[Top 5] GoW Ragnarok Best Blade Handles (And How To Get Them)

Fiery Blades of Chaos

5. Pommels of Brutal Might


  • Lvl 4: 11 Strength/13 Defense
  • Lvl 5: 15 STR/ 17 DEF
  • Lvl 6: 18 STR/ 22 DEF
  • Lvl 7: 22 STR/ 26 DEF
  • Lvl 8: 25 STR/ 30 DEF
  • Lvl 9: 29 STR/ 34 DEF 

God of War: Ragnarok utilizes use of stun. Players can use their fists and attacks, as well as Atreus' arrows, to fill an enemy's stun meter. When the stun bar is full, players can use R3 to perform a finisher, which is a brutal animation that kills the enemy. Seized Strength is a feature of Pommels of Brutal Might that grants the Gift of Strength to players who can pull off this R2 stun grab. 

After completing The Reckoning quest and returning to Freyr's Camp, the Pommels of Brutal Might can also be crafted. They specialize in Strength and Defense and will undoubtedly aid Kratos in close-quarters combat. 

4. Pommels of Undying Spark


  • LVL 2: 6 STG/ 3 RUNIC
  • LVL 3: 12 STG/ 6 RUN
  • LVL 4: 18 STG/ 9 RUN
  • LVL 5: 23 STG/ 12 RUN
  • LVL 6: 29 STG/ 14 RUN
  • LVL 7: 34 STG/ 17 RUN
  • LVL 8: 40 STG/ 20 RUN
  • LVL 9: 46 STG/ 23 RUN 

These powerful and effective pommels concentrate on Strength and Runic upgrades. Despite the harsh temperatures of Fimbulwinter, they were also forged in seething flame and radiated heat. This means they have the Sorching Burn perk, which allows them to have a stronger Burn status effect and deal more damage when burned.

The Pommels of the Undying Spark are found in a Legendary Chest in Svartalfheim and are a great way for Kratos to resurrect his name and power in Norse mythology, as fire will be unleashed on all those who are whipped and slashed by Kratos Blades of Chaos. They have an impressive amount of Strength and Runic damage at level 9. 

3. Luminous Recovery Handles


  • LVL 6: STR 14/ COOLDOWN 18/ LUCK 14
  • LVL 7: STR 17/ COL 22/ LCK 17
  • LVL 8: STR 20/ COL 25/ LCK 20
  • LVL 9: STR 23/ COL 29/ 23

Kratos might not be a gambler, and he may not know what one is, but the Luminous Recovery Handles belonged to a legendary gambler. This is why these handles prioritize Luck and make use of Whiplash Refresh. Because of this perk, Flame Whiplash, an ability used with Triangle then R1, has a good chance of granting Blessing of Cooldown, which allows Cooldown abilities to fully charge.  

Cooldown abilities are an excellent way to stay involved in a fight. In God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos has many great lights and heavy runic attacks, all of which have a cooldown once used. Players can reduce their cooldown by using the Luminous Recovery Handles, which can be found in a Legendary Chest in Svartalfheim. 

2. Hardened War Handles


  • LVL 5: STG 20/ DEF 9/ VITALITY 9
  • LVL 6: STG 25/ DEF 11/ VIT 11
  • LVL 7: STG 30/ DEF 13/ VIT 13
  • LVL 8: STG 35/ DEF 15/ VIT 15
  • LVL 9: STG 40/ DEF 17/ VIT 17 

The Hardened War Handles were forged in such a hot fire that they're unmeltable. Their fire is extremely powerful, and as a result, they have the perk known as Banishing Blade. This enables the Hyperion Grapple and Hyperion Pull to deal additional damage and stun. Both of these abilities are performed by pressing L2 + R1 or L2 + R2.  

These handles, which can be found in a Legendary Chest in Alfheim, grant a large amount of Strength and a moderate amount of Defence and Vitality at Level 9. Both Hyperion grapple moves bring the enemy to Kratos for more damage and Spartan fury, making the Hardened War Handles ideal for players who enjoy stun or want to keep their enemies close.

1. Pommels of Agile Deceit


  • LVL 4: STG 11/ VIT 13
  • LVL 5: STG 15/ VIT 17
  • LVL 6: STG 18/ VIT 22
  • LVL 7: STG 22/ VIT 26
  • LVL 8: STG 25/ VIT 30
  • LVL 9: STG 29/ VIT 34 

Blade Dancer is a perk associated with the Pommels of Agile Deceit, and it is ideal for those who play both defensively and offensively. The Pommels of Agile Deceit have a lot of versatility, and they can be crafted after returning to Freyr's Camp during The Reckoning questline.  

These pommels have a moderate increase in Strength and Vitality, which grants health and damage in addition to the fantastic Blade Dancer perk. Players will use The Spinning Chaos and Evasive Ember's attack skills to deal more damage and burn damage to enemies they hit.

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