[Top 5] God of War 4 Best Axe Pommel (And How To Get Them)

[Top 5] God of War 4 Best Axe Pommel (And How To Get Them)
The fiercest axe pommels to wipe out your enemies

Top 4 Axe Pommels in God of War 4

The axe pommel in God of War 4 is a gear slot that is largely overlooked. Because it isn’t often seen and doesn’t have flashy stats or an activatable ability people don’t tend to pay much attention to the axe pommel. Despite this, it is still integral to a good build with perks as you’ll see that can massively improve one’s gameplay, especially if you can learn to play around it.


4. Retribution


The Retribution pommel is an intensely useful one both in and out of combat. The per of this pommel is that it has a very powerful throw and catch that basically allows it to travel forever without dropping off like the axe normally does. On top of this, it has a low chance to explode on impact with an enemy dealing massive damage. The main use for this axe though is just how good it is outside of combat. The fact that it does not drop off after being thrown means that for nornir bells and Odin’s ravens, plus all the problem-solving elements of the game, the pommel is extremely useful. For me, this is a pommel I unequip before a battle but is always in my inventory as a handy tool. The only downside to this pommel is that unfortunately it is unlocked by defeating the Valkyrie Queen which is no mean feat. Because of this, its utility can only really shine through in New Game Plus.

Max Stats: 18 Strength, 15 Cooldown, 21 Luck


3. Grip of Tangoist


The Grip of Tangoist is a pommel forged from the hands of Thor Odinson himself!! Well, I’m not sure that’s true but one would certainly think so if they saw this pommel in use. The pommel has decent stats and an incredible perk. The chance activation perk strikes enemies with an explosion of lightning dealing shock damage to all surrounding enemies. This is an incredible perk for both crowd control and spectacle. Wanna feel like Thor, slamming enemies around like ragdolls and infusing them with the wrath of thunder? This is the pommel for you. The only downside to this pommel is that while the perk is great for crowd control there are certainly better options for boss fights.

Max Stats: 12 Strength, 12 Runic, 13 Luck 


2. Surtr’s Grip of Flame


Surtr’s Grip of Flame is an amazing pommel that has a chance of activating the ‘Wrath of Flame’ perk, granting blessing of strength as well as restoring a small amount of health and granting a wave of energy that fires off upon hitting a normal attack. This perk is incredible especially when considering that it is available relatively early on in Muspelheim. The pommel doesn't have incredible stats but easily stands up against others with this perk. The strength and energy wave basically make you a powerhouse while the health burst allows for any damage that is slipping through. Remember as well that the perk activates upon hitting a normal attack so as long as you have a good luck stat this pommel can be absolutely broken! The pommel can be obtained from Brok or Sindri once you unlock Muspelheim

Max Stats: 8 Strength, 13 Runic


1. Forbidden Grip of the Ages


The Forbidden Grip of the Ages is pretty much the perfect all-rounder pommel. If you don’t know what type of build you’re going for or are just too lazy to make a specific build this pommel is perfect. It can be unlocked for free relatively early on through an easter egg. As a bit of a nod to the old ‘up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right’ style easter eggs of old. The pommel gives a blanket boost to all of your stats and has a simple but effective perk, adding a powerful wave to the end of your R1 combo. This pommel is just so easy to unlock and use that I recommend it to anyone and everyone. You really can’t go wrong with it.

Max Stats: 12 Strength, 10 Runic, 10 Defence, 10 Vitality, 10 Luck, 10 Cooldown


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