Best Fight Scenes From The God of War Series

Kratos Versus Thor
Kratos Versus Thor

The God of War series is undoubtedly one of the most notable game series on the market for its epic battle scenes. The games have featured fantastically bloody battles with huge mythical creatures, cunning personages, and epic gods. One of the greatest things about the games is that the fight scenes have no limits, and each game features increasingly difficult opponents throughout the game’s progression.

Below, we will walk through the best God of War fight scenes of all time in order of the most engaging combat and cinematic experience.

Because the graphics, mechanics, and tone of the series changed drastically in the revival series beginning in 2018, the rankings have been separated by series segment.


Original Series 

15. Thanatos

In Greek mythology, Thanatos is the personification of death in the form of a god. In the Ghost of Sparta game,

Thanatos appears when Kratos finds his brother after a long journey through hell and back (literally). He quickly realizes that Kratos is the warrior from a prophecy that is meant to destroy all of Olympus.

This fight is especially engaging because you get to fight through it with your brother by your side. But what God of War fight would be complete without a giant monster to fight?

Just when you think this final boss may be a bit too easy to defeat, he transforms into a giant dragon-like beast.

The battle ends, as so many of the series do, with Kratos breathing the god into submission in a series of rapid-fire blows after Thanatos reverts back to human form. Kratos then drives his blade through Thanatos’s chest, ending his existence.

This merciless display of violence and victory leads the grave digger to grant Kratos the title "Death, the destroyer of worlds."


14. Colossus of Rhodes

According to historical records, the Colossus of Rhodes was one of the most impressive statues in ancient history. It was a massive bronze statue of the sun god Helios that was destroyed only 12 years after it was erected.

In the game, they use this history in a surprisingly clever way as Zeus imbues it with Kratos’s godly powers. As a result, the statue is animated, however, it also has a sense of awareness that allows it to track Kratos’s movements.

These simple, yet engaging details are part of why the God of War games continue to be so successful. In this fight, (and many others), you must decide the best strategy to use against the colossal opponent.

After wearing down the statue, Kratos has to quickly take advantage of the few moments the statue takes to readjust to combat. While Kratos defeats the statue itself, this is actually one of the only battles Kratos actually completely loses.

As the statue falls in defeat, his massive hand knocks Kratos down long enough for Zeus to swoop in and strike the killing blow to Kratos, sending him to Tartarus.


13. Ares

Ares is the final boss of the first God of War game. The entire game builds up the battle for the player, and it does not disappoint. After opening Pandora’s box and absorbing the power, Kratos now has the power to defeat the god.

He grows to match the giant size of the god and engages in a progressive combat style that presents increasingly difficult obstacles.

Just when you think you are about to win the fight, Ares locks Kratos in an illusion to defeat an army of himself attacking his family representing the greatest pain and mistake of his life.

After defeating the illusion, Athena gifts Kratos with the blade of the gods, which he then uses to defeat Ares. This epic battle was the very first experience God of War fans had with a final boss and the complexities of the game.


12. Hades

In the third God of War game, Kratos takes on a number of prominent gods, including the “big three”: Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Hades is determined to prevent Kratos from escaping Tartarus yet again.

Hades appears out of nowhere, attempting to overtake Kratos in one move and steal his soul. Kratos resists, and the two are thrown into a passionate, vengeful fight.

After a bit of a struggle, the chains of both opponents’ blades become intertwined, and Kratos uses the opportunity to strangle Hades and throw him into the river Styx, awarding Kratos with the blades of Hades.

Of course, it can’t end so simply. Hades emerges without his signature helmet, sporting an unsightly face. The struggle begins again, only this time, Kratos gains the upper hand and steals Hades' soul with his own blades.


11. Poseidon

Poseidon is the first opponent Kratos faces in God of War 3. This graphically beautiful fight is a fitting introduction to the final installment of the Greek series. While we have seen Poseidon in past games, we have never seen him in such great glory.

The god is made of crustaceans, horses, and flowing water. To add to the experience, the entire battle is fought on the back of the Titan Gaia. Just like with any other monster in the series, Kratos must attack the weak points of the beast to slowly wear him down.

After many stages of the battle, we finally see that there is a body inside the monstrous beast. Kratos rips the god's body away from the creation and beats him to death in the classic style of Kratos.


10. Cronos

The list of fantastic battles would not be complete without at least one Titan. This is yet another opponent that we have been introduced to through the series; however, this is the first time we actually fight him.

There are many battles in the first games that feature some gruesome sights, but this one just might take the cake for many. Against such a huge enemy, what better way to wear them down than to rip off their fingernails?

Kratos does just that along with some other cringy tactics. Finally, Kratos breaks off the crystal nail that was designed to hold him prisoner and drives it through Cronos’s chin. To end it once and for all, he plunges the sword of the gods into his forehead, ending his torment.


9. Zeus

Zeus is the ultimate enemy that players played through all these games to defeat, so it makes sense that it would be the most epic battle of the Greek series. Zeus has outsmarted Kratos many times; however, in this final battle, Kratos is ready for all his tricks.

One of the greatest things about this battle is the variety of stages that the player gets to cycle through throughout the fight.

It ends up having an almost Mortal Kombat feel to the whole ordeal. There is the classic side view type of combat and arena-style combat thrown in.

In addition, the whole combat continues to work its way through the story, resulting in the pair fighting what you think is the final showdown inside Gaia’s body, right alongside her heart.

In an epic show of power, Kratos presumably ends the battle by driving his blade through both Zeus and Gaia at the same time.

Zeus, like Kratos, doesn’t let it end with his death, however. His soul appears to continue the fight, draining Kratos yet again of many of his abilities. Kratos beats this version of Zeus yet again, returning his soul to his body.

