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God of War is not a role-playing game, but it makes extensive use of elements from the genre. As such, you have the power to customize Kratos as you see appropriate by modifying his armor and affixing numerous enchantments that provide various bonuses and ability enhancements. However, what statistics may be altered and what are their effects? Let’s take a look at all of the stats to upgrade starting from the worst to the best.


6. Luck Stat

The luck attribute improves the likelihood that your perks will activate during a fight and grants you more experience and hacksilver each time you gain them. Hence, if you want to enhance your skill level and spend more money at the shop, you must boost your luck to obtain more prizes after a fight and while exploring Midgard. It’s the worst stat to upgrade late in the game.

Luck Stat Review and Advice

  • Enhances Experience and Hacksilver gains - An incredibly useful early-game stat
  • It is meaningless late game
  • Luck increases the pace at which your ‘moderate perk activation chance' and even 'low/high activation chance' will activate. Excellent when you have several beneficial effects that will activate often.


5. Cooldown Stat

The duration of this effect decreases the recharge time of your Runic Attacks, Runic Summons, and Talismans. If you utilize your Runic powers more often than your normal strikes, having a greater cooldown skill allows you to use them more frequently in battle.

Cooldown Stat Review and Advice

  • Reduces the cooldown of runic attacks, allowing you to employ your many runic attacks and Atreus' summon more often.
  • Diminishing Returns - The first 50 seconds of a cooldown are worth twice as much as the second 50 and three times as much as the third 50. Insanely large numbers squander valuable statistics. Invest instead in runic.


4. Defense Stat

The defense statistic minimizes all damage taken. If you're having trouble timing your evasions and blocks, a greater defense assures you can absorb a few hits before the situation becomes dire. When playing at a higher level, you may choose to invest more points in your attacks to withstand stronger enemy strikes.

Defense Stat Review and Advice

  • Enemy Attacks have armor penetrating - They disregard the first x of Kratos' protection dependent upon the enemy's level. As soon as you reach the criterion, your damage reduction begins to quickly increase.
  • Returns decrease on lesser assaults - you're rewarded for greater defense on big attacks from formidable monsters. A talent that does 75 damage may be lowered to single digits!


3. Vitality Stat

Vitality raises your maximum health and reduces the severity of hit responses when you are struck by an opposing assault. Maximum health is simple, while the second component of vitality is complex. It indicates that when a powerful opponent assault hits you, it is simpler to recover. If your time to recuperate is short, you run the danger of suffering another blow. However, if you have more vitality, you may recover from it to avoid or counterattack.


Vitality Stat Review and Advice

  • Roughly 1 HP for every 2 Vitality; a paltry amount.
  • Outclassed by Defense, especially against tougher monster assaults.
  • Reduces Stumble Animations - If Kratos' vitality is increased, he may stagger less when severely damaged. Even 100 vitamins were unable to prevent me from being stopped by weak draugr, so it's simply staggers/burns/poison responses.


2. Runic Stat

The runic ability increases the damage of all of your runic and elemental attacks. Any attack that requires a Runic power to activate or has an elemental effect on an enemy deals additional damage proportional to the number of Runic points you possess.

Runic Stat Review and Advice

  • Enhances Runic Attacks Similar to strength, you must surpass the opponent's defense stat with your runes to do increasing damage.
  • Boosts specific Skills like Permafrost and frost explosions - See Frost/burn mentioned as a damage type on a skill? This increases the effectiveness of every axe strike charged with permafrost, as well as those talents that mention "explosion of frost," etc.


1. Strength Stat

Strength increases the damage of all your normal attacks. If you’re attacking with your ax, your fists, or with the Blades of Chaos, the normal attacks will gain a large increase dependent on your strength output. If you prefer raw combos in God of War, you should increase this statistic.

Strength Stat Review and Advice

  • Increases physical damage, excluding runic attacks but including all fist, shield, and weapon attacks.
  • Enemies have protection; increase your strength much beyond the enemy's defense (which is unknown) to do maximum harm. Normal Draugr have a poor defense, while foes such as Travelers and Valkyries have far more.
  • Does not enhance Atreus; only his weapons, equipment, and talents increase his damage.



Find a combination of these traits that complements your playstyle. Remember that it is OK to alter your technique based on the demands of your present interactions. Some gauntlets favor an aggressive approach, whilst others need a more defensive stance. In God of War (2018), there are six (6) basic player statistics that determine Kratos' overall fighting and gathering skill. These are the following attributes: Strength, Runic, Defense, Vitality, Luck, and Cooldown.

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