, leaving her powerless and hopeless. The giant, now in defeat, tells her granddaughter she does not matter and she will be forgotten, but Angrboda says Gryla is not a monster, "She’s lost."


The giant Gryla handling Atreus like a doll

7. Kratos and Atreus Vs. Garm

While searching through Helheim for the last piece of Odin’s mask, Atreus and Thrud found a giant wolf locked in chains. Atreus wanted to free the beast, but Thrud insisted the fiend must be in chains for a reason. As they tried to search behind the wolf, they had to unlock a couple of chains to get to the chamber. This caused the beast, Garm, to escape and open up tears in the realms, allowing Hel-Walkers to escape Helheim and wreak havoc.

Feeling guilty, Atreus and his father returned to Helheim to deal with the undead wolf. Atreus attempted to tame the giant wolf, but his efforts failed. They then attempted to rechain the beast, but the plan failed, and Kratos demanded they do things his way from that point on. They battled with the ice-spitting beast and "killed" him multiple times, but he kept on getting up. Atreus thus realized the beast didn't have a soul, so he couldn't die. Atreus had the bright idea of transferring the soul of his deceased pet Fenrir into Garm.Getting a boost from his father, Atreus reached the head of the beast and stabbed it with the blade that contained the soul of Fenrir. The soul transfers, Garm becomes the reincarnation of Fenrir, and the problem is solved.

Kratos facing the beast of Helheim, Garm

6. Kratos and Freya Vs. Nidhogg

As Kratos and Freya continue on their mission to free Freya of Odin’s curse, they finally reach the roots of the world tree. Freya finds out the roots of the tree are knotted, which is why she can’t travel between realms. As the pair try to free the knots, a giant serpent looking beast appears out of a rift and tries to put an end to their scheme. The beast is Nidhogg, the guardian of the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil.

Nidhogg blocks the way to the roots but is distracted by Kratos as the two begin their battle. Freya tells Kratos to keep the beast busy as she tries to find a way to the roots. As Nidhogg unleashes a variety of space-warping attacks, Kratos finally finds his chance and grabs the fangs of the beast, holding him in place. Freya flies past the beast and frees a knot, which allows her to regain her human form and join the fight against Nidhogg. Using her sigils, Freya gives Kratos the edge in the fight as they slowly deplete the life of the giant serpent. On a last-resort attempt to escape, Nidhogg tries to escape but is stopped by Freya and Kratos, getting his head seared off by the chains from Kratos’ Blades of Chaos and a spell from Freya.

The realm warping beast and Kratos having a standoff

5. Kratos and Atreus Vs. Hrist and Mist

Kratos and Atreus, continuing on their mission to attain Ragnarok, had now made their way to the Spark of the World with the fire giant, Surtr. They attempt to transform Surtr into Ragnarok after discovering that he is Ragnarok himself. Surtr draws out some primordial magic and imbues it into Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. Kratos’ then stabs the protruding heart in Surtr’s body to trigger his transformation. After receiving the jab to the heart, Surtr fell off the ledge, starting his transformation.

As Kratos and Atreus awaited the transformation of Surtr, they were ambushed by Hrist and Mist, the last Valkyries still loyal to Odin. In the 2v2 battle, Kratos and Atreus beat down the two Valkyries multiple times, but they ask Odin for more power, which he grants them. They return with a new set of health and strength levels. As the battle went on, the two Valkyries managed to pin Kratos down, which made him unleash his rage, freeing himself. In the end, the father and son land some vicious combos on the sisters, snapping Mist’s neck and tearing Hrist in half.

The Valkyrie sisters pinning down the Ghost of Sparta moments before disaster

4. Kratos and Freya Vs. Gna

After the fall of Asgard, there were still Asgardian soldiers that survived the battle. They wanted to avenge Asgard and get revenge on the "traitor," Freya. They were led by the new Valkyrie queen, Gna, the former handmaiden of Freya. During the Ragnarok in Asgard, she was accidentally warped away through a realm tear, opened by Fenrir.

In Muspelheim, Kratos and Freya encounter the queen, who charges at them in her blind rage to avenge Odin and Asgard. After the long, vicious battle, Kratos manages to grab the Valkyrie and subdue her. Freya attempts to talk her out of her anger, but she won’t let it go. She tells her to finish the job, which Freya does swiftly, slicing her head off clean.

