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Kratos vs. dragon
No enemy is mean enough to scare Kratos!

One of the things that makes the God of War series so popular is its brutal, punishing, and relentless fighting system. Even if the whole system underwent a huge redesign in 2018 with God of War, this remains true. Boss battles, in particular, make the fighting system shine and encourage players to pay close attention to the screen, to stunning effect. Let’s check out all of the bosses that you will encounter in God of War 2018.



As the largest monster (in terms of size) in God of War, the cave-dwelling dragon Hraezlyr makes quite an impact. Kratos and Atreus initially see the dragon while riding the lift up the mountain, and the battle starts in earnest when they reach the summit. This battle is not extremely tough but takes quick reflexes and accurate shooting to complete.

This is an extremely mechanistic battle in which you must stun the dragon by pouring red tree sap at it just before it rains lightning on you. You have a limited window to land that shot to stun it, after which you must dash up and begin attacking its skull. Later, Hraezlyr begins demonstrating many new techniques, including a ground shockwave and a lightning strike. The objective here is to maintain the camera's focus on the monster, then raise your shield just as it smacks its foot to the ground, causing a shockwave. You must avoid its strikes while inching towards the next sap spawn location before hurling sap at the dragon's face to stun it once again.

For such a magnificent-appearing boss, this one is a bit of a letdown. It's just a question of avoiding assaults (which aren't really difficult to avoid), tossing a crystal at it, going HAM on its face, and then repeating the process.


Hraezlyr Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

  • Running, not evading, is the most effective way to dodge lightning strikes.
  • There are two sap deposits situated around the battlefield's edges.
  • Wait for Hraezlyr to flash with lightning before throwing the sap orb towards the monster.
  • During the intervals between these electric-breath strikes, Hraezlyr's claws will be planted on the ground and susceptible to your assaults. 
  • Try to get near enough to land a couple slashes each time, then immediately block and retreat to prevent getting countered.
  • Continue striking Hraezlyr with the red sap, and when it has around a quarter of its health remaining and is once again falling to the ground, a button prompt (Square) will appear. 
  • Follow the on-screen directions to move the colossal crane to the right of the battlefield and, eventually, bring the dragon to its knees.

Hraezlyr full details: Here


Helheim Bridge Keeper

In general, the Bridge Keeper is not very difficult. Its moveset is mostly identical to that of previous Trolls, with the exception that it can now conjure orbs that follow you around the battlefield. The majority of the difficulty comes from dealing with the orbs by throwing your Axe or Blades at them, while keeping an eye on the Bridge Keeper to avoid a surprise ground slam. It also has a somewhat clever teleportation technique that may sometimes throw you off, but on standard difficulties, it's still rather simple to keep pounding on this foe without repercussions.

The Bridge Keeper is a somewhat enhanced and reskinned variant of the Trolls we've seen thus far.

Helheim Bridge Keeper Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

  • The Bridge Keeper's sweeping strikes occur in four-part chains.
  • When you are distant from the monster, he will fire ice shards across the battlefield at you.
  • To evade the ice strikes, circle the monster in a circle.
  • To evade the wave assaults, you must dash through the spaces between each wave.
  • Continue evading and chipping away at him; you must be proactive and get near to him or your progress will halt at this stage; thus, bet on your reflexes and go for the kill! 
  •  Spartan Rage will likely be sufficient to bring you to the finish line.
  • Eventually, you will land the crucial blow and expose him to another button quick finisher; at that point, it will be time to harvest his heart.

Helheim Bridge Keeper full details: Here


Magni and Modi

It seems sense that the sons of Thor would be hardy, and each of these men is reliably resilient on his own. Magni and Modi are very vulnerable to melee and ranged assaults. Even worse, Kratos can only land a few blows before they launch a broad, unblockable counterattack.

Fighting two of them increases the challenge. The close-quarters camera restricts the players' field of view, allowing one of the brothers to quickly flank Kratos from off-screen. Atreus has little ability to attract their attention. The developers are also aware of this, since they take advantage of these out-of-sight hits anytime the brothers turn out the lights.


