Final Fantasy XV Best Ascension

With the Technique Ascension, players are able to choose special skills for the bros to use in battle.

Ascension is Final Fantasy XV’s version of the ability system. In the Ascension Tree, different abilities and skills nodes can be unlocked using Ability Points (AP) that you collect in-game. AP can be obtained through combat and exploration. In other words, you gain AP by playing the game. The Ascension Tree is divided into categories called Nexus.

In this guide, we will be talking about the best Ascension Nexus. These are ranked in terms of usability. The lower-ranking nexus does not mean that they suck. It just means that you may activate them at your discretion as they do not technically make or break the game.

9. Wait Mode

As FFXV is a game “For Fans and First-Timers”, the Wait Mode Nexus is specifically catered to first-timers. We are not just talking about Final Fantasy first-timers but also first-timers of RPGs and/or active time combat.

This Ascension Tree allows players to maximize their playing experience in combat if and only if Wait Mode is activated. With that being said, if you do not use Wait Mode then you may skip this Nexus altogether.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • No Mercy - Boost damage inflicted by a scanned enemy's elemental weakness.
  • Presto Libra - Scan enemies even faster when using Libra.
  • Sage - Boost damage inflicted by allies for each enemy scanned.
  • Time-Freeze - Stop the Wait Timer from depleting.
  • Time-Restore - Restore the Wait Timer by defeating an enemy.
  • Warp-Ambush - During Wait Mode, warp-strike an enemy not targeting Noctis to increase the likelihood of breaking its appendage.
  • Warp-Punish - During Wait Mode, warp-strike an enemy with half or less of its HP remaining to increase damage inflicted.

8. Magic

The Magic Ascension Nexus

Unlike in previous Final Fantasy’s, magic is not learned or acquired. Magic is crafted. You collect elemental energy by absorbing energy deposits in campsites or by defeating enemies. After that, you craft them into one of the three tiers of Elemancy – Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard.

The catch for Elemancy is that, since magic is craftable, you run out of it. This can be an extra challenge for magic users.

If you plan to regularly use magic then this Nexus should be your top priority. If you are like me who, for this game, depends heavily on physical damage, this nexus is nice to unlock for some of the nodes.

At most, I would prioritize the Magic Action node. A little help in AP grinding goes a long way.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Bonuspell - Gain an extra spell from crafting.
  • Bonuspell II -  Gain an additional extra spell from crafting.
  • Elemagnetism - Increases the chance of draining elemental energy from a foe while using an element-absorbing weapon by 50%.
  • Elementalism -  Absorb 20% more energy from elemental deposits.
  • Elementality - Elemental deposit absorption bonus increased to 50%.
  • Enhanced Elementality - Elemental deposit absorption bonus increased to 80%.
  • Extra Powercraft - Spell crafting power increase is now 30.
  • Magic Action - Gain 1 AP every time you cast a spell.
  • Magic Level - Increase Magic for each character 
  • Magic Level II – Further increase Magic for each character 
  • Powercraft - Increase the power of crafted spells by 10.
  • Super Powercraft - Spell crafting power increase is now 50.
  • Ultimate Powercraft - Spell crafting power increase is now 100.

7. Statistics

Besides leveling up your characters, you may further boost the boys by upgrading the Stats Ascension Nexus.

The Nexus allows the boys to increase their Max HP, Spirit, Strength, and Vitality.

These may help you in the long run but the real cake is the nodes that allow you to have an additional accessory slot for boys. One node is equal to one bro.

At the start of the game, each bro can only equip one accessory. Unlocking these nodes allows you to equip up to three accessories per bro.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Accessory Slot - Grants a character an additional accessory slot. 
  • Health Level - Increase Max HP of each character 
  • Health Level II – Further increase Max HP of each character 
  • Health Level III – Drastically increase Max HP of each character 
  • Spirit Level - Increase Spirit of each character 
  • Strength Level - Increase Strength of each character 
  • Vitality Level - Increase Vitality of each character

6. Recovery

The Recovery Ascension Nexus

HP Recovery is a fun bit in FFXV. Besides using items, your HP may be recovered through exploration and special combat skills unlockable within the Recovery Nexus. This thing makes life easier in combat.

