Why Is Kratos So Strong That He Can Kill Gods?

Kratos, the world's favorite dad

The Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, is the protagonist in the video game series God of War. Whether it's realigning a bridge between dimensions with ease (approximately 2x the weight of the Golden Gate bridge) or striking down beings hundreds of times his size, we all know that Kratos is truly a formidable warrior. But being just a demigod, why and how is Kratos so strong that he is able to trump any force that stands in his way?

Roots of Hatred

From the moment Kratos was born, he was already a man among men; he was the demigod son of Zeus, Greek mythology’s Nick Cannon. Growing up, he and his brother, Deimos, were raised in Sparta by their human mother. However, Zeus received a prophecy that a marked warrior among his children would kill him. Deimos, born with the unique markings, was taken away by Athena and the original God of War, Ares. This would be the beginning of Kratos’ lifelong hatred of the gods.


The Fearsome Family Man

Kratos, using his divine gifts, rose from soldier to general of the Spartan army, expanding from 50 warriors to an army of over 1000. Along these lines, he marries a woman named Lisandra and gives birth to his daughter Calliope. Calliope contracts a skin disease, which, by Spartan law, means she must be banished. Kratos embarks on a journey to find the cure, Ambrosia, the fruit of the gods, and becomes Ares’ champion.


Plead for Power

While Kratos’ lust for war increased, his army finally met its match against the Barbarian army. On the verge of defeat, Kratos pledged his allegiance to Ares for the power to defeat the Barbarian army; this was his first step toward the power of the gods. In servitude to Ares, Kratos is fooled into killing his wife and daughter. To get his vengeance against Ares, Kratos increases his might once again with the power of "Hope" from Pandora's box with the help of Athena.


The God of War

Kratos uses this power and the help of Zeus to get his revenge on Ares, taking his position as the new God of War. Shortly after Zeus realizes that Kratos is the marked warrior that was destined to kill him, he takes a portion of Kratos’ godly power and demands his loyalty. Kratos refuses and is killed. He escapes death and goes back in time to achieve another power buff from the Sword of Olympus. He finally uses this power to slay his father and the rest of the gods of Olympus. He remains the sole deity before taking his own life in order to restore hope to the world.


Kratos’ Kill List

  • Ares, the original God of War. He was killed in the 2005 God of War game as vengeance for causing the deaths of Kratos’ wife and daughter.
  • Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Kratos kills her by accident as she leaps in front of Kratos’ sword to save Zeus.
  • Theseus, the Demigod son of Poseidon. Was killed in God of War 2
  • Alrik, the Barbarian King, almost defeated Kratos and the Spartan army but Kratos swears an oath to Ares which grants him the Blades of Chaos. Kratos uses his newly acquired power to defeat Alrik and the Barbarian army.
  • Perseus, Demigod son of Zeus. Killed in God of War 2. Kratos smashes his helmet, stabs him with his own sword, then throws him through a wall, impaling him on a hook.
  • Icarus, son of Daedalus. Killed in God of War 2. Kratos rips off Icarus’ wings and uses them to escape the Underworld.
  • The sisters of Fate, Lahkesis, Atropos, and Clotho. are killed in God of War 2 when they’re trapped in a while Kratos breaks it.
  • Charon, the escort of the River Styx. Killed in God of War: Chains of Olympus. After launching Kratos into the depths of Tartarus in the Underworld, Kratos comes back and kills him with his own scythe.
  • Persephone, the Goddess of Spring and the Queen of the Underworld. Killed in God of War: Chains of Olympus. Persephone offers Kratos the chance to reunite with his dead daughter, but she betrays him, so he then revokes her subscription to life.
  • Poseidon, the God of the Seas and Earth. Killed in God of War 3. His death caused the world to flood.
  • Hades, God of the Underworld. Killed in God of War 3. His death unleashed a deadly plague on the world.
  • Helios, God of the Sun. Killed in God of War 3. Kratos decapitates him and proceeds to turn him into a holy flashlight.
  • Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods. Killed in God of War 3. Kratos tore his legs off, stripping him of his sole purpose in life.
  • Hercules, Demigod son of Zeus. Killed in God of War 3. Kratos did not want to fight his elder brother but was left with no choice due to Hercules’ jealousy. Kratos proceeded to smash his face into strawberry jam.
  • Hera, the God of Marriage and the Queen of the Gods. Killed in God of War 3. She originally ordered Zeus to kill Kratos because he was born out of wedlock—how ironic! She provokes Kratos to the point where he turns her neck into a godly glow stick.
  • Cronos, the Titan father of Zeus. Killed in God of War 3. 
  • Hephaestus, the Blacksmith of the Gods. Killed in God of War 3. Kratos uses an anvil to turn the Blacksmith God into a kebab.
  • Zeus, the God of the Sky and the King of the Gods. Killed in God of War 3. In their battle, Zeus kills Kratos with the Blade of Olympus. Kratos escapes death once again, takes the sword from his body, and uses it to slay his father. Kratos finished the job by beating Zeus to pulp just like his brother hercules.
  • Gaia, the Titan of Earth. Killed in God of War 3. The battle between Zeus and Kratos takes place inside the Titan. Kratos impales his father and the heart of Gaia at the same time.
  • Perses, the Titan of Destruction. Killed in God of War 3. Kratos stabbed the titan in the eye and released a burst of electricity, sending the titan falling off a mountain.
  • Callisto, the mother of Kratos. Killed in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. As she is about to reveal the identity of Zeus as Kratos’ father she turns into a monster. Kratos puts her out of her misery.
  • Thanatos, the God of Death. Killed in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. After being beaten by Kratos, Thanatos taunts the Spartan further. Kratos then rips his chest open and impales him with his blades.
  • Castor and Pollux, the conjoined mortal prophet and the Demigod son of Zeus. Killed in God of War: Ascension. After being chased by Kratos, Castor falls to his death and Pollux gets his pleading skull crushed by the Spartan.
  • Megaera, Fury of the Flesh. Killed in God of War: Ascension. After a brief tussle, Kratos kills the Fury by driving his blades through her chest.
  • Tisiphone, the Fury of the Mind, Killed in God of War: Ascension. Kratos snapped yet another neck.

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