[Top 15] Final Fantasy XV Best Outfits That Looks Freakin’ Awesome

That’s … really not the way you should dress in a game. But then again, who are we to judge?

If you’re a veteran Final Fantasy fan like me, you must remember that costume changes weren’t introduced in the game until Final Fantasy XIII-2. (Not counting the gears, equipment and job systems stemming from the original Final Fantasy.) 

Well, the good thing is that Final Fantasy XV finally gives you the option to change attires/gear/armor not just for cosmetic purposes but for stat buffs too.

This list here is gonna show which of them looks fab on the chocobros as well as on each character themselves! The list isn’t ranked, per se. Just listed as to which of them are worth wearing and getting your pictures taken with.

15. Magitek Exosuit

Walking Tank Simulator. Brought to you by the Magitek Exosuit.

Magitek Exosuit in action:

Magitek Exosuit Showcase

The last time I heard of the word Magitek, it was in Final Fantasy VI. A unique blend and a play on words of Magic and Technology. Then it came back in Final Fantasy XIV and now in Final Fantasy XV.

“Magitek” itself sure has its perks. It makes you look like Warframe characters for starters. Or Destiny 2 characters as well. Aliens can count too. But the great thing about this is that you get Invincibility.

Yes, you heard that right. No damage taken, no status ailment, no nothing. Pure, raw, indestructible power. The suit glows yellow whenever you feel the itch to start a battle and it lasts for only 30 in-real-life minutes. So, if you feel like doing a high-level dungeon, fighting MA-X Angelus-0 or Melusine, do it fast. Otherwise, once the timer runs out, you’ll have to wait for 20 real-life hours for the suits to recharge. Doesn’t work against the Omega superboss if you have the Royal Edition.  

Personally speaking, FF15 is already an easy game inclined towards first-timers, so using this armor would take out most of the fun of the game. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing Invincibility! I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience that?

Oh, and might I tell you, the design of the suit was totally different before. You’ll about to see why in the photo below.

Magitek Exosuit Details:

  • Makes the wearer invincible for a time.

How to get the Suit:

Nothing much. Just update your game to the latest patch and you’ll get these armors as default.

From GO GO POWER RANGERS to NO NO POWER RANGERS. Above was the supposed original design where it was alright until Saban (owner of Power Rangers) said it’s not ok.

14. Thermal Suit

That’s pretty “Sus” if you ask me.

Thermal Suit in action:

Thermal Suits Showcase

As the obvious states, it’s a Thermal Suit. Designed for protection from Fire. Unlike other attires, this one’s featured in Chapter 8 when you’re at the Power Station mission in Lestallum.

To unlock this permanently, you have to be on Chapter 15 (Post-Game) go towards the area outside the Power Station and pick this up. And voila, now the whole team can wear it.

Not gonna lie, having them wear this seems as if they’ve from “Among Us”, a hit video game released in 2020 where you have to find an imposter among your crewmate. Kind of what real-life arguments/mysteries are like.

That’s about it for this suit. And yeah, it looks cool too.

Thermal Suit Details:

Max HP +20%; Immune to Burnt; Immune to Fire elemental damage

How to get the Suit:

Available only during A Precious Source of Power (main quest) and hunts occurring inside the power plant.
Permanently unlocked when picked up from outside the power station in Chapter 15

13. Crownsguard Fatigues

The default clothes for Gladdy, Specs and Blondie. They sure look dapper, nonetheless.

Final Fantasy XV Character Swap Sessions

The default look of the ¾ boyband A.K.A Gladio, Prompto and Iggy. These are the outfits where you see them in the trailer, in the promo arts and in the whole gameplay overall. Also in Prompto’s selfies and snaps.

There’s also the jacketless version of this attire. Perfect if the weather gets too hot or if you want to keep sprinting for some items, doing questlines or just running errands for the people of Eos in general.

It’s stylish, brings out the personalities of the boys, stats are great and it’s the ideal outfit for exploration and perfect for battles. What more do you want?

