GoW Ragnarok Best Tips And Guide For Beginners

Puzzle Room

15. Leave no stone unturned

Exploring the vast realms of the must-play action-adventure game thoroughly is critical to finding as many valuable items as possible. Each realm and biome contains a plethora of hidden relics, chests, scrolls, and artifacts related to events and side quests. However, a common blunder made by newcomers is attempting to explore remote areas of the map that simply cannot be accessed until the main story mode is completed.

Players will come across a slew of green doors and smoke-filled air holes on certain structures throughout the map, indicating a locked area. Do not attempt to access these areas until the main story objective has been completed; otherwise, beginners will waste a lot of time and effort and end up having to retrace their steps. 


14. Brok’s lost and found

Players will inevitably miss valuable items to pick up after combat while exploring the various realms. Fortunately, Brok will lead players early in the game to a treasure chest that contains all of the items that a player has lost along the way. By approaching the glowing blue treasure chest located in each forge, players can gain access to this chest and obtain whatever is inside. 

Beginners should also keep an eye out for the Nornir Chests, which require some fiddly work to open but are well worth the effort. The Nornir chests, which can be found in most realms, usually require destroying nearby runes using various methods. Every new player should make an effort to open these chests because they will permanently improve their health and rage.


13. Earn XP from labors

Once a beginner has improved their skills in Niflheim, one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn XP without putting themselves in danger is to open the Labors Tab in the Goals Menu and complete a slew of basic tasks listed. These are distinct from The Path main story mission and Favors side quests in that they will teach newcomers the ins and outs of crafting, killing, searching for collectibles, and the like while also awarding points.

Other minor Labor objectives include killing enemies using trees, incurring Burn damage with the Blades of Chaos, and Frost Damage with Leviathan Axe, all of which are great teaching tools for beginners to prepare for the harder parts of the game to come. As such, every novice should complete as many Labor Tab objectives as possible early on. 


12. Train in Niflheim

The intense combat in the highly anticipated game is so difficult that beginners must train, practice, and hone their fighting skills before confronting the most brutal enemies. Fortunately, players have early access to Niflheim, which includes a dedicated training arena for newcomers to learn the controls, explore the recently unlocked skills and abilities, and mount lethal combos without fear of dying or losing XP. 

Given how brutal the game's mini-bosses are, the last thing a new player wants to do is wander into danger without the ability to defend themselves. Take your time in Niflheim, fighting countless enemy types for as long as it takes to master the combat required to defeat the game's most formidable foes.


11. Odin’s Ravens

The Crow tree, which is also located in Niflheim, has an extremely valuable bonus for beginners. Because heeding Odin's ravens wasn't all that important in God of War, it's very easy to overlook and ignore them. In Ragnarok, however, the green Ravens direct players to a slew of valuable rewards that will improve their chances of survival and help them conquer the game. 

There are about 50 Ravens to gather in the game, and the more a player collects them, the more treasure chests will become available, giving them access to armor that is impenetrable and defensive armor. Beginners should pay additional attention when it comes to recognising and rounding up the Ravens as frequently as possible because even many experienced God of War players overlooked this.


10. Auto-pickup for the lazy ones

The Lost Items Chest is an excellent way to keep track of dropped collectibles, but new players can also take advantage of a benefit that is even more helpful. Players can scroll down to Playstyle under the Accessibility Options and change the Auto Pick-Up setting to Full. Without this feature, gamers will have to manually select collectibles by continually hitting the circle button, which is far too tedious to handle while engaged in battle.


9. Puzzle timing

The number of timed puzzles players must solve in order to earn rewards and unlock improvements is one of the game's most frustrating elements. The Extended+ Puzzle Time option, which is accessible in the Gameplay Options, is another essential tool for beginners to use. 

Go to the Puzzle Timing tab, below the Give Me Balance header, under the Challenge Level menu, and change the Extended to Extended+ setting. As a result, players will have more time to work through the game's challenges, which will actually save them a lot of time and effort. The riddles occasionally slow down and get simpler, which is quite useful. 


