[Top 15] Gods Killed By Kratos And How The Battle Went

Kratos the God Slayer



15. Kratos Vs. Poseidon, God of the Sea (G.O.W III)

Kratos and Poseidon final fight

Kratos and his uncle go a long way back, as their final fight wasn't their first interaction. During the wager of the gods, Kratos defeated Poseidon's warrior, which infuriated him, so he attempted to sink Kratos and his Spartan companions at sea. Kratos and company survived, so a sea snake was sent to do the job but was slayed by Kratos. Poseidon’s anger grew as the Spartans docked safely at their destination.

After Kratos thrashes Atlantis, the underwater city, in search of his mother, he tries to make his way back to the now-sunken city, but Poseidon won’t let him go peacefully. He attacks Kratos with massive whirlpools and other attacks of the sea, but they don't stop the Spartan, so Poseidon manifests himself through a statue but still isn't able to take Kratos down.

As the all-out war between Kratos, the titans, and the gods continues, Poseidon plans to finally get his revenge on Kratos when they finally meet again. Kratos comes from a previous fight, crashing into Poseidon and dragging him out of the water so they can fight. Poseidon warns Kratos that the destruction of Olympus would destroy the world, but Kratos does not care. Kratos gives him a wild beating, and while Poseidon tries to escape, Kratos crushes his eyes and finally snaps his neck, killing the god. 

14. Kratos Vs. Ares, original God of War (G.O.W)

Ares final boss fight

Ares and Kratos held a deal where Kratos would serve the god in exchange for power. This would all go down the drain when Ares tricks Kratos into slaughtering his own family, leading to Kratos' journey for revenge. 

As Ares destroyed Athens, Athena could not get involved, so she ordered Kratos to stop Ares. He travels to get the power to defeat Ares from Pandora’s box but as soon as he retrieves it Ares senses him and impales Kratos with a giant pillar. This killed Kratos, but of course he escaped the underworld. As Ares continued his battle against the gods, Kratos came in to save Zeus. Zeus gives him a boost in power, and he attains it from Pandora’s box, so he’s finally able to match Ares’ power.

After Ares attempts to defeat Kratos with mind games and images of his dead family, Kratos lays his eyes on the Blade of the Gods, which was sent to him by Athena. Kratos uses the sword to impale Ares, finally defeating him. He pleads with Kratos reminding him of the time he saved him but his story falls on deaf ears. After Ares’ death, Athena grants Kratos the role of the new God of War.

13. Kratos Vs. Athena, Goddess of War/Wisdom (G.O.W II)

Athena’s Death

Athena, who was Kratos’ main supporter and ally, wasn't safe from the wrath of the Spartans' rampage as he destroyed Olympus. As Kratos is about to finish off his dad with the Blade of Olympus, Athena jumps in the way of Kratos’ sword to save her father Zeus and stop the onslaught on Olympus. Kratos, with no care in the world, leaves her to die and continues on to kill Zeus, ignoring Athena’s message.

12. Kratos Vs. Thanatos, God of Death (G.O.W: Ghost of Sparta)

Kratos vs Thanatos final fight

The "God of Death" should, logically, be beyond the realms of life and death, right?The God of Death, who predates even the cycle of life and death.If you enrage Kratos enough, you will undoubtedly taste bitter death.

Kratos hears news that his brother, Deimos, is alive, so he goes to rescue him. When Kratos reaches his brother, he feels betrayed that Kratos couldn't save him when they were kids. Deimos then attacks Kratos, but their bitter reunion is interrupted by Thanatos, the god of death, who almost drops Deimos off a cliff. 

 The two brothers make up when Kratos saves Deimos from the fall. They fight together, then Thanatos severely injures Deimos, which induces Kratos’ infamous Spartan Rage. He rips Thanatos’ chest open and then impales him further to kill him.

11. Kratos Vs.Hades, God of the Underworld (G.O.W III)

Kratos vs Hades final fight

If a man kills your brother, wife, and niece, do you really need any justification to take their soul? After Kratos killed Poseidon, Athena, and Persophone, the wife and niece of Hades, Hades sought vengeance. When Kratos threatened the gods of Olympus, Hades took his chance to settle his score.

As soon as their battle starts, Hades attempts to rip out Kratos’ soul but fails. They fight with their chained blades, which eventually get tangled and give Kratos the upper hand. Kratos uses the entangled chain as a noose around Hades’ neck, slamming his head against the ceiling and dropping him into the River Styx, "killing" him. Kratos takes Hades’ claws, which allow him to take souls. 

Hades burst out of the river, revealing a bigger body and a cracked, deformed skull. After a vicious battle, Kratos uses the claws to pull out Hades’ soul once and for all. Hades’ death freed all the souls of the underworld.

10. Kratos Vs. Persephone, Goddess of Spring (G.O.W: Chains of Olympus)

     Kratos vs Persephone final fight

After being kidnapped and forced to marry her uncle Hades, Persephone becomes the queen of the Underworld. She develops a hatred for the gods and makes a plan to destroy the world and every lifeform in it. As she offered Kratos eternity with his daughter to stay out of the way, he finds out about her plan and he couldn't stand the idea of watching his daughter die again. This leads to their final fight.

In their final fight, Persephone sports a design similar to Marvel's version of the Asgardian god of death, Hela. In their battle, she has wings, which enable her to fly and hurl her conjured rocks at Kratos. Kratos ends the battle by pounding her with the Gauntlet of Zeus.

9. Kratos Vs. Helios, God of the Sun (G.O.W III)

    Kratos vs Helios final fight

Helios dies in one of the most brutal and gruesome deaths in the series' and all of gaming history.He was a major villain throughout the story and was one of the most powerful as he was the Titan god of the sun.