Crownsguard Fatigues details:

Jacketed - Max HP: +20%
Jacketless – Strength: +20%, Magic: +20%

How to get the Suit:

For the original and default Jacketed version, just install the game and play. Simple.

For the jacketless version, however, you have to go to the main menu and select the shirtless/jacketless version of this attire and you’re good to go.

Behold, the jacketless version. Suitable for scalding weather, I suppose?

12. Kingsglaive Garb

For Hearth and Home. The unofficial motto/saying of the Kingsglaive. And the boys look ever so sharp in it.

Kingsglaive Garb Showcase

Ah, yes. The Kingsglaive Garb. Royal outfits for the retainers and sworn protectors of the King of Lucis. You get this outfit unlocked on Chapter 14 when Noct and the gang finally returns to Insomnia and make their way to The Citadel.

It’s cutting-edge, got great stats and looks royal enough. Perfect outfits for that final climatic battle. Hell, even the rough and tough Gladdy looks well-disciplined here. Iggy is as elegant and sophisticated as always whereas Prompto is dressed to kill those enemies and snaps!

Just as in the previous attire, there’s a jacketless version for this too in case the gang is feeling all hot and sweaty. Or if you don’t feel like making them wear those jackets. Up to you.

Kingsglaive Garb details:

Jacketed – Vitality: +30%, Spirit: +30%
Jacketless – HP recovery rate: 6%

How to get the outfit:

Just play the main game until you reach Chapter 14. It’s a story-mode unlock so no need to go through any extra steps.

The Jacketless versions of the Kingsglaive Garb where somehow due to modding (exclusive to PC), Noct is also wearing it.

11. Casual Outfits

Y’know, it’s actually refreshing to see the boys in “normal” clothes and it’s the first FF game to do so. Quite a breather to be honest. (That’s the Jacketless version, by the way.)

Casual Outfits Gameplay

Wanna know what is relaxing? When your main characters in-game are wearing the same type of clothes that you wear in daily life. That’s some next-level immersion right there.

This game is the first to do so and it proves to be great in battle as well with its cool stats!

Apart from all that, it captures the proper tourist aesthetic and makes you want to travel more and do some side activities with it as well.

Casual Outfit details:

Jacketed - Immune to Enfeebled, Disenchanted, Burnt, Frozen, Shocked
Jacketless - Critical Rate +20%

How to get the outfits:

Just load the game and it's there once you select them on changing gears.

The Jacketed versions. Looks rad, doesn’t it? Noct for fishing, Iggy for cooking, Blondie for photo-shooting and Gladdy for hitting on girls and monsters alike.

10. King’s Knight Tee

Fun and cool-looking Tee that Noct is wearing.

The back shot of it featuring Blondie.

King’s Knight Gear now FREE

You do know that there are games within this game, right? Talk about video-game inception, or should I say, Game-ception? King’s Knight is one of them. Justice Monsters Five too if you have a keen eye.

As always, this game is the first to do on so many things it’s a pioneer on this one as well. What else but Noct wearing his favorite game’s T-Shirt?

Not only that, it offers a great deal of resistance to various elemental spells as well. I have yet to see an armor do this. Really wish there was something like that for the rest of the Chocobros as well.

King’s Knight Tee details:

Shot Res. +25%
Fire Res. +25%
Ice Res. +25%
Lightning Res. +25%
Dark Res. +25%

How to get the outfit:

It’s part of the Free DLC. Just update it to the latest patch and it’ll be there by default.

9. Glamour Prism (FF14)

The Cat Boyband. Performing live concerts in your nearest city. Get tickets now.

FFXV FFXIV Event Clothes Glamour

The FF15 and FF14 Crossover was one of the biggest events to happen in-game. Quests and enemy types along with the User Interface (UI) became similar to one another. I’m pretty sure the gears were exchanged at one point as well.

What’s great about these outfits is the fact that they are medieval in nature. Going back to the roots of the original Final Fantasy, it pays an homage to both FF14 and the previous medieval-setting FF games.

The stats are also what’s great about them too although, I’m not a fan of Noct having cat ears. It looks great on Blondie and Specs though. As for Gladio, I’m not too sure. Looks good on him too.

