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Unlike its predecessors, God of War (2018) has RPG and customization components allowing players to modify Kratos's battle style to their tastes.

These forthcoming sets are not only powerful, enabling Kratos and Atreus to beat foes with ease, but they are also accessible relatively early on in the game. Players should try these sets, as they will make an enormous impact.

Continue reading and find out the best God Of War builds, some of which you can get early on in the game and hack and slash your enemies with ease!


10. Ivaldi's Endless Mist Set

If you're searching for a versatile piece of armor, Ivaldi's Endless Mist has you covered. With the benefit of being able to survive the Cursed Mist of Nilfheim, you should strongly consider wearing this armor set if you ever find yourself in Nilfheim.

In addition, this set of Ivaldi armor features the 'Regenerating Essence' ability, which enables you to steadily regenerate your life bar. Overall, this armor set improves all of your attributes and should be a priority.


9. Valkyrie

In order to completely improve the Valkyrie armor set, players must defeat all nine of the game's deadly Valkyries. To get the armor, however, players need only fight three of these enemies: Hildr (Breastplate), Gondul (Helheim), and Olrun (Waist Guard).

At level 8, the Valkyrie outfit provides massive increases to Runic, Strength, Defense, and Cooldown, as well as nine Enchantment Sockets. The true highlight of the Valkyrie set is the Gauntlet's Refreshing Light ability, which has a chance to quickly reset all Runic attack cooldowns after a Runic attack kill.


8. Ivaldi's Cursed Mist Set

The Cursed Mist set is a variant of Ivaldi's armor that additionally increases your resistance to the toxic mist that chokes Nilfheim. The 'Regenerating Essence' ability is also integrated in this armor, so if you're considering the Cursed Mist set instead of the Endless Mist set, you won't have to sacrifice this ability.

The Cursed Mist set has 48 less defense points than the Endless Mist set, but it increases your runic and strength stats. If you believe that the latter option is superior, then this armor is for you.


7. Runic Build

Aside from Kratos's basic physical strikes, these moves pack far more of a punch than an ax swing, which may be effective on its own, but upgrading it is always a good decision. The more points a player invests in this category, the more offensively versatile he or she gets. That may be utilized for both heavy and light strikes, allowing players to truly experiment with this build because to its versatility.

Not just physical strikes, but also special attacks such as elemental ones, are more effective when employing this setup correctly. As a result of having a larger arsenal when this construct is built, players may battle in a more diversified manner. This version aids players in through the most difficult portions of God of War by providing them with a greater range of combat choices.


6. Blazing Magma Set

The Blazing Magma Set is one of the coolest-looking armor sets in the game. It had a blazing shield that may be activated with the ability Magma Shield. It does burn damage to your opponents.

You may also improve the armor up to three times to maximize its effectiveness. It will boost your strength, mana regeneration, and defense. It may be purchased from Brok and Sindri. You won't be able to get it until later in the game since the necessary crafting materials won't be unlocked until then.


5. Legendary Sharpshooter Garb

It's not only Kratos who may wear legendary armor in the game; you'll also need to locate legendary gear for Atreus to keep him safe and secure.

This version of the Sharpshooter Garb is almost identical to its predecessor, with the exception that the recharge period has been drastically reduced, allowing you to reload quicker and fire more arrows. It also enables you to do greater harm over time. It will be of great assistance to you when Atreus can move quickly and fire even quicker.


4. Luck Build

On the surface, gamers that use this build may not see a difference. However, if players construct a Luck Build, they will get several gifts after every battle. The Luck build prioritizes giving players with high XP and Hacksilver, the item-purchasing currency. This build reduces the amount of time that must be spent grinding XP as players progress through the game.

In God of War, if players construct the luck build early on, they will have an easier time in the long run. Since Kratos will level up quickly with this build, players should also search for methods to improve it. Investing in various forms of armor and talismans is the best approach to achieve this objective. Since Luck Build makes it simpler to purchase items, the whole God of War experience becomes concrete.



On paper, the Traveler armor set may not seem to be much, yet it gives a highly valuable ability. Protection of the Traveler grants the player the ability to withstand one blow without suffering damage. This is not extremely valuable in most scenarios, but at one point in the game, it is worth its weight in gold.

One of the difficult challenges in Muspelheim asks players to destroy up to 35 monsters without taking damage. Although it is possible to succeed without the Traveler's armor, it serves as a figurative "Get Out of Jail Free" card and is often the difference between a gold and silver rating.


2.Cod Of War

Unlike the other sets on this list, the Cod of War set can only be obtained via New Game Plus. The titles of the talents in this set, such as "Big Splash" and "Cry Haddock," reveal that the game designers are making fun of cod fish. Even by virtue of its hue and texture, this armor gear resembles a cod.

Despite its humorous moniker, this armor's skill set and statistics are formidable. Cod of War provides Kratos an extra defensive shield and the power to unleash more potent frigid blasts with each upgrade. If you have completed the game and want to go on a new adventure, you should test out this armor set.


1.Fallen Ash

The Fallen Ash armor is one of the best-looking sets in the game (until players get the Zeus and Ares sets in New Game Plus) and is a terrific piece of armor to have. This armor provides the best of both worlds, with 100 Defense and a 24 enhancement to Strength.

Unique to the armor is the Retaliation of Fire perk, which has a chance to give concussive burn damage to any foe stupid enough to deal Kratos harm. It is a fantastic passive power that reduces the health of enemies as they assault, making the player's task much simpler.



The release of Santa Monica's God Of War sequel/reboot stunned almost everyone. This latest installment replaces conventional hack-and-slash gameplay with extensive exploration and RPG components. Combat, which is easy to learn but difficult to master, has a great deal of complexity that is not immediately apparent. The game's many build options and customizability is a feature that gamers love the most. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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