Zeus taunts Kratos for his failure, but Kratos realizes the god is too weak to resist him and decides to finish him off with his bare hands as blood covers the screen, ending the story.


Revival Series 

8. Nidhogg

Kratos’s fight with Nidhogg is nothing personal; however, it was necessary for Kratos to achieve his goals. Freya was cursed by Odin and tied to Midgard through the roots of the tree of life. As guardian of the tree, Nidhogg fights tooth and nail to prevent them from reaching the roots.

After a cinematic battle, Kratos gains the upper hand, and Nidhogg attempts to leave through a portal to another realm.

Kratos prevents her from escaping, allowing Freya to break her curse and close the portal, which cuts off Nidhogg's head.

This fight is an example of the new tone of the revival series, which shows us that while Kratos is still the ruthless warrior he has always been, having a family again has given him a renewed sense of morality and respect for living creatures.


7. The Dragon of The Mountain

Who doesn’t love an epic dragon battle? The Norse rendition of the series doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. There are many hints throughout the mountain’s ascent that suggest there will be a dragon somewhere near the top.

Eventually, the dragon attacks Kratos and his son relentlessly. The attack happens in stages, allowing the player to take a bit of a break from the giant beast.

In the final showdown, we get to see a familiar combat style as Kratos impales the dragon in the neck with a spike, similar to how he killed the Hydra in the first-ever God of War game.


6. Valkyries 

While the Valkyries are fought in many different fight scenes, they are a notable part of the 2018 God of War game, which introduced a new type of opponent and combat style to the game.

These fights increase in difficulty as the game goes on, and some even become as challenging as the main bosses.

Each Valkarie has a different fighting style with different moves and techniques that need to be employed to win. The sheer complexity and ingenuity of the fights earn them a place as the most notable battles in the games preceding the gods.


5. The Stranger

The fight with the stranger (whom we later learn is the impervious god Baldur), is the first fight in the revival series. This is perhaps one of the most cinematic fights in the entire series, showing players exactly what they have to look forward to in the rest of the game.

The stranger appears at Kratos’s door under the assumption that he is someone called the “guardian.” He taunts a reluctant Kratos by repeatedly beating on him, but Kratos refuses to respond. Baldur notices two beds in the house during the fight, however, and threatens his son.

Of course, Kratos now has a reason to fight. After all, it has always been about protecting his family. We learn that Baldur is impervious to pain and damage, making it impossible to finish him off in this first battle.

That doesn’t stop Kratos from trying, however, using whatever he can find to assist his efforts. To end the battle, Kratos breaks the god's neck and tosses him off a cliff, incapacitating him for a time.


4. Heimdall

The fight with Heimdall is not only entertaining but also extremely satisfying. Heimdall, the god of foresight, shows up several times throughout the game, becoming one of the most arrogant annoyances of the entire series.

When we finally get to fight him, it is one of the most fulfilling fight scenes, as you get to take out all your frustrations. Heimdall begins the fight on a mount, however, Kratos easily dispatches the mount and forces the god to fight on foot.

At the beginning of the battle, it is almost impossible to get a hit in because Heimdall can predict all of your attacks. Once the first blow lands, however, Heimdall shows fear, as he has never felt pain before.

As Kratos gains favorable odds in the battle, Heimdall begs for his life, only to change his tune and begin taunting Kratos regarding Atreus. We then see Kratos’s sense of mercy dissipate as he beats Heimdall out of existence for his insolence.


3. Odin

While Odin is the main antagonist of the game, his fight isn’t quite the most important or entertaining. Odin shows up after the second battle with Thor and attempts to kill Kratos blaming him for destroying his family.

The fight is still notable as you get the help of both your son and Freya to defeat the All-Father. After beating him into submission, we get to see Kratos attempt to display mercy yet again.

The fight ends in a semi-unexpected turn of events as Sindri appears and smashes his soul in revenge for the death of his brother Bork.


2. Thor Fight 2

Thor was the most anticipated antagonist of the game and perhaps the whole series (behind Zeus). In God of War Ragnarok, we get to come up against him twice. The second fight is cinematic, climactic, and takes a surprising turn, earning it the second-best fight scene in the series.

The second fight with Thor happens as we bring a series of climactic battles to a close. Thor announces his intent to kill both Kratos and Atreus, however, Kratos is able to overtake him after a long struggle.

Kratos pleads with Thor to end the cycle of violence and be better than his father. For the first time ever in the series, Kratos is able to get his opponent to see reason. Thor lays down his arms and agrees, only for Odin to show up and kill him himself.


1. Thor Fight 1

Finally, the first introduction to Thor in God of War Ragnarok earns its place as the best fight scene in the series. We know at this point that the entire game won’t focus solely on Thor because Ragnarok is so much more than one battle. This makes it entirely possible that this will be the first and last appearance of the thunder god.

This uncertainty feeds into the sheer suspense of this battle. Not to mention the complex combat and the beautiful graphics. The meeting doesn’t begin with combat as Thor shows up to discuss peace with Kratos.

When Kratos refuses, Odin appears and “allows” Thor to do what he will with him. Pleased, Thor openly attacks Kratos in all his glory, throwing thunder and sporting the famous Mjölnir.

He pays no heed to Kratos’s explanation of his son’s death and demands that the old god of war fight him in all his glory.

Eventually, Thor lets slip that Odin has plans for Atreus, which sparks the Spartan’s rage of the past and allows him to get in a good hit that does significant damage to the god.

Satisfied with the power of Kratos, Thor finally understands how his sons were defeated and he leaves Kratos alive stating that his blood debt has been paid.


Honorable Mentions

  • Sister’s of Fate
  • Pandora’s Guardian
  • Skorpius
  • Hydra
  • Kracken

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