[Top 10] GoW Ragnarok Best Moments

G.o.W Big Three

10. Surprise at Odin's Doorstep

We all knew Ragnarök would lead us to Asgard, but who might have anticipated such a warm welcome? Atreus finds improbable companionships with Odin and his granddaughter Thrud, challenging our biased ideas around the Aesir beings. This entertaining turn makes us address everything we thought we knew about Odin. 

9. Friendly Neighborhood Gods

The expected assembly with Thor takes an unforeseen turn when he welcomes Kratos and Atreus for a sit-down. The pressure increases with Odin's entry, making a scene reminiscent of a Tarantino motion picture. The capriciousness of Odin keeps us on the edge of our seats, making this experience both serious and amusing. 

8. A Broken Heart

Brok's inopportune death profoundly influences Sindri, driving him on a way of revenge. Seeing the regularly cheerful and germaphobic Sindri secured in blood, faulting Kratos and Atreus for Brok's passing, includes a layer of enthusiastic complexity to his character. Seeing his change is both appalling and important. 

7. Ragnarok, The Guarantee Satisfied

The ambush on Asgard conveys its guarantee of an epic fight. As Kratos and Atreus battle their way to the dividers of Asgard, the abilities they've gained all through their travels are put to the test. The clash between gods, such as Thor and Jormungandr, includes the epic scale of the encounter. This climactic fight against Odin gives a few of the foremost fulfilling minutes within the game. 


6. A Mixed Goodbye

In the midst of the chaos of the attack on Asgard, a strong minute of takeoff unfurls. Atreus realizes his predetermination lies in finding the remaining giants, and in spite of Kratos's hesitance to let him go, he permits his child to take his path. Their farewell at the Keeper's Sanctum, taken after Kratos sees a vision for, exhibits the depth of their bond and the long running trust.


5.Freya Calls Truce

In a shocking turn of events, Freya looks for a truce with Kratos, in spite of her outrage over the passing of her child. This startling turn adds a touch of humor as we witness the complex elements between Freya and Kratos. Their understanding to work together against Odin could be a standout moment within the game. 


4. Atreus Says Farewell to Fenrir

The passionate effect of creature misfortune is felt when Atreus says farewell to his pet wolf, Fenrir. This touching scene exhibits Atreus's powerlessness and includes a layer of pity to his travel. It reminds us that indeed in a world of divine beings and monsters, moments of pain and misfortune are all inclusive. 


3. Atreus’ New Powers

Atreus' change into a bear and ensuing experience as he cried over their dead mother may be an passionate moment. Kratos educates Atreus a profitable lesson on nature's course, highlighting the complexities of life and the significance of compassion. It's a touching scene that includes wisdom to Atreus's character improvement. 


2. Freya and Freyr Let Go of their Past

The compromise between Freya and her offended brother, Freyr, may be an effective moment of pardoning and mending. It grandstands the enthusiastic development of both characters as they overcome their grievances and work towards a common objective. Seeing their get-together is both touching and impactful. 


1. Kratos and Atreus Reflecting on Their Journey

In a calm moment of contemplation, Kratos and Atreus reflect on their travel and the lessons learned. This passionate discussion highlights their development as people and as a family. It serves as an update of the enthusiastic bond between their duo, leaving an enduring effect on players.

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