[Top 5] Final Fantasy 10 Best Weapons To Have

In Final Fantasy 10, you loom towards the Celestial Weapons, but you'll be surprised by the other weapons ranked in this article and how good they are.

Final Fantasy 10 excels in having various mechanics that entices the gameplay for over 100 hours. The battle system allows you to delve into exciting concepts, and the weapons aren't the exception.

The weapons differ from the armor because the Celestial Weapons are better than anything else in the game. However, they are hard to get and only possible later in the game. Thankfully, there are great options besides them that can help you get through the journey's hardships.

Each character is different, so you should focus on enhancing their abilities to their highest prowess. 

Some of the rankings will target specific characters, but there will be options that can apply to most characters. Versatility is vital in choosing your weapon. Let's dive in!


5. Brotherhood

The iconic opening sequence of Final Fantasy 10 displays Brotherhood in the center in all its beauty.

Since Final Fantasy 7, there’s always been a signature weapon representing each entry, from the iconic Buster Sword to the Gunblade. 

In Final Fantasy 10, the Brotherhood, the famous bubbly sword Tidus carries, represents Wakka’s relationships with his brother Chappu and Tidus. So, ranking weapons in Final Fantasy 10 without it would be impossible.

However, Brotherhood didn’t get its place here by being iconic and the signature sword of Final Fantasy 10. While visually appealing, you can use this sword throughout the story and be happy.

It starts as a strength buffer at 5% and, later in the game, excels with Sensor, Waterstrike, and Strength +10%. It doesn’t seem unbelievable, but there aren’t better options for Tidus until later in the game.

What Brotherhood Excels In:

  • Buffing Tidus’ strength by 5% and, later on, 10%;
  • Defeating electric enemies;
  • Having Sensor;
  • Being automatically attainable at the beginning of the journey to Zanarkand.

How To Get Brotherhood:

You get the weapon in Besaid on the day of the departure.


4. Ragnarok

The image shows the most powerful Overdrive of the game, which represents the essential ability Ragnarok possesses and why it's ranked on this list.

In Final Fantasy 10, there isn’t a need to grind like in many other JRPGs. However, you must craft the perfect strategy to defeat the most challenging bosses without leveling up your characters properly.

Ragnarok is the weapon’s dream of every player who loves to grind because it triples the AP of every battle while allowing you to gather your Overdrive quickly.

Some characters in the game thrive because of their Overdrive, like Wakka and Rikku, so having the possibility of doing multiple Overdrives per battle is extremely valuable.

Ragnarok and its different versions for the other characters might not buff your stats or give your status or element abilities. Still, it will make your characters level up faster and do Overdrives from left and right.

What Ragnarok Excels In:

  • Helping you level-up faster;
  • Gather your Overdrive faster;
  • Allowing you to perform multiple Overdrives in a boss battle.

How to Get Ragnarok:

  • For Triple AP, you need Wings to Discovery (x50);
  • For Overdrive → AP, you need Door to Tomorrow (x10);
  • For Triple Overdrive, you need Winning Formula (x30).


3. Mana Mog

The image shows a beloved win screen in the Final Fantasy 10 fandom, representing how Lulu can destroy any enemy in front of her with the proper Moogle.

Later in the game, physical attacks overshadow most of all the black magic, so if you’re a fan of casting powerful spells, Mana Mog is the way to go.

This weapon ranks so high  because Lulu’s Celestial Weapon is the most infuriating and frustrating to obtain, so having a great alternative will do wonders for you.

Having Tidus, Wakka, and Auron destroy their enemies is fun and the most optimal way to face the toughest bosses in the game. Still, there is always space to bring versatility to your battles and make Lulu, Yuna, or even Kimahri the main characters of each battle by wrecking the battlefield with Double-Cast Flare or Ultima.

Mana Mog allows you to enhance your Magic stats tremendously with Magic Booster and other Magic +X%, making black magic viable even in the post-end game content.

On the downside, this weapon wastes a lot of MP, so customizing One MP Cost is an excellent way to improve it.