I recommend prioritizing First Aid and Hang In as it allows a significant amount of recovery without using items. After that, I would prioritize Comeback. Getting back into the fight with full HP after struggling for your life is an amazing morale boost.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Advanced First Aid - Now recover 40% of own HP when using First Aid.
  • Comeback - Taking an ally out of Danger fully restores the ally's HP.
  • Distance Runner - Increase to stamina bar is now 10 seconds.
  • Expert First Aid - Now recover 60% of own HP when using First Aid.
  • First Aid - Recover 20% of own HP when HP is low for the indicated character, after pausing briefly. 
  • Hang In - Increase HP recovery rate while hanging from a warp-point position.
  • Rapid Regen - Raise HP and MP recovery rate by 10% in cover.
  • Savior's Force - Taking an ally out of Danger boosts their Strength by 200 for 30 seconds.
  • Savior's Fortitude - Taking an ally out of Danger boosts their Vitality by 200 for 30 seconds.
  • Savior's Vengeance - Taking an ally out of Danger causes all attacks to be critical for 30 seconds.
  • Sprinter - Increases stamina bar by 5 seconds.

5. Techniques

Techniques are special abilities that Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto use in battle. Each node is dedicated to a specific technique. 

As each technique is unique to each character, it is recommended to be able to unlock most nodes in this tree. The AP cost for each technique is not that expensive so you would be able to access all techniques in no time.

In this tree, you may also unlock the option to switch playable characters in combat. This is great especially if you want to save Noctis out of danger but none of the bros are automatically responding. This is also great if you want a specific bro to move a specific way. For example, you may switch to Prompto to aim for a specific enemy.

I finished the game without unlocking the switchable character nodes so it is not a make-or-break. Although, I plan to unlock this in my next playthrough as it would be fun to fight as Gladiolus, Ignis, or Prompto for a change.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Change to Gladiolus - Take control of Gladiolus mid-battle. 
  • Change to Ignis - Take control of Ignis mid-battle. 
  • Change to Prompto - Take control of Prompto mid-battle. 
  • Cyclone - Gladiolus damages nearby enemies with a shield shockwave. Costs 2 Tech Bar segments.
  • Dawnhammer - Gladiolus leaps, delivering a powerful greatsword slash. Costs 2 Tech Bar segments.
  • Enhancement - Ignis casts elemental boosts on Noctis, depending on the target's weakness. Costs 1 Tech Bar segment.
  • Gravisphere - Prompto shoots a sphere of energy that sucks in enemies and deals constant magic damage. Costs 2 Tech Bar segments.
  • Impulse - Gladiolus unleashes a powerful frontal-sweep attack covering a large radius that hits twice. Costs 3 Tech Bar segments.
  • Limit Break - Allow character's techniques to break the damage limit. 
  • Overwhelm - Ignis orders the party to focus attacks on one enemy. Costs 2 Tech Bar segments.
  • Quick Tech - All Tech Bar replenishment increased by 10%.
  • Recoil - Prompto deals heavy, small area-of-effect damage to a single enemy with machinery. Costs 2 Tech Bar segments.
  • Regroup - Ignis summons the party to him, almost entirely restoring everyone's HP. Costs 2 Tech Bar segments
  • Royal Guard - Calls Gladiolus to protect Noctis with a shield. Costs 1 Tech Bar segment.
  • Sagefire - Ignis charges forward, dealing three devastating area-of-effect Costs 3 Tech Bar segments.
  • Starshell - Prompto draws enemy attention in a wide radius with a firearm. Costs 1 Tech Bar segment.
  • Tech Damage - Adds to the Tech Bar as Noctis takes damage 
  • Tech Strike - Adds to the Tech Bar when Noctis lands attacks.
  • Trigger-Happy - Prompto fires two separate bullet volleys on a target before finishing with a powerful single shot. Costs 3 Tech Bar segments.

