[Top 5] Final Fantasy XV Best Girls (Ranked)

A perfect photo featuring all of the main cast and ladies appearing in the game as part of the commemoration of the 2-year Anniversary of Final Fantasy XV.

Today, we’ll be talking about the Top 5 Best Girls present in Final Fantasy XV.

So, let’s get down to it.

The following list will not be of my preference though. I’ll disagree with the results entirely but I am writing what the whole community thinks and how they rank them. I’ll give my own opinion/ranking at the end.

5. Gentiana (Good)

Such beauty and grace is oft gone unnoticed. Truly Divine.

See All Gentiana's Scenes

First up we have the ever-mysterious yet elegant Gentiana who you always see as having her eyes closed during the whole game. She rarely ever opens her eyes but when she does she draws nothing but kindness and comfort towards the sight of the beholder.

If you’ve played the whole game by now, you must already know that Gentiana is not who she really is. (Spoilers for those who haven’t played as of yet.) She is the human/physical form of the Astral/Summon Shiva in the world of Eos and acts as the High Messenger from the gods to the Oracle whereas the Oracle does the same and vice versa. She acts as the protector of the Oracle in-game and stays by her side from her birth till the end.

I must say, she is the only female NPC who gave proper motherly vibes. As if, you’d feel secure under her wing. Maybe, that’s the charming thing about her. Being caring and shrouded with mystery at the same time. Oh, and she also pops up in photos from time to time which is pretty creepy, in my opinion. But a welcome surprise.

What we love about Gentiana:

  • Gentle yet mysterious. Two feats that are rarely shown and presented in a perfect manner when it comes to the portrayal of a character.
  • You get to use her as a Summon in the latter half of the game.
  • Her voice, eyes and smile warm our hearts.

A shame to see her shed a tear like that.

4. Iris (Good)

Gladio’s lil’ sis’ dragging an annoyed Noct to a date. What are the chances of him ditching it?

A stroll for two sidequest

Next up on the list is Gladio’s younger sister, Iris Amicitia. The cheery, upstart young adventurer.

She was a childhood friend of Noctis after he saved her once (watch Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV for understanding) and developed feelings for him since but deep down she knows that Noctis is to be married to Lunafreya. Nevertheless, her presence is always a welcome one and even helps out the boy band sometimes in their adventures as well. She’s got formidable strength as well.

For argument’s sake, I think Noct and Iris would do well to hook up together. I mean, they look cute together. More chemistry is shown in-game too via quests. But, eh. It’s up to the developers.

What we love about Iris:

  • Temporary party member which can help out the boyband for a change.
  • A cheerful, cheeky and somewhat flirtatious personality that warms our hearts.
  • Provides fond memories with Noctis and the player with her laugh and smile.

Must protect that smile.

3. Lunafreya (Better)

Ever steadfast and resilient.

All Luna Cutscenes

The main heroine of the story. Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. The Oracle of the world of Eos and the betrothed of Noctis. Since childhood, like Noct, she was called to fulfil her destiny as the Oracle and as the wife of the future True King.

Ever resilient, steadfast and headstrong, she saw it to completing her mission till the end and even after her (spoilers) death, she continues to help the boyband before facing the final boss of the game in Chapter 14. Despite almost losing the will to continue, she keeps on going. Apart from all that, her willpower as well as her beauty is unmatched.

The ending cutscene gave me enough comfort, though.

What we love about Lunafreya:

  • Her grace and poise under immense danger, stress and pressure.
  • Her unparalleled beauty and devotion to her calling.
  • Her unwavering love for the common people and for Noctis.

My kind of happy ending.


Well, only two girls are left. And that’s Cindy and Aranea.

Kinda confused like Prompto here. Who to pick?

2. Cindy (Better)

Not gonna lie, she is SO PRETTY!

All Cindy Scenes

Up next, we have our rootin’ tootin’ mechanic Cindy Aurum. She is Cid Sophiar’s granddaughter and responsible for fixing up all of the Regalia. (And also helping in upgrading it too.)

She’s got the smarts and the drive (pun intended) to give it her all in mechanical craftsmanship and occasionally helps the boyband in towing the car to any desired location on the map, so there’s that. And she’s one of Prompto’s hopeless crushes as well. Poor guy. (Can’t blame him, I’d be one too.)

Really wished we would’ve seen more of her character fleshed out though.

What we love about Cindy:

  • Always available for fixing and towing the Regalia.
  • Her sidequests upgrade the regalia to new levels.
  • Passionate about fixing cars while having natural beauty is awe-inspiring to everyone.

The perfect definition of service with a smile.

1. Aranea (Best)

Being a Commander does have its ups and downs. But that doesn’t stop her from doing something right. In this case, healing Prompto in the eponymous DLC.

Aranea & Prompto Campfire Scene

And on #1 we have Aranea Highwind, the Commodore of the Niflheim Empire’s Third Army Corps 87th Airborne Unit. Her last name, as well as her armour, weapon and moveset, is a homage to the Dragoon sub-class existing in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Apart from having all the brains and the skills of being an essential commodore of an army, she’s got the most mesmerizing beauty while fighting the boyband and monsters alike. Additionally, she can become a temporary party member at night when hunting for Daemons as well. Sounds like a sweet deal. Also, she definitely plays an important role in Episode Prompto.

And yeah… Beauty, brains, combat prowess. Definitely would make a good Muscle Momm- I mean, Waifu. Yeah, that.

What we love about Aranea:

  • Becomes a temporary party member at night helping out the boy band WHILE being a commodore of the enemy army.  
  • Helps Prompto find his purpose and gets him back on track.
  • Her eyes, smile as well as voice is all the more heart-warming.

Step o- I mean, reporting for duty, Commodore.

Well, there you have it. The Best Girls ranked. If it were up to me, my ranking would be:-
Iris<Cindy<Aranea<Gentiana<Lunafreya. But that’s just my preference. I’m pretty sure most of you would have your own. Well, that’s about it. See ya.

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