[Top 7] GoW Ragnarok Best Axe Pommel (And How To Get Them)

Kratos the God Slayer Weilding the Great Axe

7. Grip of the Fallen Alchemist


  • LVL 5: STG 15/ VIT 12/ LCK 12
  • LVL 6: STG 18/ VIT 14/ LCK 14
  • LVL 7: STG 22/ VIT 17/ LCK 17
  • LVL 8: STG 25/ VIT 20/ LCK 20
  • LVL 9: STG 29/ VIT 23/ LCK 23

Players must utilize the Serpent's Snare talent in addition to the Grip of the Fallen Alchemist perk for it to be effective. The Serpent's Health Burst perk itself is a respectable perk that gives players a high Luck chance to receive a Health Burst after successfully using the Serpent's Snare talent. Given that the battle in this game may be quite difficult, health is crucial. 

The knob itself is a grip that was manufactured by an alchemist with a side of runic magic experimentation to lengthen their life, and it can be found in a Legendary Chest in one of the realms, Vanaheim. With each level of advancement, this grip gains Strength, Vitality, and Luck.


6. Fortified Frost Knob


  • LVL 2: STG 4/ COL 5
  • LVL 3: STG 8/ COL 9
  • LVL 4: STG 11/ COL 13
  • LVL 5: STG 15/ COL 17
  • LVL 6: STG 18/ COL 22
  • LVL 7: STG 22/ COL 26
  • LVL 8: STG 25/ COL 30
  • LVL 9: STG 29/ COL 34

Svartalfheim's Legendary Chest contains the knob for this Leviathan Axe. Even in the warmest climates, it is utterly chilly to the touch. The Frost Resolve perk on this knob enables users to activate Frost Awaken by pressing Triangle. They will then have improved stagger resistance and defensive numbers, which are ideal for protecting Atreus. 

Frost Awaken is always quite effective because it activates quickly and allows for more power in a hit. Although holding Triangle might not be a key priority in battle, they will be able to withstand more damage if they have such as the Fortified Frost Knob. Also excellent are modest stat bonuses in Strength and Cooldown.


5.Grip of Weighted Recovery


  • LVL 4: STG 11/ RUN 13
  • LVL 5: STG 15/ RUN 17
  • LVL 6: STG 18/ RUN 22
  • LVL 7: STG 22/ RUN 26
  • LVL 8: STG 25/ RUN 30
  • LVL 9: STG 29/ RUN 34

After returning to Freyr's Camp at the conclusion of The Reckoning quest, this handle is crafted at the Huldra Brothers' workshop. The lightweight grip on its handle is ideal for the next conflict. Seized Refresh, one of its bonuses, enables a blessing of Cooldown following the use of a stunning grab on an opponent with R3.  

While stun grabbing is powerful on its own, the benefit of Cooldown allows players to employ their light and heavy runic strikes more frequently and with less cooldown. Strength and Runic have bonuses as well, but they don't need to be used if there aren't any enemies to stun grab.


4. Stonecutter’s Knob


  • LVL 4: STG 18/ DEF 9
  • LVL 5: STG 23/ DEF 12
  • LVL 6: STG 29/ DEF 14
  • LVL 7: STG 34/ DEF 17
  • LVL 8: STG 40/ DEF 20
  • LVL 9: STG 46/ DEF 23

Players will be able to craft the Stonecutter's Knob for their Leviathan Axe in God of War: Ragnarok near the end of The Reckoning questline. This knob has an intriguing piece of folklore because a mythical Light Elf made it and used it to make lethal slices. This also applies to Kratos, as the knob plays a significant role in both Strength and Defense. 

The Slicing Finish perk, which adds a concussive wave to the end of an R1 axe combo, makes this axe much better than it already is in terms of stats. Players can therefore add stun and shield themselves from opponents' powerful damage.


3. Haur’s Lucky Knob


  • LVL 2: STG 4/ LCK 5
  • LVL 3: STG 8/ LCK 9
  • LVL 4: STG 11/ LCK 13
  • LVL 5: STG 15/ LCK 17
  • LVL 6: STG 18/ LCK 22
  • LVL 7: STG 22/ LCK 26
  • LVL 8. STG 25/ LCK 30
  • LVL 9: STG 29/ LCK 34

Kratos might lack the emotional control or patience necessary to lose a game of Liar's Dice, but the original owner suffered the same fate. Haur's Lucky Knob concentrates on Luck and is precisely that. Players will have a moderate Luck chance using Marksman's Stun for a good precision throw to produce a Stun Blast. 

The player benefits from a stun blast because it speeds up the development of an R3 assault. This knob may be made at the Huldra Brother's workshop from the start of The Reckoning quest and provides a modest benefit to Strength and Luck. 


 2. The Furious Maul


  • LVL 1: STG 2
  • LVL 2: STG 7
  • LVL 3: STG 12
  • LVL 4: STG 18
  • LVL 5: STG 26
  • LVL 6: STG 36
  • LVL 7: STG 47
  • LVL 8: STG 55
  • LVL 9: STG 63

Players are given Slayer's Strength by this attachment, the Furious Maul, because it desires combat. This perk gives players a High Luck chance of receiving a Gift of Strength while using the Leviathan axe to defeat an opponent.  

For a brief while, the Gift of Strength permits more damage. Use the Furious Maul, which, at Level 9, will have 63 Strength, making it a champion in strength but weak in adaptability for players who emphasize making hard-hitting blows.


1. Grip of Healing Harmony


  • LVL 5: STG 15/ DEF 17
  • LVL 6: STG 18/ DEF 22
  • LVL 7: STG 22/ DEF 26
  • LVL 8: STG 25/ DEF 30
  • LVL 9: STG 29/ DEF 34

While completing the required quest in Helheim, Reunion, you can unlock this grip for the Leviathan Axe. This grip is ideal for people who are confident in their capacity for combat because it will heal the user but reduce their defense, demanding caution when using shields and evades.  

If players attack foes with a filled Permafrost skill gauge, they will receive a health restoration from the Permafrost Lifesteal perk. However, if they are experienced at God of War: Ragnarok's battle, they ought to use this knob given the rise in incoming damage. Additionally, it will provide players a respectable boost to their Strength and Defense numbers.

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