Kratos subduing the Valkyrie queen, Gna

3. Kratos Vs. Thor(final fight)

As Kratos and company try to hold back Ragnarok in Asgard, they see Jormungandr in the distance, surrounded by a bunch of lightning. The world serpent is defeated after a strike to the head, and Kratos realizes the new threat approaching the group. He tells them to clear off the battleground and leave the fight to him as Thor charges at Kratos. The lightning god swoops in and carries Kratos, telling him he’s here for him and his son, and this time he can kill them.

In the brutal battle between the two gods, they exchange blows and even clash their weapons, where Kratos gains the upper hand, knocking Mjolnir out of Thor’s hand. Kratos proceeded to impale the god in his stomach and slam him to the ground. As Thor tried to get up, Kratos stuck his hand to the ground with a knife but spared him for the sake of their children. Thor's eyes are finally opened to the fact that he can change and that his life can be more than just destroying.As the two gods talked, Odin came and asked Thor why he was talking to Kratos, who should be dead. Thor tells him, "Sif was right about you, i just didn't wanna see it." Odin, realizing Thor would no longer function as his puppet, kills him by stabbing him through the heart with a spear.

The fearsome clash between mighty gods

2. Kratos and Atreus Vs. Heimdall

When Kratos and Freya find their way to Einherjar to free Freyr, they’re interrupted by a sudden attack from the god of Foresight, Surveillance, Order and Foreknowledge, Heimdall. Freya shoots a power-canceling arrow at the god, but he effortlessly catches the arrow mid-air. Kratos advises Freya that her efforts are needed elsewhere to rescue Freyr and that he is more than enough to defeat the boisterous bully.

The two gods start their battle with Heimdall mounted on the lion looking beast with horns, Gulltoppr. Kratos proceeds to show off his animal cruelty, killing the beast, leaving Heimdall to fight on his own, and simultaneously becoming number one on PETA’s hit list. Heimdall continues the fight on swift and nimble feet, bobbing and weaving every attack thrown his way. After throwing several fruitless hooks and jabs, Kratos is finally able to land an attack on Heimdall with the help of his newest weapon, the Draupnir Spear. After landing the first hit, it becomes much easier to negate the health points of the arrogant god.

Kratos pins Heimdall to the wall, making him scream and plead for him to stop as he’s never felt pain before. Leaving the now defeated Heimdall on the wall, Kratos decides to spare him, but Heimdall’s pride would never allow the fight to end in such a manner. Heimdall threatens to kill Atreus, which provokes Kratos to blow off his right arm as his final warning. Heimdall doesn't accept and grows his right arm back with the power of Bifrost, then blasts Kratos away with a punch to his shield. Heimdall goes all out in the final fight, but his efforts fall short against Kratos, who is enraged by Heimdall's taunts and threats towards his son. Kratos smashes Heimdall's face into the ground, turning it into a bloody pulp, before choking him out, stripping Asgard of one of their biggest assets before Ragnarok.


The God of War and the arrogant Heimdall facing off

1 Everybody Vs. Odin Allfather

After bringing Ragnarok to Asgard, Kratos and his allies took on Odin’s army. In the war, Kratos and Thor face off once more, which ends with Kratos convincing Thor to give up his old ways and see his father for who he really is. Odin, seeing this, quickly arrives at the battle field, ordering Thor to finish the fight and letting him know he is his puppet. Thor, in defiance, drops Mjolnir. Odin quickly drives a spear through his now "broken" son’s heart and blames the death of his son and the downfall of his family on Kratos and Atreus. This kicked off the battle between the father-son duo and Odin.

During the battle, Odin manages to bind Atreus and his father in a time spell, but the favour is returned when Freya binds Odin with another spell. Odin uses a notorious crow of his as a distraction and destroys the ground, dropping them all into his lair. He sees Atreus and tries to convince him to wear the mask and find the answers that Odin sought, but Atreus chooses his father instead and splits the mask into two, foiling all of Odin’s efforts. Odin, now enraged, engages in battle against the trio but is quickly taken down by their teamwork.

As Odin is now beaten, he tells Atreus how he ruined everything and how the two could’ve made everything better. Atreus quickly shuts him down, telling him he only cared for himself and no others. Atreus tells Odin he can still change, but the old, stubborn Allfather refuses, so Atreus sadly takes the soul of his mentor and traps it in a marble. As Kratos, Freya, and Atreus decide what to do with the marble, they’re intercepted by Sindri, who smashes the marble along with Odin’s soul as revenge for his brother, Brok, whom Odin killed.


Atreus and his Mentor

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