Glamour Prism Outfit details:

Vitality +24%
Spirit +50%

Applies to all outfits.

How to get the Outfit:

Firstly, you have to update the game on the latest version (whether it’s Base or Royal) and complete the “Adventurer from Another World” quest. (Before that, you need to complete Chapter Four first.)

8. Royal Raiment

Noct sure is cut from a different cloth whose fabric isn’t made anymore. Same can be said for his clothes. Literally.

Costume Royal Raiment

Tailored specially for Lucian Kings, it’s a perfect and snappy fit for Prince Charming here. He’s giving off proper Patrick Bateman vibes in terms of dressing. (Patrick Bateman’s the main protagonist of American Psycho. Check out its movie. It’s a cult classic.)

Who can resist a man in a suit? And a Royal at that? I used this attire in my playthrough and it was fun to watch him wear all that! (Except for the running and hunting parts, I’m pretty sure his feet must’ve hurt when I forced him to run long distances and fight monsters.)

This one’s got the two variants as well and the jacketless variant is a breath of fresh air for most players! See the stats below on why is that. I wish the rest ¾ band had some cool suits as well.

Royal Raiment details:

Jacketed Version - Max HP +25%; Max MP +25%; MP Recovery Rate +6%
Jacketless Version - Magic +30%; Grants infinite stamina

How to get the outfit:

Download the DLC which is for just $0.49. Or just get the Royal Edition which has everything.

The jacketless version of the Royal Raiment suit showcases his usual go-to belt. Letting us know that he’s still a kid at heart.

7. Kingly Raiment

 Fit only for The Chosen King.

Jacketless version.

Kingly Raiment Showcase

There’s a separate charm to the Kingly Raiment outfit. You might’ve seen the outfit a lot of times in Trailers and Cutscenes where King Regis (Noct’s Father) was wearing this. Noct finally getting to wear this shows his acceptance of the duty he was trying to run away from.

Wearing this suit gives you the perspective of what it is to finally have power in hands and take responsibility for it.
It also increases Noct’s survivability via his stats which is necessary considering the type of enemies he will have to face now once he’s the Now-King of Lucis. Every monster is out for his blood. Just gotta slay it with style as Noct’s been doin’ his whole life.

Kingly Raiment details:

Jacketed Version - Vitality +30%; Spirit +30%
Jacketless Version - HP Recovery Rate +3%; MP Recovery Rate +6%

How to get the outfit:

It unlocks with the Kingsglaive Garb in Chapter 14.

6. Master Assassin’s Robes

“Nothing is True; Everything is Permitted.” Noct following The Assassin’s Creed.

Master Assassin's Robes Showcase

Remember the Assassin’s Festival? Huge crossover with Assassin’s Creed. Sadly, that was a limited-time event. I really, wish we would’ve got the chance to play it again though.

This outfit is in tribute of Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad, the first protagonist of the Assassin’s Creed series and the first assassin. One of my favorite video game characters too, by the way. 

Noct looks SO COOL in this outfit that he’d make a perfect Assassin, given proper training, of course. Great thing is that these robes reduce the MP cost of phasing which is all the better for Prince Charming to deliver some silent but deadly blows.

Master Assassin’s Robes details:

Reduces the MP cost of phasing

How to get the outfit:

Simply update the game to the latest patch. That’s it. It’ll be there in your defaults.

5. Rugged Attire

Step right up folks! Get your sights on Gladio’s pecs! Step right up!

Rugged Attire Showcase

The full jacketless and shirtless attire for Gladio, our Tank man. At first, it wasn’t possible due to Gladio wearing a tank top in the jacketless version of Crownsguard fatigues. And in the jacketed version, he was shirtless but we couldn’t see his muscles properly. Thank God, this costume does the trick.

This rough and gruff attire unleashes Gladdy’s full potential as his already brute strength is increased and boosts the item drop rate.

Rugged Attire details:

Strength +30%
Vitality -30%
Boosts item drop rate

How to get the outfit:

Score 500,000+ pts in Score Attack Mode in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus (Buy the DLC or get the Windows/Royal Edition)

4. Tundra Attire

One of the rare moments you get to see a serious Prompto. Used to fight against the cold and hide the scars he has.

