[Top 10] God of War (2018) Best Cutscenes

Not so-Friendly Neighborhood Thor

10. The Stranger

Kratos urges Baldur to leave his home but Baldur does not comply and punches Kratos. Kratos tells him to leave again but Baldur refuses again. Baldur tries to combo Kratos but Kratos catches his punch and punches him like a ragdoll. Baldur gets up and returns the favor, punching Kratos through the roof. The fight then begins behind the home.

Baldur the stranger squaring up


9. Jotunheim Mural

As Kratos and Atreus, now in Jotunheim, venture to the highest peak in all the realms, they come across a wall that Atreus touches by coincidence. A magic spell is lifted and an avalanche of dust falls from the wall revealing a mural of Faye(Atreus’ mom) and giants revealing her true race to her husband and son. Further down the wall, they see their first encounter with the World Serpent, their fight with the mountain dragon, the stone mason, and their fight with Baldur which had just occurred recently. They realize that it's Atreus’ story. The best part is when “Kratos’ prophecy” is revealed when Kratos spots a drawing of a marked warrior laying on the floor “dead”.

Atreus reading the mural of his story in Jotunheim


8. Modi

“There are consequences to killing a god. Why? How do you know? How do you know!?” This infamous TikTok sound is from this scene. The scene starts with Kratos and Boy finding Modi brutally battered. Modi tells the duo how Thor treated him for the death of his brother Magni. Atreus recently finding out that he’s a god, has a head bigger than the sun. He orders Modi to move which made Modi threaten him. Kratos tells Atreus that Modi isn't worth killing but Atreus still wants him to pay. 

Atreus declares that they're gods and they can do whatever they want. Modi responds with an S-tier momma joke and the arrogant Atreus kills him and pushes him off the ledge. This angers Kratos greatly and the two begin to argue. The scene ends with Atreus walking away from his father.

Modi avenging his brother’s death


7. Spreading Ashes

In this scene you almost drop a tear because of what it represents. Making you feel as if you truly finished the game which a lot of other games fail to do. Kratos and Atreus complete their day 1 mission of reaching the highest peak in all 9 realms to finally spread the ashes of Faye, beloved wife and mother.  

The real greatness in the scene comes from what the ashes represent. In the previous games, the ashes of Kratos’ family represented his sins and mistakes but the ashes of Faye represent his developing love and devotion which led him to his redemption journey. The ashes used to mark him as a monster, but now these ashes make him into a better man.

Atreus and Kratos finally completing their journey and spreading Laufey’s ashes


6. Kratos’s Flashback

While Kratos and Atreus traverse through Helheim, finding their way out, they're met by an illusion. In the illusion Kratos watches the time he viciously beats down his father back in his time in Greek. It was revealed that it was not just an illusion when Atreus seemingly watches the fight go on. This is the beginning of Atreus finding out Kratos’ past and that he is a God.

Kratos’ flashback of his battle with Zeus


5. Baldur’s Ambush

In this scene Kratos and Atreus finally open the gate to Jotunheim. As they gaze at the beauty, they're ambushed by Baldur who manages to impale the father. He regards Kratos as “just meat” and continues to provoke the God of Brats, Atreus. Atreus, still in his high state from finding out he’s a god, attempts to charge at Baldur but his father holds him back. Atreus then shoots his father, zapping him in place with a lightning spell. He takes his chance and finally leaps at Baldur but is caught and kidnapped by Baldur like nothing. The scene ends in a chase and Baldur escaping on a dragon.

Baldur and Kratos face off at the gate to Jotunheim


4. World Serpent

As Kratos and Atreus traverse through the Lake of Nine, they find a sunken statue with scriptures on it. It read “Sacrifice your arms to the center of the water, awaken again the cradle of the world”. Kratos then throws his axe into the water but when he called it back it did not return. 

Suddenly the tides of the lake begin to shift and swing their boat back and forth, almost capsizing them. When the water settles they see a giant eye which Atreus believes to be of the World Serpent. The serpent spoke

 to the duo but they couldn't understand the language he spoke. The sea had now dropped revealing all the hidden land and statues.

Jormungandr the World Serpent


3. Baldur Death

After their long battle, Kratos defeats Baldur but decides to spare him on the condition that he never comes near him and his son and he never lays a hand on his mother, Freya, again. Baldur ignores the conditions and soon as he gets up again he attempts to choke out his mother who allows him to, as a way to atone for the curse she laid on him.  

Kratos tells Baldur that the cycle of child killing parent has to end and snaps his neck like a glow stick. The true beauty of the scene comes as a snowflake lands on Baldur’s face. Baldur says “snow…” realizing that Fimbulwinter has started due to his death and that he is now feeling snow for the first time in forever making his death a bit more sweet.

Kratos killing the Aesir God of Light, Baldur


2. Blades of Chaos

This scene starts with Kratos delivering an ill Atreus to Freya begging for her help, displaying emotions viewers had never yet seen from the fearsome God of War. Freya tells him in order to cure Atreus they need the heart of the keeper of the Bridge of The Damned from Helheim. But the problem is that no fire can be lit in that realm and the Bifrost axe is useless against the dead. Knowing this Kratos is forced to dig up the notorious Blades of Chaos and the past he swore would stay buried.

On the journey back to his home you can see the atmosphere turn red and dark reminiscent of Kratos and his past in previous games. Sitting in the boat with nothing but his thoughts Kratos gets a visit from Athena but tells her to get out of his head and her illusion disappears right after. 

The gloomy Kratos finally uncovers his Blades of Chaos but is once again paid a visit by Athena who bashes him and everything he is trying to be. She tells him he cannot change and is nothing but a monster, “I know, but I am your monster no longer”. Kratos said as he walked through the image of Athena dispersing it into air, ready to let out his true Spartan’s Rage.

The Greek Hellfire blades 


1. Thor

At the end of the adventure, Kratos and Atreus decide to hit the hay and get some well-deserved rest. Suddenly there's a one-year time skip and the father and son are woken up to lightning striking and destroying their home. When they leave to see what's going on outside, they see none other than Thor the Aesir God of Thunder/Obesity.

Thor paying his fellow gods a visit

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