[Top 10] God of War Ragnarok Best Side Quests

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10. Animal Instinct

The penultimate side quest in the game tasks players with wiping out four Kol Raider camps in Midgard, Animal Instinct balances difficulty with a deep sentimental payoff. After taking down an intimidating flame-wielding boss that will be a difficult obstacle for players to overcome, Kratos' capacity for bonding with his pets highlights his frequently misunderstood humanity.

Before taking on hordes of enemies and the challenging God of War Ragnarok boss Olaf Nautson, Kratos is forced to part ways with his beloved pet wolves Svanna and Spekki in the snow. When the side quest is finished, Kratos returns to his wolves, who are now alone and trembling in the snow, and says, "They're still scared," before turning to face them and saying, "Do not be afraid. You're secure. It's one of the game's most heartfelt and moving scenes and serves as further evidence of how Kratos has changed from a savage Viking to a protective protector.

9. Freyr's Gift

Freyr's Gift only takes four minutes to complete, but compared to the majority of the straightforward gift-bearing Favors, it goes into much greater informative depth about the history of the elves in Alfheim. When given the task of looking into Freyr's statue, Freya is quick to show her appreciation for the monument, which also makes her much easier to like.

However, Mimir's compelling account of how Light and Dark elves first united to work together as a means of mediating peace in Alfheim and beyond. Considering Kratos' own internal struggle between avoiding war and protecting his people at all costs, the side quest is a great way to learn about the Elves' motivations in the game.


8. In Plain Sight

While fairly painless to complete, In Plain Sight is a side quest for Kratos in Vanaheim. When it comes to the overarching story involving Andvari and Brok, two characters who are crucial to the game's narrative resolution, the fascinating insight into who created the Soul Eaters and why fits in well with the challenging task of slaying the Soul Eater.

The trenchant backstory involving Andvari creating the Soul Eaters by sacrificing his soul to a ring is far more compelling than most straightforward reward-gathering GoW Ragnarok side quests. This is after facing the Soul Creator with his Leviathan Axe in an awesome battle sure to appeal to gamers. A funny exclamation point is added at the end when Mimir makes a joke about Sindri.


7. Scent Of Survival

In God of War, Kratos examines a sandbar. After finishing Main Quest 13, Creatures of Prophecy, Ragnarok Scent of Survival launches on its own. The pursuit of Helka and boarding the paper ferry to the crater were relatively simple tasks, so the philosophical discussions between Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir are remarkably profound.

When Kratos and Atreus discuss Birgir's disappearance in the airship, Atreus asks why Vanaheim is such a terrifying place, which not only unlocks a plethora of additional side quests but also requires him to complete For Vanaheim. The side quest ends with a terrifying dragon encounter that explains why the area is so terrifying in addition to shading Atreus' inquisitive side through a series of existential queries. Scent for Survival proves that side quests can often feature characters that lead to important plot points.


6. The Lost Lyndworms

One of the funniest side quests ever is The Lost Lyndworms, which reintroduces the Ratatoskr, the swashbuckling talking squirrel that first appeared in God of War. Before giving Kratos the tools to capture six Lyndworms throughout the nine realms, the anthropomorphic jester gives him a hard time.

One of the silliest and funniest exchanges in any side quest is Ratatoskr's playful ribbing as Kratos dispatches the monsters. It serves as a gentle reminder to players that the primary goal of the game is to be entertaining. When Ratatoskr says "I love you" to Kratos is a legitimate laugh-out-loud-moment.


5. Freya's Missing Peace

The compelling backstory of Freya is thoroughly examined in Freya's Missing Peace Favor, a side quest that appears in Vanaheim near the end of The Reckoning, if for no other reason than its significant narrative implications. Finding, exploring, and leaving the entrance to Freya's wedding shrine aren't particularly challenging objectives, but the essential plot details regarding Frey's arc are unmatched.

In order to mend her broken spirit, Freya achingly longs to sever her ties to Asgard, which are inextricably connected to her marital past. Freya's Missing Peace reinforces Freya's inherent humanity, which frequently gets lost in the unremarkable side quests included in such a violently barbaric action-adventure game, beyond the rewards offered for completion.


4. In Service Of Asgard

Located in Svartalfheim Bay, In Service of Asgard is the first side quest players will encounter in the game after completing Groa's Secret, tasking players with shutting down three rigs. Along with featuring some of Kratos' most memorable quotes, Kratos' rich character development represents a stunning advancement from God of War 2018.

In the previous game, Kratos never would have been so quick to reassure Mimir about the fate of the dwarves. Yet, during In Service of Asgard, Kratos is much friendlier towards Mimir, and even heeds his advice during the side quest. Most importantly, Mimir's explanation of Odin's exploitation of the Dwarves goes a long way in shaping Kratos and Atreus' entire journey.


3. Secret Of The Sands

Players can begin the Secret of the Sands side quest, which requires locating, pursuing, and ultimately liberating the distressed monster Hafgufa, after speaking with Sindri in Alfheim. A great way to learn how to work together to solve puzzles as well as enjoy one of the most touching bonding moments between Kratos and Atreus. The corrupt history of Mimir is equally as captivating.

Whether its Kratos informing Atreus of Mimir's devious plans regarding The Barrens and how the Song of the Sands created the intense sandstorm, or Kratos and Atreus finding common ground in their desire to save what they call "a wild animal" in the Hafgufa, the side quest is visceral, informative, and even has some of Atreus' best quotes and one of the funniest jokes in the game involving a lunch item that should not be missed. Additionally, the quest makes it much simpler to explore the rest of Alfheim, which is essential for moving the main plot forward.


2. A Viking Funeral

Even the most stoic God of War Ragnarok players will break down in tears while playing A Viking Funeral, which is without a doubt the game's most emotionally draining side quest. Players can attend Brok's funeral and trigger a cut scene to listen to the heartfelt exchange between Lunda, Raeb, and Durlin after completing the last main quest in Realms at War. This exchange binds the plot and character in the most satisfying ways imaginable.

Completing A Viking Funeral is a stirring invitation to remember a lost friend and a fitting send-off for the beloved God of War character known for crafting Kratos' Leviathan Axe and Thor's Mjolnir. The heartfelt remembrance of Brok and all he meant to Sindri and Kartos is truly moving.


1. The Broken Prison

Due to the unpredictable story revelation and satisfying sense of closure it provides, the final Favor in God of War Ragnarok is everything players have been working towards. The side quest automatically begins after completing the main mission and crossing the newly minted bridge leading to the Crow tree in Niflheim. After Kratos and Freya take on an Einherjar, they'll find Tyr's spirit, which receives a very important story message that will change the outcome of the narrative.

Players will be forced to reconsider their entire playthrough's plot as well as the events that came before it as soon as they finish The Broken Prison Favor. In order to fully comprehend the overarching mythology of the franchise, particularly as it relates to Kratos' own legacy, Tyr's learning of Odin's passing is crucial.


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