Top 3 God of War Best Builds

Best God of War Builds
Good armor and good weapons make Kratos smile.

Top 3 God of War Builds

Even God killers need to protect themselves. Good thing, Brok and Sindri are willing to help.

A bear and a wolf wander the twilight path to fulfill a promise

God of War has always been a very action-oriented game. With the games of old, you went in button mashing to victory. This time around, though, there’s a deep story to be told and some solid character dimensions to be explored. While the old games did have storylines, they were straightforward and didn’t have much depth to them.  In 2018 God of War made a change. It continues the story of our favorite God killer Kratos, but now has a son, and he has to learn what it means to be a father. Something Kratos isn’t that great at doing. The game added a new combat system and equipable gear, with a linear open world that players can explore. Inside the Norse world of Midgard emerged many armor sets that players can find throughout the realms. Boy! Here are the top 3 builds from God of War.

3. Fallen Ash Build (Great for a stroll through Hel)

The fires of Muspelheim burn inside this destructive armor.

To unlock this fiery armor, You need to grind in the gauntlet runs of Muspelheim. After each challenge, you receive smoldering embers, which you can use to craft the gear at Brok and Sindri’s shop. It’s a protective armor that is great when defending against Hel walkers.  If there’s one thing, those ice demons fear the most it’s fire.

  • Fighting Hel-Walkers or ice-based opponents
  • Applying small amounts of damage over time
  • Burning your opponent
  • Coverage for taking damage

They are level four epic gear pieces. Its primary focus is on strength and defense. Where it lacks in stats, it makes up for with its perk, Retaliation of Fire. The more pieces you have equipped, the higher the chance for the perk to activate. Retaliation of Fire causes moderate burn damage to nearby enemies when they attack you. It’s great for when you’re fighting and get hit by a surprise attack. Their attack will go through, and Kratos will take damage, but the attacker will receive the BURN debuff and take damage over time.

2. Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist build (Great for staying alive)

Constant health? Yes, please

Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist is a tricky one. Rather than killing a certain amount of enemies and gathering their resources, you have to survive an onslaught of Draugr, and other baddies you have slain throughout the game. The difference is you now have to fight them while poisoned. Fortunately, when you get to high ground or open a chest, you recover your poison meter so you can just jump back into the fray. Be careful, though; if you die, you lose all of your Mist Echoes. Isn’t there another game that can be brutal and punishing? Luckily when you do get enough Mist echoes, the Cursed Mist build makes it easier to sustain this poisonous realm.

  • Allows safe passage through Niflheim
  • A full set will frequently heal you over time
  • Great at surviving challenging encounters
  • Can allow for tactical retreats

Ivaldi’s cursed mist set is an epic level build that stacks it’s abilities between the pieces.  The perk ability is Regenerating Essence. It’s an ability that heals over time. Kratos;’ wounds will consistently be treated little by little. Even if you don’t use the full build, just having a single piece makes a tremendous difference. Especially with a game that can be extremely cruel at times. Constant health is always welcome.

1. Valkyrie Build (Great for runic attacks)

A true test of might. Only the worthy emerge victorious.

Get ready to work for this one. To obtain the materials for the armor, you need to defeat a couple of Valkyries, and if you want the whole set, you need to beat a lot of them.  The Valkyries are no pushovers either. They will push your combat abilities to the limits.  

  • Useful for powering through devastating attacks
  • Can instantly recharge your Runic abilities on a successful Runic attack
  • Will give you a Runic boost on any successful Runic attack
  • Never run out of Runic abilities

The Valkyrie set focuses on the Runic stat.  Each piece of gear has a different perk, but when they are combined, you don’t even need to worry about your cooldowns. The cuirass gives you the Warrior’s Unstoppable Aura, which acts like hyper armor. You get a small chance to ignore the interruption the enemy would cause during their attack. The gauntlets give you Refreshing Light. Refreshing Light instantly refreshes all of your Runic cooldowns on any successful Runic kill. Lastly, the waist guard grants Arcane Runic; this buffs your Runic abilities as you perform a Runic attack. No wonder the Valkyries were so fierce they have some good armor.

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