[Top 5] Final Fantasy XV Best Bows (And How To Get Them)

And there’s Noct making a cool pose while delivering a deadly Warp Strike at the same time.

Hey, y’all. It’s me, back again with another article and guide for you guys on how to get bows in this game. Well, crossbows to be more exact. Since the world of Eos is technologically advanced as compared to the other Final Fantasy worlds (not counting the steampunk settings), crossbows would be more available in this game.

Now, I know you all must be wondering how in the world there are only 5 best bows. Well, I hate to break it to you but there aren’t many crossbows in the game. Well, in the main campaign, that is. So, we’re gonna have to add some weapons from the Comrades Multiplayer segment as well (exclusive to the Multiplayer segment only.). Well, let’s get this thing started, shall we?

5. Pulse Bow

Cid really has aged quite a bit, seeing as the Comrades section takes place during the decade of darkness where Noct is inside the crystal.

How to get Pulse Bow

First one from the Multiplayer segment is the Pulse Bow. This bad boy is attained by completing Cid Sophiar’s sidequest “Cid and the Pure Adamantite” in the Comrades expansion where you get to acquire it after entering the Hidden Harbor once you obtain the “Pure Adamantite” from a map node in the Comrades segment.

Part of the reason why this bad boy is on the list in the first place is the fact that it’s one of the few crossbows that can sure pack a punch. If you max it out, it unlocks an offensive spell called Electropulse which can pummel enemies around you with a bolt. Well, that’s all there is to it. Nothing too special about this either as maxing it out takes QUITE a while.

Why is Pulse Bow Average:-

  • A great damage of 155 which can prove quite deadly to enemies.
  • Electropulse spell can obliterate enemies around you which can prove useful
  • Takes a VERY long time to upgrade and find the weapon itself as the Pure Adamantite material is quite rare.

Pulse Bow full details:-

  • 155 ATK
  • 12 Spirit

4. Elder’s Bow

This is what peak bowman-ship looks like. This beauty of a bow never fails to impress.

How to get Elder Bow

Ah, yes. The Elder Bow. Not to be confused with The Elder Scrolls, though. That’s another great series. Considering that Skyrim has been milked enough to this day. Anyhow, there’s a long and tedious method to get this in the Comrades expansion since this is the maxed-out form of the Jarkh Crossbow which is obtained via a boss drop by completing the hunt Phantom in the Frame - Chadarnook Rare Break.
You keep upgrading the Jarkh Bow until it bumps up to the Mythril Bow, and then it gets to become the Elder Bow.

The great thing (and primary reason) why this weapon is included in the list at all is the fact that it does great damage along with Manastrike X. (It’s basically a huge damage blow with the use of MP.) And offers a great deal of resistance to different types of elements as well.

Why is Elder Bow Great:-

  • Offers great damage of 156 which is one of the highest. Surely to come in handy against hordes of enemies.
  • Manastrike X is exclusive only to this bow (highest level of attack) which can render enemies useless.
  • Resistance to different elements thus increasing defence.

Elder Bow full details:-

  • 156 ATK
  • 20 MP
  • 32 MAG
  • Manastrike X
  • 30 MAG (When Upgraded)
  • 30% Fire resistance (When Upgraded)
  • 30% Ice resistance (When Upgraded)
  • 30% Lightning resistance (When Upgraded)

3. Artemis’ Bow

Hmm, yes. Purple. Gives off a good Five Nights at Freddy’s vibe.

How to get Artemis Bow

Well, here it is. The Comrades Expansion strongest crossbow on the list. And for good reason as well. This is the maxed-out version of the Faded Crossbow which can be found at the Electrical Grid – West and South of Hidden Harbor. The Faded Crossbar evolves into the Esuna Crossbow after which it becomes the esteemed Artemis’ Bow.

You won’t find a bow like this anywhere in the Expansion as it’s the only one with healing abilities which is SURELY to come in handy considering you have hordes of monsters to face everytime you step out. Healing properties accompanied with the highest damage? What more do you want?

Why Artemis Bow is great:-

  • Gives off damage of 164 which is the highest in the crossbow categories within the expansion.
  • Has spells of Curaga and Esuna which are basically the highest of all healing spells.
  • Provides multiple resistance feats as well proving beneficial to the player as well.

Artemis Bow full details:-

  • 164 ATK
  • Curative Spell: Curaga
  • Curative Spell: Esuna
  • 30 MP
  • 16 MAG
  • 30 SPI
  • 8% Lightning Resistance
  • 8% Dark Resistance
  • 80 MAG (When Upgraded)
  • 80 SPI (When Upgraded)

2. Auto-Crossbow Plus

Just Blondie doing machine stuff.

How to Get Auto-Crossbow Plus

We’ve finally reached the main campaign portion where there are only two crossbows present in the game. As the name states, this one’s the upgrade of the normal Auto-Crossbow, which you find in Keycatrich Trench hallway. Can be equipped for both Blondie and Noct here.

For getting the Plus version of this weapon, you need to give Cid this weapon and the Cactuar Needle for the upgrade to fully happen. (You can get the Cactuar Needles as drops by fighting Cactuars in the Vesperpool region.)

Why Auto-Crossbow Plus is great:-

  • Deals heavy damage of 323 to enemies proving one of the useful weapons in the bow category.
  • Has a shot resistance of 22% which is useful against enemies from the Empire.
  • Can be equipped to both Prompto and Noctis for better usage.

Auto-Crossbow Plus full details:-
Upgraded machinery and unleashes a powerful shock wave against foes and fires a barrage of crossbow bolts.

  • 323 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • 22% Shot Resistance
  • Max HP: +18
  • Upgraded version of Auto Crossbow.

1. Bow of the Clever

Red Bull sure gives you Wings. And so does this Bow.

How to get Bow of the Clever

This bow needs no introduction. I’m pretty sure you must have seen this arm many times in the previous articles. This is the Royal Arm belonging to an old king of yore known at his time as The Clever who sought refinement of arms via various methods.

This weapon uses magic stats instead of strength and can be found at Balouve Mines dungeon where the Tomb of the Clever will be present with the Royal Arm being present for the taking. It may not be a good Royal Arm but it sure is hell the best Bow in the game. You can bet on it. Oh, and this can be equipped by both Noct and Ignis for that sweet, sweet Overwhelm technique.

Why Bow of the Clever is great:-

  • Gives 203 damage to enemies which is certainly one of the highest in its categories.
  • Has 50% Shot Resistance which can prove useful against fighting hordes of Empire soldiers.
  • Can be used in Ignis’ Overwhelm technique giving extra damage to the enemy remaining.

Bow of the Clever full details:-
A bow that fires piercing arrows, and can fire while moving in any direction. Its damage is based on the Magic stat. Warp-strike fires multiple arrows upward.

  • 203 ATK
  • 7 CRIT
  • Magic: +80
  • Shot Resistance: 50%

And well, there you have it. That’s the whole list. I hope this one helped. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check out the new Top Gun movie. It’s been on my to-watch list for quite some time. Ciao then.

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