[Top 10] God of War 4 Best Skills To Get First

[Top 10] God of War 4 Best Skills To Get First
the best skills to get straight away so you don't look like a total noob!

Top 10 Skills to Prioritise in God of War 4

The skills in GoW 4 are one of the most essential parts of the early game, unlocking the right skills and learning to effectively use them can be quite difficult when also trying to learn the ropes of all the other various mechanics. We’ve narrowed down the top 10 you should prioritise to make your life easier. 


10. Pride of the Frost

The Leviathan Axe is probably the best item to invest in the early game as it’s the first thing you learn to master and is where you unlock the most stuff early game. Furthermore, early game players will most likely aim to avoid ranged attacks due to their difficulty and, early on, seemingly useless combat applications. This makes the Pride of The Frost skill extremely useful. The skill allows the player to chain three light attacks and a heavy attack together, which results in a powerful blow to the enemies. The combo is one that can be used over and over in almost any situation and this universality, as well as cheap unlock cost, is what should make it one of your first picks.


9. Countering Strike

One of the first shield combat skills that new players should unlock will quickly become one of the most used skills in the game.

The skill allows you to counter an enemy after a parry, pushing them back and very briefly slowing time allowing for, well, a “countering strike”.

When used correctly, the skill can be applied to almost every situation.


8. Countering Blast

Although one of the more expensive skills for players early on in the game it is also one of the most useful. The skill is basically the ranged version of the Countering Strike Skill, the Countering Blast allows Kratos to block and return damage from ranged attacks.

This allows the player to easily take out opponents firing ranged attacks from a distance, one of the more difficult aspects of the game,  while still allowing themself to have most of their focus on the closer enemies. The only downside to the skill is that there is a certain timing involved and the parry has to be done inside a certain window, sort of like the perfect dodge with the 'Amulet of Ksavir'.


7. PermaFrost

This skill is insanely useful. It’s basically impossible to not use it constantly once you’ve unlocked it as Permafrost allows players to deal extra damage while doing something that they are going to be doing anyway. The skill adds an effect called ‘permafrost’ that builds upon the axe as you attack, dealing extra frost damage upon every hit.

Since players don't have to specifically activate the skill during combat, it's perfect for those moments when things get a little hectic and spamming the heck out of your attack button is all that the player can manage.


6. Teamwork

When compared to the walking wall of muscle, Kratos, his son and companion Atreus may seem a bit measly, however, investingAtreus early on in the game will pay dividends down the road.

Aside from dealing a fair amount of damage when upgraded, Atreus is especially helpful when taking down groups of enemies as he is able to distract them from going after Kratos, allowing him to focus on a smaller number of enemies at a time. This skill, if used right, is unbelievably helpful. Struggling with taking down a big brute who’s admittedly a bit too high level for you? Atreus can distract him infinitely while you chip away, so long as you time his, and your, attacks right. Alternatively, if there’s a massive horde that you simply can’t defeat together, Atreus can split them apart.



5. Ferocity

Another useful skill involving Atreus, Ferocity allows Atreus to stun enemies that get a little too close. When facing multiple strong enemies this can be especially useful when timed right, as Atreus can distract one or two permanently, which really makes your life easier.


4. Whirling Storm

Arguably if you prefer a slower, more heavy attack dominant combat style, then this skill might not be for you. However, Whirling Storm is a must for players that prefer lots of movement and quicker attacks.

The skill pretty much allows players to combine dodge with light attacks meaning that even when dodging attacks or moving between multiple enemies, Kratos can still dish out plenty of damage while playing defence. Although not as powerful as some other skills, it's great for chipping away at multiple opponents in quick succession. On top of this, it makes you feel like an absolute boss, dodging in and out of combat slicing away at the enemy as they can barely touch you.


3. Guardian Sweep

Great for groups of enemies, the Guardian Sweep is insanely useful for opening a difficult horde fight or even just gaining you some breathing room in the middle. Knocking back groups of enemies and stunning them at the same time gives the player plenty of time to finish off the weaker enemies or finish one scarier enemy off entirely.


2. Haymaker Crush

This skill can be incredibly useful if you can learn to use it right. A great way to get closer to enemies that are dodging the player's attacks or staying at a distance, the Haymaker Crush forces you to practice unarmed combat.

By being able to rush opponents and stun them simultaneously, Kratos is able to get in close and start a more effective chain of attacks before the enemies even know what hit them. Also, unarmed combat just might be some of the most satisfying combat that the game has to offer. You’ll often see the best players using this to quickly traverse or just to look cool in a fight.


1. Block Break

This skill is just broken earlier in the game and can seem almost unfair at times. When going up against stronger enemies or those that don't seem to 

care about Kratos' axe, the Block Break should be every player's go-to.

When used repeatedly the move will make it so enemies can't even get up from the ground before they're blasted yet again. Combine it with a ranged attack or let Arteus finish them off for some seriously easy kills.


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