4. Teamwork

The Teamwork Ascension Nexus

Combat teamwork is integral to win battles especially since switchable character control is locked behind a steep AP cost. Unlocking the nodes allows for a more fluid battle. These allow the bros to aid Noctis in battle given that the triggers are met. It unlocks special abilities as well.

Unlocking every node in this nexus is quite ideal as it unleashes the full potential of the bros. Friendship at its finest!

With that, I would recommend completing the Nexus by starting with the nodes at the center. After completing the first four, work your way out by completing every layer. This allows a more balanced team play.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Acute Antagonism - Increases Antagonize damage.
  • Analyze     - Ignis attempts to inflict Libra on one enemy.
  • Antagonize - Gladiolus performs a disruptive kick while Noctis is defending.
  • Ballistic     - Prompto unleashes a firearm barrage when his HP is high, striking multiple enemies in a wide area at once. 
  • Critical Link - Link-strikes always inflict critical hits.
  • Deathblow - Noctis's allies perform powerful attacks against enemies in vulnerable status.
  • Engage - Gladiolus performs a powerful pre-emptive greatsword strike. 
  • First Shot - Prompto fires a pre-emptive firearm shot that adds 1 segment to the Tech Bar.
  • Intercept - Gladiolus guards the player character with a shield when his own HP is high. 
  • Lancet - Ignis counterattacks with a polearm and drains 100% of the damage when own HP is low. 
  • Limitless Link - Allows link-strikes to break the damage limit.
  • Link Up - Boost link-strike damage.
  • Reflex - Gladiolus performs a disruptive area of effect greatsword counterattack.
  • Regenerate - Ignis heals an ally with a hidden item when his own HP is high. 
  • Scintilla     - Prompto counterattacks with a firearm and inflicts Stop when his HP is low. 
  • Sharp Shock - Increases Shock Drop damage.
  • Shock Drop - Prompto inflicts Shocked on an enemy Noctis is attacking in mid-air. 
  • Super Link Up - Further boost link-strike damage.
  • Ultimate Deathblow - Increases damage dealt by Deathblows.
  • Venom Fang - When Noctis is performing a combo on the same enemy, Ignis will poison the target 
  • Virulent Venom - Increases Venom Fang damage.

3. Armiger

This Nexus is not automatically available at the start of the game. You must be able to collect three Royal Arms for this to activate. Fortunately, the three in question are the Sword of the Wise, the Axe of the Conqueror, and the Swords of the Wanderer. These three are all obtainable in the main story.

Activating this Nexus allows Noctis to use Armiger. It is Noctis’ limit break in the game. Armiger can be used once the Armiger Gauge is full. You fill up the gauge by landing attacks in combat. You do not need to equip a Royal Arm to use Armiger.

The abilities Armiger and Armiger Chain are automatically unlocked once you activate this Nexus. This Nexus needs minimal AP to complete so it will be great for you to unlock all nodes as soon as you can.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Armiger - Enter Armiger mode when the Armiger bar is full. Temporarily boosts attributes.
  • Armiger Action - Gain 1 AP every time you use Armiger.
  • Armiger Chain - Special group attack that ends Armiger mode.
  • Armiger Chain Reaction - Gain 1 AP every time you use Armiger Chain.
  • Armiger Freechain - Gain unlimited MP for 60 seconds after executing Armiger Chain.
  • Armiger Harvester - Boost Armiger bar gain from attacks.
  • Armiger Sagechain - Armiger Chain kills grant EXP.
  • Armiger Warchain - Boost Armiger Chain damage.
  • Iron Armiger - Reduce Armiger bar depletion during Armiger mode.

2. Exploration

The Exploration Armiger Nexus

You will be doing a lot of exploring in this game. It is, after all, a Final Fantasy. Besides that, the game’s plot relies heavily on exploration.

This Nexus allows players to make the most out of exploring. Most nodes let you gain bonus AP by just playing the game. These nodes are very important for obvious reasons.

