25 Best God of War Art That Look Awesome

Father and Boy

25. Haze of the Revenant


This beautiful capture is of the father-son duo facing a revenant in her home court. Revenants are enemies that show up in God of War as fearsome opponents. They appear as gaunt, shrouded female beings carrying a staff. They have hunchbacks that mimic spike-like ribs and wear animal heads. They possess elemental abilities like fire, poison, or cold. 


24. The World Serpent

Here beholds the beautiful child of Atreus who is thousands of years older than his father. The world serpent is first seen at the Lake of Nine when he approaches Kratos and Atreus after they followed the instructions on a sunken statue. 


23. Father and BOY

This shot is of Kratos and Boy observing the beauty of the Norse realms. The snowy mountains and the vibrant trees elevate this shot to a different level.


22. Selfie Time

Here is a selfie of Kratos and his infamous Bifrost Axe. This shot was taken by the improved photo mode feature in God of War Ragnarok.


21. Clash of the Destroyers

This shot was taken from the notorious battle between the two destroyer gods Kratos and the Jelly-Belly Thor. This battle produced my favorite moment from the entire game when Thor finished Kratos but then said I’m not done with you and DEFIBRILLATED him. A True menace.


20. Hraezlyr

Hraezlyr is the dragon that lives in the heart of the mountains, Midgard's highest peak and the previous resident of Jötnar. Hraezlyr ambushed Kratos and his son Atreus as they made their way to the peak of the mountain by ascending via its interior. This cool dragon was beat by Kratos in a not so cool fashion. He died to his own powers as Kratos uses his own lighting to detonate some tree sap exploding and defeating the dragon.


19. Loki

This is a capture of Atreus and his most useful skill… reading. Throughout their journey it is Atreus role to read runes and scriptures they come across as most of them are in the language of the Giants and his mother taught him how to read and much more. Kratos is just the “meat”-head as Baldur said


18. Wolf Merchant

Atreus’ love for wolves runs deep as you can see him petting some in this scene. In G.O.W 4 he had a special move where conjured some beloved wolves to gnaw and trample any enemies nearby. He also had a pet wolf Fenrir who died but was reincarnated in another wolf Garm! If only my parents loved me this much.


17. Troll

In this shot you see Kratos and Atreus facing off with a Troll. This fight is a pretty difficult one as you’ll have to fight some other mobs as you’re focusing on the giant troll. Try your hardest not to get turned to a pancake by this guy’s pillar.


16. Jailed Troll


This is Dauði Hamarr the finesse king. As Kratos and Atreus were on a mission to free the caged Dragon Otr, they came across this Troll who begged to be freed. When the father and son granted him mercy, he thanked them by attacking them straight away.


15. Speeeaaar

In this shot Kratos is hitting the poor Draugr with Roman Reigns “Spear” attack. Who knew Kratos liked WWE as well. The scenery is awesome, from the environment and the flowers and skies above, to the darkness and the draugrs glowing through it.


14. Fire Style

Here is another mountain dragon unleashing his flames. The light emitted from his flames and the glow on his arms make this shot a beauty.


13. Jailed Troll 2

Here’s the jailed troll that Kratos and Atreus freed, giving them hell with his flame powers. In this shot he’s about to unleash a stomp attack from his feet so you’d better agile and stay out his flames or it’s game over.


12. Friendly Fire

This scene Kratos is seen unleashing his Blades of Chaos with Freya too far behind. If it were a new viewer they’d probably think it was Kratos vs Freya. The flames from the B.O.C and Freya’s magic really carry this shot.


11. Fallen Giant

Here is Father and Son+Mimir as they look upon the fallen giant, Thamur. Thamur is a giant who was killed by Thor as he tried to protect the Giants from the Aesirs. Kratos and Atreus pursued the corpse of the giant to obtain his chisel tip which would help unlock various chambers throughout the realms. In the end game Thamur is revived against Kratos and Atreus by Freya but is defeated and killed once again by the World Serpent summoned by Atreus.


10. Freya’s Forest

Let’s play a quick game: Find the Draugr. Bet you still didn’t find it. I don't blame you. I didn't even see the Draugr when I first saved the picture. The flowers and the red leaves give this scenery an unmatched vibe.


9. Flame Dance

WRaahhhhh; the sounds of the beast. If i didn’t know any better i'd think this was Tanjiro from Demon Slayer or Kratos was performing fire spinjitzu, ifykyk. The little amber specks floating around is what caught my heart in this shot.


8. Muspelheim

With a little fire and brimstone, what better way to present something epic? The Realm of Fire is where you can find some flaming settings for your captures as well as challenges that pit you against hordes of creatures in stages. 


7. Spinning Blades of Fire

Kratos in this shot is pulling off a runic attack where he spins and unleashes his Blades of Chaos on any foe or ally that happens to be in his range. This is my personal favorite runic attack


6. Witch’s Cave

This wonderful cave belongs to the witch of the woods, Freya. You first see her home when Atreus shoots her pet pig as he was hunting, the injured pig runs back to its home where Kratos and Atreus finally meet the goddess. This is also where Atreus is treated by Freya when he falls I’ll in G.O.W 4.


5. Golden Alfheim Prison

Here is the Ringed Temple of Alfheim. This capture doesn’t really have much behind it rather than the ominous looking Draugr and the beautiful lighting and shrubbery of the scenery.


4. THE Troll

This is by far my favorite picture from this entire post. The details of the troll’s face and the contrasting cool from his blue skin to the orange flaring through his skin as he powers up add another element to this capture. 


3. Gloomy Trip

This capture is of Kratos and Atreus journeying through Midgard in their little canoe bonding on stories and jokes. The contrasting light and shadows take the crown in this shot.


2. Lake of Light

Here is the Lake of Light located in Alfheim. Alfheim's realm is a lush, colorful place teeming with plant life. Although the local elves are unwelcoming, the region is perfect for taking well-lit shots on or off the sea. 


1. Midgard’s Lake of Nine

Last and certainly not least is Midgard’s Lake of Nine, HQ for all of Kratos and Atreus’ operations. You’ll find the World Serpent, the realm travel room, statues, and many more stuff in the Lake of Nine. The high concentration of set pieces make this a great spot for pictures.

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