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The brutal, punishing combat in God of War is one of the game's greatest strengths. However, as the game proceeds, the difficulty rises and the enemies get more complex, therefore more sophisticated weapons and armor are required. You'll find a variety of enchantments at your disposal, but it's difficult to determine which ones are superior. Here's all you need to know about the best God of War Enchantments.


10. Njord’s Temporal Stone

You may get Njord's Temporal Stone by vanquishing Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in the High Council. This spell has a +6 runic and luck bonus and a +12 cooldown. When you take damage, your opponents have a reduced rate of movement.


What Makes Njord’s Temporal Stone Great?

  • The prize for vanquishing the Valkyrie Queen at the Valkyrie Council.
  • Stats: Runic (6), Luck (6), Cooldown (12) 
  • Damage done to foes has a small chance to briefly delay them down.


9. Muspelheim’s Eye of Power

This one enhances your fire resistance by 20%, and you may stack up to three of them. It also provides you +10 to strength, defense and vitality. It is sold at the dwarf market of Muspelheim.


What Makes Muspelheim’s Eye of Power Great?

  • The Epic Talisman Shattered Gauntlet of Ages may be augmented by this enchantment, making it one of six possible enchantments.
  • Fifty percent more resistance to BURN damage.
  • An Enchantment that boosts Stats and offers resistance to BURN damage.


8. Eye of the Winged Chosen

Earn the Eye of the Winged Chosen by vanquishing Eir the Valkyrie atop The Mountain in Midgard. This enchantment grants +13 cool down and the speed evasion perk, allowing Kratos to dodge attacks and sprint for a short distance.


What Makes Eye of the Winged Chosen Great?

  • This enchantment boosts the speed
  • Kratos's dodging abilities are enhanced by this spell.
  • Includes a massive 13-second delay in addition to the effect's passive benefits.


7. Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind

You must kill the Valkyrie Olrun in the Lake of Light in Alfheim in order to get Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind enchantment. All foes inside a 15-meter radius will take damage and be weakened while you get +12 Defense, +6 Runic Strength, and +6 Vitality.


What Makes Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind Great?

  • ENEMIES within 15 meters of you are weakened.
  • After slaying the Valkyrie Olrun in Alfheim, players will be rewarded with Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind.
  • Renders opponents easy targets.


6. Eye of the Outer Realm

If Kratos equips this enchantment, he will get +7 to all statistics. Going up the steps to the Wildwoods or Foothills will lead you to the Hidden Chamber of Odin's Coffin, where the Eye of the Outer Realm may be located.


What Makes the Eyes of the Outer Realm Great?

  • Discovered in Odin's Secret Chamber in Helheim
  • Enhancements to one's Stats
  • Acquire better offensive and defensive capabilities.


5. Heart of Vanaheim

Even though the Heart of Vanaheim Enchantment only gives you +4 to Strength and Cooldown, it provides a considerable bonus to Runic, Defense, and Strength on Attack. In the Foothills, you'll find the Valkyrie Geirdriful, and defeating her will award you the Heart of Vanaheim.


What Makes the Heart of Vanaheim Great?

  • There is a moderate possibility that using this Perk may result in a brief increase to RUNIC, STRENGTH, or DEFENSE on a successful hit.
  • Quick dodging, and the gift of a resting block
  • Enhanced poison damage when you parry


4. Mark of the Element

The Mark of the Element is located in Konunsgard's Stronghold and may be unlocked by completing the Hail to the King side quest. The Mark of the Elements boosts your chances of acquiring Immolation or Permafrost by 7%, and may be stacked up to a maximum of 21%. Also, while equipped, it provides a +10 runic bonus.


What Makes Mark of the Element Great?

  • Accelerates the pace at which Permafrost and Immolation are gained by 7%.
  • More instances of the impact exist since its cumulative value is 21%.
  • When you equip this, you'll get 10 runic.


3. Stone of Frost Supremacy

This one grants you +5 runes and a 25% bonus to any ice damage you do. You need to solve the puzzle of the Njord's Oarsmen treasure map to earn it. The description states that the effects may be stacked to a maximum of 50%, suggesting that there might be more than one.


What Makes Stone of Frost Supremacy Great?

  • Produces a 25% increase in the damage done by FROST.
  • Located with the 'Njord's Oarsmen' treasure map.
  • Magic of Legendary Proportions


2. Shard of The Elements

This one's for you if you want some more security. A +12% bonus to resistance to poison, fire, ice, blindness, and dazing. This item, which may be found in a chest in the Landsuther mines, not only grants +5 vitality, but is also very rare.


What Makes Shard of The Elements Great?

  • 25% immunity to all conditional effects.
  • Tolerance to the effects of ice, fire, electricity, and poison.
  • The wearer will be afforded the benefit of Bi-Frost Protection.


Andvari’s Soul

Get the Deux Ex Malachite favor by visiting Brok, the dwarf blacksmith. When you're done, you'll have earned the right to Andvari's Soul. The runic attack bonus from Andvari's Soul is +6, while the cooldown reduction is +8. If you use a weapon with a runic attack and manage to kill an opponent with it, you will get a health boost.


What Makes Andvari’s Soul Great?

  • Though Andvari's body is now dead, his spirit lives on within the ring.
  • Every time you use a Runic Attack and succeed, there is a very good chance that the associated Perk will activate and reward you a Health Burst.
  • As soon as the Favor is finished, Deus Ex Malachite is yours.



Enchantments are an important part of God of War’s gameplay because they enhance your stats and weaken your enemies more than your armor and weapons, making it easier to overtake the baddest of enemies. While there are numerous enchantments that you will find in the game, in this post I have highlighted the top 10 best God Of War enchantments, I hope you had fun going through the post!

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