Tundra Attire Showcase

It may come as a surprise but Prompto’s one of my favorite characters in the game. Next to someone else. Who that might be? You’ll find out soon enough.

Using it to fight against the harsh cold climate of the Niflheim tundra, this attire provides some serious killer stats as well as the options to turn goggles and masks for this costume.

It would feel odd using this costume in the tropical climate of the Lucis countryside but the stats make it worth using them even when it’s too hot for Blondie to handle.

Tundra Attire details:

Max HP +20%
Vitality +20%
Fire Res. -30%
Ice Res. +60%

How to get the outfit:

Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. (Buy the DLC or get the Windows/Royal Edition.)

3. Crownsguard Casual/Unkempt

The casual Crownsguard costume of Iggy in Episode Ignis. His hair’s dishevelled though.

Episode Ignis Rewards

This outfit’s nothing new. It’s just the Jacketless version of the Crownsguard fatigues with Iggy having a bit of a messed-up hair at the start.

Why do you think it’s messy in the first place? Well, you’ll have to play the DLC for that as it takes place right after Chapter 9 of the main game.

It’s got great stats as well. Although, the Unkempt version of the attire is something to look forward to, especially if you want a different hairstyle for Iggy.

Crownsguard Casual/Unkempt details:

Crownsguard Casual – Strength +30%
Unkempt Crownsguard – Strength +35%

How to get the outfit:

Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis. (Buy the DLC or get the Windows/Royal Edition.)

Ignis with his hair down gives off a really different vibe altogether.

2. Trendy Outfit

Noct goin’ over the top with being a trendsetter. Looking dapper, nonetheless

Trendy Outfit Showcase

A lot of changes are made to the Casual Outfit with which you get this gem of a costume. Replace the bubble jacket of the Casual Outfit with a Behemoth bomber jacket and loses the cap that he’s wearing. All the while flexing his watch and pendant!

It would be cool to wear except for the fact that the climate in mainland Lucis is mostly hot and tropical, so who would wear all this in such scorching heat? Unless you’re looking for stats then that’s a great reason to wear it.

You can try the Jacketless variant though. But it’s got a different set of stats altogether. And a cap. Anything to keep the Prince cool, I guess.

Trendy Outfit details:

Jacketed - Immune to Enfeebled, Disenchanted, Burnt, Frozen, Shocked
Jacketless – Critical Rate +20%

How to get the outfit:

Just update the game on the latest patch and buy the free DLC or get the Royal Edition.

The Jacketless Variant. Makes him cool too. With an addition of a cap.

1. Ardyn’s Ensemble

The Heir of the Lucian Kingdom donning the outfit of the Chancellor of Niflheim Empire is surely a twist in tale indeed.

Noct wearing Ardyn's Ensemble

Ardyn. Yes, you must’ve heard that name a lot. He is my favorite character in the whole game. At first, I was sceptical of his actions as was everyone but after seeing his side of the story and what he went through, he takes the spot on my favorite characters list.

Apart from all that, his outfit is one the most stylish and most decorated pieces in the game that I have ever seen. 

If you’re playing the game chronologically, you should play this before starting the main game. That way you can get the costume as early as Chapter 1! (If stats are your preference since this would surely help fend off Daemons as well.)

But I’d recommend playing this just before you’re about to have the final battle with him in Chapter 14, that would make his reveal all the more tragic.

Ardyn’s Ensemble details:

Magic +50%
Dark Res. +100%
Taking Dark damage temporarily boosts Noctis's Strength by +100.

How to get the outfit:

Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn. (Buy the DLC. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy this as this is not included in the Windows/Royal Edition.)


And with that, our list for the most stylish, dapper and coolest outfits in-game has now ended. No honorable mentions this time. Sorry.

Here’s hoping you upload some of those selfies with these outfits and at least one of them becomes your wallpaper. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to see the second verse of Episode Ignis. Hope it’s any good. See ya.

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