8. Underwater loot

Beginners of the late 2022 video game should try to lookout for submerged treasure and loot that drops from tree limbs into lakes and rivers because Kratos and Atreus spend a lot of time traveling by water. When paddling, shimmering gold areas and glowing barrels will appear; these usually have Hacksilver and other crafting materials within.

Players can instantly obtain any item that is inside a barrel by smashing into it. Circle must be pressed to gather the loot from the golden shimmering spots, which also includes stat-boosting dew droplets from trees that should always be collected. 


7. Tapping into full potential

The most thrilling aspect of GoW Ragnarok is combat, and new players should be aware of the key technical distinctions between the incredible Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe weaponry. Players will have access to the attacks Flame Whiplash (Blades) and Frost Awaken (Axe) early on in the game. 

Players must press and hold the triangle button to use the Frost Awaken ability. Beginners often make the error of holding down the triangle button in order to use Flame Whiplash as well. To maximize the Flame Whiplash assault, players should push the triangle button rapidly rather than holding it down. Beginners will be able to fully utilize the Axe's capabilities by holding down the triangle button while using it, and tapping it while using the Blades. 


6. Mini boss checkpoints

With so many brutal and challenging minibosses spread out around the realms, many of which are harder than the main plot bosses, new players to the game are sure to suffer. The miniboss Checkpoints feature in the Accessibility Combat options may be used by players to fix the issue. 

Players will have their position saved once the miniboss checkpoints are enabled, and their character will respawn with somewhat less health, giving them another chance to kill the miniboss right away. Every God of War Ragnarok newcomer should activate the miniboss checkpoints to save time and rigorous effort.


5. Shields

Kratos' shield is subtle but extremely useful in battle, especially against bosses. Your choice of shield in Ragnarok is more important than ever. Although some shields make it easier to deflect blows, mastering the art of parrying at the last second carries danger and reward. To determine which shield type suits you the best, try out a few.  

Because shields can have a variety of impacts, parrying is essential. Bosses will employ strong and unblockable attacks, which are shown by yellow and red circles, respectively. You can stay in the fight by evading, but if you can block the yellow hits, you will prevail. A successful parry increases Kratos's chance of getting buffs and opens up a large window for attack. 


4. Use your surroundings

The battlefield typically contains usable objects. These objects can even be utilized to take out a large number of enemies at once due to their massive damage output. Even if it's crucial, there are many additional considerations when using your surroundings properly. Making the most of the environment is a necessity to swing the battle your way. 

Taking the high ground is one of the best ways to gain control of a fierce battle with swarms of foes. Undoubtedly, your enemies will try to catch up with you, but the truth is that they can be stopped as they climb a platform, giving you plenty of time to prepare a powerful attack. If they manage to outnumber you, just jump down and unleash a lethal strike on a foe below. If you can successfully defend the edge, you can score numerous kills. As soon as you begin taking the levels more seriously, you will be able to overcome some of the more difficult encounters much more quickly.


3. Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!

Every armor and weapon attachments can be upgraded several times as you progress through the game. Be mindful that after several upgrades, some armor and weapon changes may give new advantages. This could boost your stats, offer bonuses, improve your power when hit, or do both. When selecting your equipment, use L2 and R2 to observe how the armor will act after being fully developed. 


2. Combos

Atreus' abilities and range of power advance greatly as you move through the game. Yet, in God of War, prolonging combos is his most useful application.Spamming Atreus’ arrows periodically is not really a smart thing to do since he doesn’t really deal much damage. To better utilize him, launch enemies into the air with a barrage of attacks, further extend the barrage with Atreus’ arrows to keep the foe in the air.


1. Muspelheim challenges

If you can’t live out your dreams of fame and wealth in real life, do so with Kratos instead. Once you’ve collected the 2 halves of the Muspelheim seed you can travel there. In the realm there are plenty of fighting opportunities and wealth that comes along with it. The competitions will help you optimize your armors and enhance your build to your liking. It can get complicated completing and redoing the challenge rooms in order to unlock the last six challenges so bear patience and good luck.

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