[Top 5] GoW Ragnarok Best Shields To Use

Kratos the God Slayer

5. Shattered Star Shield


  • LVL 3: 40 DEF, 8 RUN
  • LVL 5: 70 DEF, 14 RUN
  • LVL 7: 100 DEF, 20 RUN
  • LVL 9: 130 DEF 26 RUN

According to its description, the Shatter Star Shield is suitable for charging and moving around. This is true because you move the quickest when using this shield to block out of all other sheilds. This shield’s bash is also fairly quick as Kratos sends a shockwave through the shield. It will gather kinetic energy while you're blocking with it, enhancing the stun power of your bash. Sadly, that's pretty much it for Shatter Star.

Although the mobility bonus is good, it seems unnecessary. In Ragnarok, a shield provides you with protection and certain defensive countermeasures. It's unfortunate that there are shields out there that can accomplish those two tasks far more effectively than the Shatter Star. Even if mobility is your first priority, the dodge roll can still be used. Shatter Star's movement speed is also infrequently useful because you're frequently surrounded by bothersome foes and occupied by ferocious ranged fire at the same time.

What Shattered Star Shield excels in:

  • If you’re a player that loves fast paced gameplay use this as you’ll feel less sluggish when using your shield unlike the others
  • If you’re fighting a really fast boss this could also help you keep your speed and reaction time up

How to get Shattered Star Shield:

The Shield is found in a legendary chest in the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim.


4. Onslaught Shield


  • LVL 6: 85 DEF, 17 LCK
  • LVL 7: 100 DEF, 20 LCK
  • LVL 8: 115 DEF, 23 LCK
  • LVL 9: 130 DEF, 26 LCK

The Onslaught Shield is comparable to the Shatter Star shield. Kratos can move around with this shield up because of its shield bash. Double-tapping L1 causes you to charge at adversaries and conduct a shield bash, during which you will automatically parry any attacks that are directed at you. Although that is a very useful feature, this shield doesn't offer anything more.

The way the game is designed prevents this shield from rating higher. As opposed to being shot by ranged units, adversaries will surround you more frequently. Even if such is the case, ranged attacks are typically predictable and less difficult than multiple enemies surrounding you. As a result, the Onslaught Shield frequently falls short  in battle.

What the Onslaught Shield excels in:

The shield possesses a bashing charge attack that deflects upcoming attacks and this is really the only upside


3. Guardian Shield


  • LVL 4: 55 DEF
  • LVL 5: 70 DEF
  • LVL 6: 85 DEF
  • LVL 7: 100 DEF
  • LVL 8: 115 DEF
  • LVL 9: 130 DEF

The "default" shield Kratos is given at the start of the first game is the Guardian Shield. After a less than pleasant confrontation with Thor, the shield will be damaged, but Brok will quickly repair it. This shield strikes a balance, not solely concentrating on parrying with limited durability or tanking every attack. Although lacking additional stat bonuses like other shields, which is not ideal, the Guardian Shield is not hindered by this.

When you double-tap L1, the Guardian Shield immediately breaks an enemy's guard, which is always helpful. After parrying, this shield also gives you the choice between a shield punch and a ground pound. Both can be the difference between life and death because they stun opponents and typically end their assault sequences. Going basic seems to be a good idea when it comes to shields in God of War Ragnarok.

What the Guardian Shield excels in:

  • If you’re fighting in Alfheim this shield will be very useful as it’ll help to stop one of the elves’ biggest threats, their blocks
  • In situations where you may be caught in a combo you can quickly press down L1 and perform a shield strike or slam to get some space and stun the enemies around
  • This shield will excel in an all around build as it is a very versatile shield.

How to get the Guardian Shield:

There’s no process as this shield is the default players are given at the beginning of the game.


2. Stone Wall Shield


  • LVL 1: 10 DEF
  • LVL 3: 40 DEF, 8 VIT
  • LVL 5: 70 DEF, 14 VIT
  • LVL 7: 100 DEF, 20 VIT
  • LVL 9: 130 DEF, 26 VIT

The Stone Wall Shield is a great choice for higher-difficulty playthroughs and is probably the ideal option for beginner players as they adjust to the parry timings. The monsters typically have four different attack types they can employ against you. Regular attacks may always be blocked, yellow attacks should be parried or will temporarily weaken your defense, red attacks cannot be blocked and must be avoided, and blue attacks need a shield bash to stun and interrupt.

Kratos can avoid being stunned by Stone Wall Shield's ability to block two consecutive yellow attacks.One thing to bear in mind is that the Stone Wall Shield may stun when it is fully charged and stores damage in four bars, which can be filled with either two yellow assaults or four ordinary strikes.

What the Stone Wall Shield excels in:

  • If you ever find yourself in a battle with all types of draugrs this shield is your best friend. When you’re getting overwhelmed just draw the shield and it’ll block almost all draugr attacks especially the ranged ones
  • When fighting a boss that hits plenty of combos and barrage moves, hold the shield out until their onslaught is done and you’ll leave with no scratches.
  • If you’re a beginner struggling to get down the parrying system switch to this shield
  • This shield excels in a defensive styled build with its high defense stats and functionality

How to get the Stone Wall Shield: 

You can buy it from Brok and Sindri’s shops with Hacksilver.


1. Dauntless Shield


  • LVL 1: 10 DEF
  • LVL 3: 40 DEF, 8 COL
  • LVL 5: 70 DEF, 14 COL
  • LVL 7: 100 DEF, 20 COL
  • LVL 9: 130 DEF, 26 COL

The risky Dauntless Shield is quite the opposite. Players now have additional attacking choices thanks to this shield, which is the exact opposite of the Stone Wall. Normally, to counter-stun an attack from a yellow enemy with your shield, you must press R1 or R2. This is completely automated with the Dauntless Shield, allowing you to concentrate on your next actions without being concerned about a parry attack. Additionally, this makes it possible to parry more and faster, which is fantastic when facing swift or swarming foes.

The shield is a perfect example of a high-risk, high-reward mindset. When you parry an attack properly, it glows yellow and deals a respectable amount of stun damage, but if you're able to pull off a "last-second parry," it will glow red and stun adversaries much more severely. If you manage to perfect your parry timing, the Dauntless Shield almost feels more like a weapon than a shield, giving out a ton of stun meter.

What the Dauntless Shield excels in:

  • If you’re facing against a boss that seems to have infinite health use the stunning parry of the shield to fill the stun meter and hit the opponent with some R3 attacks
  • If you’re facing swarms where you’ll need quick reaction time this shield is perfect as it has automated counterattacks
  • This shield excels in the hands of a player who prefers close combat and it can quickly leech away the opponent’s life with its own attacks with the shield’s highly efficient parries

How to get the Dauntless Shield:

Just as you can find the Stone Wall Shield in Brok and Sindri’s shop you can do the same with the Dauntless Shield buying it with Hacksilver.

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