[Top 5] GoW Ragnarok Best Heavy Runics (And Why)

Heavy Runic

5. Leviathan’s Roar

A powerful Axe throw that returns with devastating impact. Kratos is fully protected while shielding.

This devastating heavy runic attack really puts the Leviathan Axe to use. Kratos will throw the axe with all of his strength during Leviathan's Roar, and it will come back to him with a devastating impact of Frost damage to the surrounding area.  

Kratos shields during this attack and is 100 % safe. Players will have 3 Damage points and a magnificent 5 Stun points when it reaches its maximum level, which means enemies will be slain by Kratos' Spartan rage in no time.

Excels in:

  • In area damage if you are surrounded by enemies 
  • In freezing the opponents to give yourself time to flee or pick up collectibles
  • Gives you time to link together combos with other runics. 


4. Tame the Beast

A series of Blade whips scorches nearby enemies. 

At a distance, Tame the Beast works best. Players can maintain a respectable distance while using the powerful runic attack to repeatedly whip and scorch surrounding opponents with a series of swipes from the Blades of Chaos. If they press R2 while using the ability, players can even make more violent swipes, demonstrating their superiority over the other nine realms.  

Tame the Beast has a 133-second cooldown, 5 points of damage, and is unquestionably a ferocious ability to deploy. Moreover, it has two points in Burn and Stun, making it a really effective perk all around. 

Excels in:

  • Maintaining distance from opponents 
  • Short cooldown
  • All-around stats


3. Honour the Fallen

Initiates a powerful wind gust to stagger enemies while leaping.

Kratos will leap into the air and execute a long-range dive, slamming the spear into the ground with a powerful and devastating impact. In Ragnarok, holding R2 charges up this attack for extra damage as a gust of wind positions opponents for attack, making them ideal targets.  

If players are having trouble catching up to foes or just need to make room for themselves by pushing several enemies aside, they should perform this heavy runic attack. Players receive 4 damage points, 5 force points, and 2 stun points from an upgraded version of Honor the Fallen. 

Excels in:

  • Cutting distance between enemies by leaping to them
  • Making space from surrounding enemies with the ground slam
  • Positioning enemies for ranged attacks


2. Breath of Tamur

A massive area-of-effect attack that deals damage to all enemies within an extremely large area. 

Holding the handle of his Leviathan Axe, Kratos will release a powerful force onto the battlefield. Everyone on the battlefield is caught in a storm created by this powerful area-of-effect attack that surrounds Kratos and deals Frost and Damage to everyone inside. As Kratos is immune to all attacks, foes will gradually lose health and become overrun by Frost.  

It's an excellent move to give Kratos some breathing room because it completely dominates the battlefield and prevents anyone from attacking. With 5 points in Damage and 3 points in Frost, it can be upgraded to level 3. The only drawback is that it only has a single usage every fight due to its lengthy 288-second cooldown

Excels in:

  • The range of the area attack
  • Creating breathing room for Kratos as enemies will be pushed away and frozen
  • Damage


1.The Finger of Ruin

Summon a massive tornado to send enemies tumbling in its path.

Despite the immense might of all gods, Kratos appears to be the only one who can start a tornado with the spin of a spear. As Kratos uses this move, he conjures up a huge tornado that flies straight at the targets lining them up like bowling pins for Atreus to shoot.

With 231 seconds each usage, the cooldown is quite long. The Finger of Ruin, at its third tier, has excellent numbers with 5 in Damage, 4 in Force, and 3 in Stun. It is the most adaptable and assists Kratos in fending off adversaries when he might otherwise be overpowered. 

Excels in:

  • Immobilizing opponents 
  • Giving Atreus opportunities to shoot
  • Keeping opponents busy as you flee or even look for health stones 

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