[Top 5] GoW Ragnarok Best Freya Accessories

Freya the Witch

5. Reckless Empowerment 

Starting off the list hot and ready is Reckless Empowerment. When this accessory is equipped, all damage dealt is greatly increased while Runic Arrows are fully depleted. You can craft the Reckless Empowerment accessory at the beginning of The World of Fate main quest storyline.


4. Sigil Punishment

The Sigil Punishment accessory is great for players that prefer close quarters combat. This accessory deals extra damage for melee attacks against enemies inflicted with hex damage. It can be found in a legendary chest during The World of Fate story line.


3. Runic Potency

Runic Potency is most effective for the arrow spammers. When a runic summon is on cooldown, the status applied from runic arrows massively increases. It can be found inside a legendary chest in Idi’s Sinkhole in Jotunheim.


2. Sonic Aftershock 

This accessory is more for those who rely on sonic and melee attacks. Melee attacks, against enemies inflicted with Sonic, with this accessory deal great stun so you can deliver a ruthless R3 finisher. The accessory can be found after confronting Freya in the Old Friends Main Quest. 


1. Lethal Detonation 

This by far the most useful and my personal favorite accessory in the game comes in very clutch when you’re being pressured by groups of mobs. This accessory explodes enemies killed from Runic Arrows, dealing great area damage to its surrounding area. It can be found in the mouth of the giant skeleton in The Barrens.

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