[Top 10] God of War 4 Best Talisman (And How To Get Them)

[Top 10] God of War 4 Best Talisman (And How To Get Them)
Want to find out about the easter egg talisman that references the 'Infinity Guantlet'?

Top 10 God of War Talismans


The talismans in God of War 4 are a confusing and integral part of the game. From their stats to their abilities the talismans offer a wide range of usability and customization. We’ve narrowed it down to a top 10 list for your convenience. Do note that at a certain level the talisman comes down to personal preference as well as how it fits your playstyle.


10. Horn of Heimdall

The Horn of Heimdall is a handy talisman that can get you out of a sticky situation very effectively. It knocks back enemies and inflicts stun damage in an AOE fashion in front of Kratos. As a nice passive ability, it regenerates cool-down more quickly upon successful dodges and parries.

The talisman is obtained from a traveller during the family business side quest.

Max Stats: 24 defence


9. Amulet of Kvasir

If you're just starting your journey on God of War then this is definitely the Talisman for you. Although it may have relatively weak stats it allows you to slow down time after a successful dodge. This extremely useful ability hones your skills and allows you to cheese boss fights with enough precision. Even better than this is that later into the game the talisman can be converted to an enchantment.

You will be able to find this talisman once you have unlocked Alfheim.

When you are exploring the Alfheim, you will eventually come across the Light Elf Sanctuary. A run-down building protecting a cave. It is to your right once you enter the lake. There you will have to find the Realm Tear past the crank gate. Having found it, continue across the bridge made of roots. There you will be able to see your start point for the area. Break the roots with an axe throw to make a cave appear. Dropdown into it and go along to reach a room with a wheel crank. Once there, solve the puzzle to make the legendary chest appear. In it, you will find the Amulet of Kvasir. Max Stats: 17 Defense, 22 Vitality


8. Sinmara’s Cinder

This full-frontal talisman channels all of Kratos’ chaotic warlord energy into one ability in a ‘raging Muspelheim maelstrom’. This talisman summons the maelstrom around the player and gives a couple of bonuses. It prevents attacks from being interrupted, reduces damage taken and inflicts normal and burn damage on all nearby enemies.

The talisman can be crafted at Brok or Sindri’s, using 14 smouldering embers and 17,500 hack silver.

Max Stats: 25 Strength


7. The Charm of Infinite Storms

This talisman is essentially the same as the ‘Sinmara’s Cinders’ talisman except that it does frost damage instead of burn. Also gives runic instead of strength.

Can be crafted from Brok or Sindri.

Max Stats: 25 Runic


6. Talisman of Cursed Power

If you’re struggling to beat the Valkyrie in Niflheim then one of the best solutions to this is the Talisman of Cursed Power. Upon activation, it weakens all nearby enemies and gives a boost to your cursed mist timer. This allows you more time against now weakened enemies so that you can finally tear through whatever horrible thing it is that is forcing you to be in Niflheim!

The only problem with the talisman is that to get it, to make Niflheim easier, you have to open a realm tear in Ivaldi’s throne room, which requires 10,000 mist echoes.

Max Stats: 10 Runic, 18 Defense


5. Talisman of Unbound Potential

The Talisman of Unbound Potential is an excellent talisman for new game plus users looking to dominate Muspleheim. Its stats are very good but alongside that, it refreshes your runic attacks. This is an extremely OP ability especially somewhere like Muspleheim where combined with heavy-hitting AOE attacks you can absolutely shred through enemies.

The talisman can be crafted in Brok’s shop in new game plus once you have gotten the necessary resources from Muspelheim

Max Stats: 25 Runic


4. Talisman of the Realms

If you like to play a more slow, calculated, retaliation type of game then the Talisman of the Realms is a great choice. It essentially allows for you to slow down time on command for a certain time. It almost acts as a longer, manual Amulet of Kvasir with better stats.

The talisman can be obtained by killing the valkyrie Kara who is located between the river pass and the foothills in one of Odin’s chambers.

Max Stats: 20 Cooldown


3. Aegir’s Protection

Aegir’s Protection is one of those talismans that anyone can use and that’s why it’s so high on the list. It allows Kratos to create a small defensive zone, reducing damage taken as well as preventing attacks from being interrupted. Alongside this, it also gives a small amount of health back. This ease of use means that literally, anyone can put this talisman to good use.

The talisman can be collected from a dark elf lord during the Deus Ex Malachite side quest.

Max Stats: 20 Defense


2. Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages is a very cool talisman that is actually a reference to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. The artefact allows for enchantments to be placed on it like the ‘infinity stones’. This gives the artefact a massive total stat. This would be good enough but upon activating the talisman you shoot a powerful projectile attack. The attack has three tiers of power achieved by adding the correct enchantments to the talisman. 

Andvari’s Soul (Soul Stone). Complete the “Second Hand Soul” Favor for Brok in the Volunder Mines. 

Asgard’s Shard of Existence (Reality Stone). As a reward for defeating the Valkyrie Rota in Helheim. 

Eye of the Outer Realm (Space Stone). Found in the Secret Chamber of Odin at the end of the “Escape from Helheim” journey goal.

Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind (Mind Stone). As a reward for defeating the Valkyrie Olrun in Alfheim.

Muspelheim Eye of Power (Power Stone). Purchased from the dwarf brothers’ shop in Muspelheim. 

Njord’s Temporal Stone (Time Stone). As a reward for defeating the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun at the Council of Valkyries.

The actual Talisman itself can be found only on the family business mission in Helheim. When you are crashing the boat into Tyr’s Temple you will land in Odin’s treasure room. If you turn around and walk to the back of the room you will find the talisman.

Max Stats: 23 Defense


1. Talisman of Betrayal

This talisman is quite simple. It slows down time while aiming and increases ranged damage. Admittedly that doesn’t sound great, does it? The reason this talisman is so good is because of it’s synergy with other enchantments and armor pieces. If you combine this with the amulet of kvasir and the Zeus armour from new game plus you can basically become unstoppable if done correctly. The slowed down time means you can easily get a perfect dodge on attacks, activating the amulet of kvasir, slowing down time. This infinite loop combined with the ridiculous damage output of the Zeus armour means that if a player honed their ability with this talisman they can become absolutely unstoppable and can basically defeat any boss without taking damage.

This artefact can be obtained after completing the Fafnir’s storeroom quest.

Max Stats: 17 Defense 25 Cooldown


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