If you want to mega-buff Mana Mog, opting for Break Damage Limit is a great way to have an almost Celestial weapon. However, you’ll need to grind a lot to get that ability.

All in all, every Mana Mog version is amazing, but if you want to customize it with Break Damage Limit and One MP Cost, you basically have a Celestial weapon.

What Mana Mog Excels In:

  • Helping you make black magic viable in the later stages of the game;
  • Buffing your Magic stats immensely;
  • Having Magic Booster, which is the best buffer to the mages in the game.

How to Get Mana Mog:

  • For Magic Booster, you need Turbo Ether (x30);
  • For Magic +X%, you need: 

3% -  Mana Sphere (x3)

5% -  Mana Spring (x2)

10% -  Blk Magic Sphere (x1)

20% -  Supreme Gem (x4)

If you want to buff even further:

  • For One MP Cost, you need Three Stars (x20);
  • For Break Damage Limit, you need Dark Matter (x60).


2. Avenger

Tidus best represents the Avenger since his abilities are time and speed-based. Evading and countering are all part of Tidus's prowess singularities.

In Final Fantasy 10, you need a strategy that allows you to attack as many times as possible. Haste or Quick Hit are exceptional abilities for that specific reason, and that's why Attack Reels is the most devastating attack in the game. As such, countering any attack your enemy performs will make you blitz a lot of battles.

Physical attacks are the best way to go at the game's later stages, mainly for post-end game content, so having the possibility to counterattack is tremendous.

Each attack performed for the optional content after the story ends deals massive damage, so if you can turn defense into offense, you are always closer to defeating your enemies faster.

Avenger ranks this high because of the strategy value they add to the team, despite not buffing your stats or adding anything exceptional to your characters directly.

What Avenger Excels in:

  • Dealing massive amounts of damage by counterattacking;
  • Allowing you to evade and counterattack;
  • Finishing your battles at a faster rate;
  • Being easily attainable.

How to Get Avenger:

  • For Evade & Counter, you need Teleport Sphere (x1);
  • For Counterattack, you need Friend Sphere (x1).


1. Celestial Weapon

Obtaining your full-powered Celestial Weapon is one of the most satisfying optional content in Final Fantasy 10, as Tidus confidently represents every player who does it.

No surprise here: the Celestial weapons take the crown in Final Fantasy 10. Combining the best abilities in the game makes the Celestial weapons absolute musts if you want to venture and succeed on the post-end game content.

Defeating Dark Aeons, Penance, and all the challenging bosses in the Monster Arena will be easier if your strongest characters all possess the respective Celestial weapons.

Every Celestial Weapon possesses two abilities that are the same for every character: Break Damage Limit and Triple Overdrive, but the remaining two abilities differ. So, let’s see which ability each character gets:


  • Evade & Counter;
  • Magic Counter.


  • Double AP;
  • One MP Cost.


  • First Strike;
  • Counterattack.

Wakka and Kimahri: 

  • Double AP;
  • Evade & Counter.


  • Magic Booster;
  • One MP Cost.


  • Double AP;
  • Gillionaire.

What Celestial Weapon Excel in:

  • Breaking the damage limit of 9999;
  • Filling the Overdrive gauge rapidly;
  • Reducing MP cost for Yuna and Lulu;
  • Counter attacking enemies for Tidus, Auron, Wakka, and Kimahri;
  • Doubling the AP for Rikku, Yuna, and Kimahri;
  • Boosting Lulu’s magic prowess;
  • Allowing Auron to attack first.

How to Obtain Celestial Weapon:

Obtaining Celestial weapons is a hard task and comprehensive enough for a whole new article, so you can check our article about Celestial Weapons.

One of the most popular post-end game content in Final Fantasy 10 is obtaining the Celestial Weapons, and while some can be outrageously infuriating, using them afterward is really satisfying. Plus, they all look fantastic!

But, although they rank alone at the top, no one should undermine the remaining weapons ranked here because they all possess characteristics that allow you to succeed in the story or the post-game content.


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