[Top 5] God of War 4 Best Runic Attacks (And Why They're Amazing)

[Top 5] God of War 4 Best Runic Attacks (And Why They're Amazing)
The most ridiculous runic attack ever! A deadly snowstorm!

Top 5 Runic Attacks in God of War 4

The runic attacks in God of War 4 are not only extremely fun to use but also extremely useful. Runic attacks are great on their own but when used in tandem with each other they can become completely broken. The abilities though can be hard to understand and are especially difficult to visualise in use with other runic attacks. We’ve ranked the top 5 runic attacks so that you can see what they’re used for and what to use them with.


5. Rage of The Titans - Light Runic Attack - Blades of Chaos


This light runic attack isn’t necessarily game-breaking or overpowered in its own right. In fact, it’s quite an average runic attack. The reason it makes the cut above the others is its ability to work in tandem with number 4 on this list. The quick flurry of hits followed by a powerful finishing blow is a rather good ability, but what makes this very viable is that when crossed with the ‘Gift of Apollo’ attack it can output a massive amount of healing and if you’re in a jam in a boss fight or a swarm of enemies the attack can grant you almost ¾ of your health back.

The attack can be obtained from a legendary chest in Buri’s Storeroom.


4. Gift of Apollo - Heavy Runic Attack - Blades of Chaos


The Gift of Apollo runic attack is, at least for me, an entirely necessary part of any build. It’s basically a ‘get out of jail free card, and can really save your butt if you’re in a sticky situation. The attack allows for you to regenerate a small amount of health upon every hit, basically meaning you can regain a large amount of health mid-fight; granted you can find a lull where the boss naturally stops or is stunned. The attack is so good because of how universal it is. You can pair it with any other runic attack (on the blades of chaos obviously!), or even just with normal combos. Whether you’re on ¾ health and sense an opportunity to get back to full, or your life is hanging in the balance and you need a boost to get you back in the fight, this runic attack really does it all for you.

The attack is earned for completing a realm tear in Niflheim


3. Tyr’s Revenge - Light Runic Attack - Leviathan Axe


Tyr’s Revenge is again an incredible ruins attack due to its chemistry with other attacks. The runic attack throws the axe at an enemy and catches them in a combo of spins, effectively stun locking them while doing a massive amount of damage. This gives an excellent opening to pull out the blades of chaos and absolutely tear into whatever enemy you're fighting. This works especially well when combined with something like the Gift of Apollo as it forces the enemy into a stun lock meaning massive damage and therefore massive healing.

The attack can be found in a legendary chest in the mountain  


2. Blessings of the Frost - Heavy Runic Attack - Leviathan Axe


This runic attack is one of my personal favourites purely for how ridiculous it is. The attack essentially powers up your axe dealing increased normal damage as well as frost damage on every hit. This is insanely useful if you’re fighting a boss and you are given an opportunity to use it (they get stunned or reach a natural stop, or in the case of the valkyries you can even use it before awakening them and deal HUGE damage before they even know what's happening). Blessings of the Frost is one of those attacks that can win you a fight purely by having it in your arsenal if you time it right.

It can be found in a legendary chest in Thamur’s Corpse.


1. Breath of Thamor - Heavy Runic Attack - Leviathan Axe


Breath of Thamur is an incredible runic attack. It literally allows you to summon a snowstorm around Kratos absolutely pummeling all enemies and dealing massive damage. This is an AOE (area of effect) attack that has an insane range. If you’ll notice the name of the attack is actually derived from the dead giant, Thamur, on the top of the map. The frozen behemoth would presumably have amazingly cold and unavoidable breath at this stage (not to mention it would smell pretty damn bad). The reason it’s simply the best attack in the game is because of its ability to crowd control and thin out a wave. There’s not much to really say about it other than that if you want the most ridiculous, over the top attack that’s going to desolate something like Muspelheim or Niflheim then Breath of Thamur does the job.

The attack can be purchased in the Shop for 100 Smouldering Ember, 10 Crest of Flame, 5 Greater Crest of Flame, and 1 Crest of Surtr

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