Prioritize the AP-gaining nodes especially at the start of the game so that whatever activity you do from the start will be credited right away.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Aftertaste - Extends the effects of camp meals 
  • Angler Action - Gain 1 AP from catching a fish.
  • Aperture - Gain 1 AP for a critical Snapshot.
  • Appetize - Gain 1 AP from cooking a party member's favorite food.
  • Chocobonus - Gain 10 EXP for every mile traveled by chocobo.
  • Chocobump - Gain 1 AP for every mile traveled by chocobo.
  • Chocojockey - Gain 1 AP from winning a chocobo race.
  • Chocoracer - Gain 50 EXP from winning a chocobo race.
  • Expert Item Angler - Triple items gained from fishing.
  • Fitter Survival - Increases the chance for Gladiolus to find double items after battle.
  • Fittest Survival – Further increases the chance for Gladiolus to find double items after battle.
  • Happier Camping - Increases AP gained from camping to 3.
  • Happy Camping - Increases AP gained from camping to 2.
  • Item Angler - Double items gained from fishing.
  • Lingering Aftertaste – Further extends food effects from camp.
  • Persistent Aftertaste – Drastically extends food effects from camp.
  • Reel Experience     - Gain EXP for catching fish.
  • Roadlife - Gain 10 EXP every mile traveled by car.
  • Roadrunning - Gain 1 AP every mile traveled by car.
  • Snapshot - Prompto takes a photo mid-battle. Costs 1 Tech Bar segment.
  • Sportfishing - Gain extra AP for catching fish.

1. Combat

You will be playing as Noctis for roughly 95% of the game. You must maximize his strengths and skills as he will make or break your game.

In the Combat Nexus, the nodes are for enhancing Noctis’ passive and active combat abilities. Maxing out this Nexus lets Noctis be the combat god that he is. It is really fun to see fancy combat and footwork on-screen even when you just pressed a single button in real life.

As there are many nodes on this Nexus, I suggest unlocking the AP-boosting nodes of the Exploration Nexus first before attempting to max this one out. 

As a general rule, max out the layer closest to the center and work your way outwards. Most of the nodes cost less than seventy AP. Most of Noctis’ abilities will be easily available.

Ascension Nexus Unlockable Nodes

  • Airdance - Airstep after attacking an unlimited number of times with a sword or polearm.
  • Airslip - Dodge enemies in midair with the guard button.
  •  Airstep - Use the left stick and attack button to step once in midair after attacking with a sword or polearm. Costs MP
  • Airstride - Perform a second Airstep after a second attack with a sword or polearm.
  • Blink - Phase through an enemy attack by guarding at the last second. 
  • Blink Boost - Using Blink now restores 5 MP.
  • Chained Fury - Boost the damage of each combo hit when at full HP.
  • Daemon Destroyer - Warp-Strike can break daemon appendages.
  • Death Drop - Attack in midair to warp above the enemy and strike down with a sword or polearm.
  • Experimagic - Increase Noctis' MP.
  • Impervious - Negate damage by guarding immediately after being hit. 
  • Light Phase - Reduce MP cost of phasing.
  • Osmostrike - Recover MP when an aerial attack connects.
  • Point-Blank Warp-Strike - Eliminate the damage modifier penalty of close-range Warp-strikes.
  • Stalker - Blindside damage increased.
  • Static Edge - Significantly increase damage dealt while in Stasis.
  • Super Stalker - Blindside damage now increased by 50%.
  • Ultralight Phase     - Further reduce MP cost of phasing.
  • Warp Decoy - Leave a hologram to divert enemies after warping.
  • Warp Factor - Warp-strike damage increased.
  • Warp Factor II - Warp-strike damage further increased.

Along with the best weapons and accessories in the game, you are sure to breeze through this game. Final Fantasy XV is relatively easier than its predecessor. But do not let this stop you from trying out the game!

The stunning graphics are reason enough! The Windows Edition is powered by Luminous Engine, making the game eye-popping beautiful in Ultra 4K HD!

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