Magni and Modi Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

  • Concentrate on one boss and let Atreus distract the other.
  • As soon as one boss is stunned and defeated, it is time to attack the next.
  • When Kratos and Atreus are back-to-back, you have a strong chance of being near the approaching assault if you continue to turn.
  • Remember that the red arrow next to Kratos indicates the direction of the assault.
  • Prioritize Magni, the bigger of the two brothers, since he is the easier target. He lacks a shield, making him very susceptible to your ranged axe throws, particularly to the head. 
  • When his health reaches two-thirds, he will go down for the count, crouching and becoming invulnerable. Then it is time to address Modi, his brother.
  • When you've successfully slowed them down during that phase of the combat, your eyesight will once again become clear, and you'll resume fighting.
  • This time, they will use their more difficult-to-evade thunder-charged assaults.
  • Begin by concentrating on Magni and unleashing all of your runic strikes and runic summons, since he is unable to stop anything.
  • Modi will begin flinging little blobs of electricity into the air, which will fall near you and explode like grenades; thus, you should avoid them when you notice them and continue to move.


Magni and Modi full details: Magni, Modi


Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen

Sigrun's battle is an actual gauntlet. You'll need laser-sharp focus, lightning-fast reflexes, and unwavering poise and concentration throughout the whole battle. With maybe dozens and hundreds of failed tries before your eventual success, this gauntlet can soon become tiring.

Sigrun, unlike many God of War monsters, cannot be divided into stages with different patterns and rhythms. Instead, she will use each of her moves relatively arbitrarily during the whole battle. You'll instantly know a number of her attacks, since she employs every attack used by past Valkyries as well as a couple of her own. The difficulty is in responding to every move on the fly, since you never know what the next move will be and often have just microseconds to act.

Due to the fact that her battle is neither memorizable nor predictable, you will need to depend on plain old-fashioned practice. In order to achieve victory, you must develop muscle memory for ducking and blocking every move, as well as the patience and effort to string them together almost faultlessly.


Sigrun Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

  • Parrying is vital against this monster, enabling you to deflect Sigrun's attacks. However, she possesses a number of unblockable techniques, so you'll also need to know how to roll safely.
  • Additionally, you must understand when to switch between the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos. The Axe is a potent follow-up to a parry, but Sigrun is so lethal at close range that it is generally safer for you to utilize the Blades.
  • If Kratos is not cautious, Sigrun's exceptionally potent ranged strike may quickly catch him off guard. When she is distant from Kratos, she will often launch a barrage of ice missiles at you, which you can easily deflect by raising your shield and absorbing the hits head-on.
  • If she utilizes her wings as a massive shield to defend herself, use the Block Break, shattering her barriers and briefly stunning her for a devastating follow-up.
  • Keep a resurrection stone in your inventory.


Sigrun full details: Here



The last battle with Baldur is similar to your previous meeting with him, except this time he assumes a different form. Freya will continually attempt to interfere with shockwaves and vines, making the struggle more difficult than you may anticipate. If you don't want to be hammered by Baldur, you'll need to pay close attention to his sprints and dodging, and generally maintain track of his whereabouts at all times.

In this battle, Baldur may transform between ice and fire, requiring you to continually move between your own weapons. Baldur's assaults are very relentless, and his move set is sufficiently broad and varied to keep the player on alert at all times. The whole of the battle consists of observing his combos, avoiding when required, and finally closing in for the kill, while ensuring that the appropriate weapon is equipped for his many forms.

Combined with Freya's random strikes and the spawning of foes, it is incredibly simple to become overwhelmed if you're not paying attention. It's a pity that the last phase of the battle is scripted, consisting mostly of timed button pushes and simple punch/dodge combinations.


Baldur Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

  • Fighting Baldur for the last time necessitates that you have at least become used to anticipating oncoming strikes and evading them.
  • Combating against the Valkyries is excellent preparation for honing these abilities.
  • Play the match with patience and be aware of Freya's efforts to disrupt or separate you throughout the first two stages of the fight.
  • Avoiding Baldur's strike is the simplest and most straightforward approach to win the battle. 
  • When Baldur charges with his fist, you may utilize your shield by pressing Q (default) and simply slide or flip by using SPACE (default) to avoid his second blow.
  • If the enemy is frozen, use the blade of chaos; if the enemy is red and built of fire, use leviathan axe since its freezing abilities may neutralize the enemy. Utilize the same tactic to defeat Baldur.

Baldur full details: Here



The newest God of War game may not contain boss battles on the same epic scale as previous installments in the series, but there are still some very challenging confrontations. With the revamped combat system, battles are far more interesting, and players must pay careful attention to attack patterns if they want to prevail. I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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