GoW Ragnarok Atreus Bow Abilities Guide

Atreus Array of Bows

4. Stinging Barrage

“Fires a powerful shot of several arrows at once that collide with heavy impact."  When the Old Friends quest first starts, this skill becomes available. Atreus shoots multiple arrows as part of the ability, doing incredible damage and stun. In God of War: Ragnarok, stun is crucial since it enables players to press R3 to activate a special fighting animation that will let Kratos perform a brutal finisher or deal more damage. 

When to use this ability:

When fighting bosses this ability could come i very handy because it focuses damage into one spot rather then area damage which would weaken the effect on just ONE opponent

This could also be used as a final tip to the bucket if your opponent’s stun bar is almost filled, the significant stun from the attack will certainly get the job done

It could be really useful for players who find themselves getting overwhelmed easily during fights or slipping under pressure, just activate the ability, slow down time, and take a breather.


3. Sharpshooter Stare

The Sharpshooter Stare bow ability for Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok may be obtained by defeating the Bergsra Mother in The Lost Sanctuary. According to the official description of this ability, "increases the power of each shot," Atreus is able to deal extremely high damage with each special arrow he fires. Due to the severe stun animations in God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos may find this skill to be advantageous.

When to use this ability:

Just like the ability before this ability could be very useful against bosses as it deals great damage which be be targeted to a single opponent

If you’re in a showdown with 2-3 opponents this ability could be useful to spread the damage out between the opps. Use it wisely as the damage will increase with each shot go for the strongest one with your last shot as it’ll deal the most damage

In a high pressure fight this ability could be used to recuperate and give you and your allies some time


2. Falling Sky

Even though Falling Sky has a 100-second cooldown, it is still a fantastic bow ability. This God of War: Ragnarok power's description reads, "Fires a cascade of disruptive Sonic Arrows to bombard the area." When the Sonic bar is full, Sonic Arrows can be extremely powerful in combat because they reduce Stun damage and impede enemy movement. 

The Falling Sky bow ability may be found in Helheim when unlocking a Legendary Chest. Unleashing Hel makes it simpler to find the particular chest. By activating Falling Sky, players make the battlefield a risky place for adversaries, increasing Runic and Stun damage due to the abundance of arrows that will be falling from the sky.Players that need their adversaries to back off and freeze out like the colds of Fimbulwinter can benefit greatly from the Falling Sky ability.

When to use this ability: 

This ability is best utilized when fighting draugrs and those pesky floor lizards. Every mob around will be dealt damage, runic, and stun, so you can finish them all off in whatever way you please

If you have no other options or are less confident with your shielding ability this move can disrupt powerful enemy attacks that threaten your life

The Runic damage can help out in boss fights you’re less confident in as it’ll deal damage as you avoid the opponent


1. Splintered Sigil

The bow ability that produces the most Runic energy is Splintered Sigil. It says, "The Sigil Arrow magically splits and hits all enemies." The power of Sigil Arrows, in which players shoot a pink arrow that deals Runic damage, is what makes this skill useful. Throwing the Leviathan axe at an opponent or using the Blades of Chaos to unleash enormous damage on ruthless Ragnarok adversaries is possible when the Runic bar is full, which increases the damage that enemies take from elemental effects.

Once in the perilous realm of Asgard, the residence of the Aesir Gods, players can discover the Splintered Sigil bow skill. Players can uncover a Legendary Chest from Asgard, but they'll have to burn away the lid with Sigil Arrows.

When to use this ability:

When fighting bosses a good strat could be to avoid fighting and use Atreus’ abilities and arrows until the runic meter is full, after that use the axe and blades as elemental attacks deal extra damage to enemies with full runic bar. 

Once strong enough this ability could take out group mobs such as nightmares with one move

Combos well with Leviathan Axe and Blade of Chaos area attacks as the opponents will be under runic status and the elemental attack will deal extra damage

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