[Top 10] Baldur's Gate 2 Best Companions And How To Get Them

Baldur's Gate 2 Best Companions
Out of all the available companions, which are the best?

10. Yoshimo

How to get Yoshimo (YouTube)

Yoshimo is a great Rogue. In fact, he is the only pure class Thief in the original Baldur’s Gate II Shadows of Amn game. Plus, he starts out with a decent exclusive weapon – Yoshimo’s Katana.

Spoilers Follow!

On the downside, halfway through the game Yoshimo will betray you, and you will lose him forever. This is why I put him last on this list. However, this is avoidable (if not necessarily canon), by dismissing him right before the betrayal.

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Why Yoshimo is Great:

  • Pure class Thief (Bounty Hunter).
  • Has +15 bonus to Set Traps.
  • May use Set Special Snare ability once per day.
  • True Neutral alignment, compatible with any kind of party.

Yoshimo's details (link)

09. Haer’Dalis

How to get Haer’Dalis (YouTube)

Haer’Dalis is quite an interesting companion, if somewhat annoying. His Tiefling race grants him considerable physical and elemental resistance. He is specialized in short swords and two-weapon fighting and has two unique exclusive swords. Also, his Blade class has some great abilities.

Why Haer’Dalis is Great:

  • 15% Physical resistance.
  • 25% Fire and Electricity resistance.
  • 50% Cold resistance.
  • Has two +2 unique exclusive short swords, Chaos Blade and Entropy.
  • Blade class special abilities: Pickpocketing, Bard’s Song, Offensive Spin, Defensive Spin.

Haer’Dalis' details (link)

08. Imoen  

How to get Imoen (Warning! Major Spoilers!)

Definitely one of the fan favorites, Imoen has been around since BG1. Although some seem to find her a bit weak as a mage, I actually enjoy having her in my party, for her versatility as well as her character.

Spoilers Follow!

The reason Imoen gets one of the last places on this list, is because you get to her pretty late in the game, when you are probably all set with your party configuration already. However, Imoen is a great companion, so it is worth considering kicking someone out for her sake.

Spoilers End Here.

Why Imoen is Great:

  • Dual Class Thief (Lvl. 7) / Mage (Lvl. 8) – one of the most versatile combinations in the game!
  • Will stay in your party, regardless of reputation.
  • Great character and voice acting.
  • Capable of reaching maximum level in her Mage class.

Imoen's details (link)

07. Jaheira

How to get Jaheira (YouTube)

Jaheira is a great companion overall and a romance option to boot. Her Fighter/Druid build is quite efficient, plus she is a good option if you do not want a single class Cleric in your party. She can become a powerful offensive character, when used properly.

Why Jaheira is Great:

  • Good stats.
  • Great offensive spells.
  • Harper Pin – exclusive amulet that grants immunity to electricity and magic missiles, non-detection and a +5 bonus to saving throws vs. spells.
  • Harper’s Call – exclusive level 5 Druid spell, similar to Raise Dead.

Jaheira's details (link)

06. Keldorn Firecam

How to get Keldorn (YouTube)

First and foremost, Keldorn is the only Paladin companion in the game, which means that he is the only NPC who can wield Carsomyr, The Holy Avenger. Second, he has some pretty cool equipment. And last, but not least, his Inquisitor class kit grants him some cool special abilities and immunities. Unfortunately, Keldorn’s Lawful Good alignment means that he is not compatible with some of the greatest companions on this list.

Why Keldorn is Great:

  • Able to wield Carsomyr (this is so important, I had to write it down twice).
  • Exclusive equipment: Firecam Full Plate Armor, Hallowed Redeemer.
  • Can cast Dispel Magic and True Sight as innate abilities.
  • Immune to Charm, Paralyze and Hold.

Keldorn's details (link)

05. Edwin Odesseiron

How to get Edwin (YouTube)

Edwin is arguably the best mage companion in the whole game. He also happens to have one of the best class kits – Conjurer. The only reason Edwin is not number one on this list, is his crappy personality, which makes everyone detest him.

Why Edwin is Great:

  • Conjurer class kit gives him +1 extra spell per level per day.
  • Additionally, his exclusive amulet lets him cast +2 extra spells per level per day, to a total bonus of +3 spells per level.
  • -1 bonus to all saving throws after completing his companion quest.
  • Can cast Dispel Magic and True Sight as innate abilities.
  • Immune to Charm, Paralyze and Hold.

Edwin's details (link)

04. Jan Jansen

How to get Jan (YouTube)

Simply put, Jan Jansen is awesome! The Illusionist / Thief combination works really well for any type of gameplay and any kind of party. He has a TON of exclusive equipment, as well as some of the best party banter in the game.

Why Jan is Great:

  • Aside from Yoshimo, he is the only Thief that can keep improving throughout the game.
  • Exclusive equipment: Adventure Wear, Spectroscopes, Techno-Gloves, Flasher Launcher, Master Bruiser Mates.
  • Anecdotes!

Jan's details (link)

03. Korgan Bloodaxe

How to get Korgan (YouTube)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Korgan Bloodaxe, by far the best fighter in BG2! With his crazy weapon proficiency, great stats and abilities, Korgan is a true killing machine on the field of battle. You will absolutely love him.

Why Korgan is Great:

  • Starts out with 5 proficiency points in Axes.
  • Has 19 Constitution.
  • +5 bonus hit points on every level up.
  • -5 bonus to saving throws vs. Spells, Wands and Death.
  • Has Enrage (Berserker class kit ability), which increases his damage, AC, HP and protects him from most status effects.
  • “Me axe be bloody ready!”

Korgan's details (link)

02. Minsc

How to get Minsc (YouTube)

Minsc is probably the most well-liked companion in BG2, and for good reason. He is charming in a naïve and hilarious kind of way. But don't let his good looks fool you - with the right equipment, Minsc can be turned into a mean battle tank.

Why Minsc is Great:

  • Can cast Druid spells, up to Level 3.
  • Racial enemy: Vampire.
  • Can wield Defender of Easthaven +3, while also using Hardiness and casting Armor of Faith.
  • “Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!”

Minsc's details (link) 

01. Viconia DeVir

How to get Viconia (YouTube)

Viconia is an absolutely evil (and lovable) drow. With her great scores in Dexterity and Wisdom, she is a single class Cleric with the potential to be a true powerhouse. If you properly manage her low Strength with items like the Ankheg Plate Mail or the Mauler’s Arm +2, you will turn her into an unstoppable tank. Plot-wise, she is also an excellent romance option.

Why Viconia is Great:

  • 19 Dexterity.
  • 18 Wisdom.
  • 65% Magic Resistance.
  • Exclusive item: Handmaiden’s Mace (with Poison effect), if you romance her and finish her quest.
  • With Turn Undead, she can control any undead creature in the game.

Viconia's details (link)


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