After smashing R1 and L1, Kratos pulls Helios’ head off as if he were a Barbie doll. The god screams, his headless body flaunting his newfound ability, a holy flashlight. Kratos then carries the god’s head around and uses it as a torch.

8. Kratos Vs. Hercules, Demigod son of Zeus (G.O.W III)

Kratos vs Hercules final fight
Jealousy and hatred make a real ugly combination. After Kratos encounters Hera, she makes Hercules fight Kratos as her champion. Kratos was hesitant and didn't want to fight his older brother, but Hercules’ jealousy gave Kratos no choice. Hercules declared slaying Kratos the final 13th task and the way to "his rightful throne" as the God of War. 

After Kratos’ attempt to reason with his brother, he is made to fight Hercules’ undead soldiers. When he finishes them off, Hercules finally joins the fight with his Nemean Cestus (large metal lion-shaped gauntlets). After a long, brutal fight, Kratos manages to disarm Hercules of his gauntlets, helmet, and armor. Hercules then tears the floor, causing Kratos to almost drop, but he saves himself with the Nemean Cestus. Kratos smashes the floor, causing it to fall on Hercules, and while he's trapped, Kratos finishes the job by pulverizing his face with his own gauntlets.

7. Kratos Vs. Hera, Goddess of Marriage (G.O.W III)

       Kratos kills Hera

Hera was always Kratos’s biggest hater, even at his birth. When Zeus had another child outside of his marriage with Hera, the literal goddess of marriage, she ordered the death of the child, who was Kratos, but he was spared by his father. 

While in her sluggish drunk state, she attempts to attack Kratos, but he pushes her to the side and advances. She then insults Pandora, which then invokes Kratos’ uncontrollable rage, in which he snaps her neck like a glowstick, depriving her of speech.

6. Kratos Vs. Zeus, God of the Sky (G.O.W III)

Kratos vs Zeus final fight

  Son kills father, quite possibly the longest running theme in the history of the gods. Zeus gets a prophecy that he will be killed by a marked warrior among his children, so he sends Athena and Ares to detain said child, Deimos. Deimos was Kratos’ brother and Zeus’ most recent child, and he was born with the markings, so he was taken away. To keep the memory of his brother alive, Kratos painted the same markings over his body.

Zeus kills Kratos, sending him once again to the underworld. Before confronting his father, Kratos seeks the power to defeat him and discovers it in the Blade of Olympus. The two face off in a battle between father and son, just as Zeus did with his father Cronus. Kratos uses the sword on Zeus, but he returns the favor with the same sword. Kratos ends the fight with his bare hands, smashing his father's face in. As the root of most of Kratos' hatred towards the gods, Zeus finally met his demise.

5. Kratos Vs. Hephaestus, Blacksmith God (G.O.W III)

Kratos vs Hephaestus final fight

Kratos approaches Hephaestus looking for help with a quest. The god who used to be married to Aphrodite is now imprisoned by Zeus after a beating that left him looking deformed. Hephaestus backstabs Kratos for his "daughter," Pandora. Hephastus tries to kill Kratos, so he returns the favor by dropping a giant anvil into the heart of the Blacksmith God. 

4. Kratos Vs Modi, Son of Thor (G.O.W 2018)

Modi’s death

After Kratos' relocation to the Norse Mythology verse, he is hunted down on the orders of Odin Allfather. Modi is among the group sent to hunt down the Spartan god. Modi, who was called the idiot son of Thor, was not well respected in his family, and neither was he in his death.

Being of no use to his brother, Thor blames Modi's death on him and beats him badly. Modi then attempts to take revenge against Kratos but isn't even able to move. His death didn't even come at the hands of Kratos, but his son, Atreus. Kratos wants to grant the beaten demigod mercy, but Atreus kills Modi against his father’s orders.

3. Kratos Vs. Magni, Eldest Son of Thor (G.O.W 2018)

Kratos vs Magni

Magni, who was more respected in the eyes of their father, was also on the journey to hunt down Kratos. He died from the battle with Kratos as his brother, Modi, ran away. After the two brothers started the fight with Kratos and his son, it wasn't long before Kratos would sink his axe into the head of the elder brother. This infuriated Thor, the new antagonist of the most recent G.O.W. game.

2. Kratos Vs Baldur, God of Light (G.O.W 2018)

Kratos and Baldur’s final fight

The god with the slim build, Baldur, was the main villain in the 2018 G.O.W. game. The witch mother of Baldur, Freya, placed a curse on him so that he may not die or feel any pain, which turned Baldur into a madman. Baldur first encounters Kratos on his mission to kill the Jotunn Guardian and mistakes them for Kratos. During the battle, Kratos kills Baldur, who is then revived by his spell.

Baldur then sets out on his new quest with Modi and Magni to hunt and kill Kratos. As the only survivor and the most annoying member of the group, Kratos and Atreus discover Baldur's weakness, a mistletoe-laden arrow, which they pierced him with to break the protection spell. Kratos spares him on the condition that he leaves him, his son, and Freya alone, but he then chokes Freya, so Kratos snaps yet another neck.

1. Kratos Vs. Mimir, God of Knowledge and Wisdom (G.O.W 2018)

Kratos behead’s Mimir

Mimir, known as the smartest man alive, was not excused from Kratos’ kill list, but this time he requested to be killed. He was once the former advisor of Odin, but his selfishness caused Odin to remove his eyes and then bind him to a tree. Kratos accepts Mimir's request and beheads him, obtaining holy flashlight 2.0 except that this one knew everything that happened in all realms at any time and could talk. 

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