Final Fantasy 15 Looks Stunning in 4k Ultra HD

Final Fantasy 15 - Noctis and his friends set up camp
An even more beautiful way to experience Final Fantasy 15

Powered by the Luminous Engine, which was specifically made for it, Final Fantasy 15 looks beautiful. Is it possible for such a beautiful game to look even better? Yes – and the answer lies in 4k Ultra HD.

So, what’s so special about 4k Ultra HD?

4k Ultra HD redefines the meaning of “high-definition” displays. High-definition helped to smooth the pictures on our home television screens. Owning an HDTV almost seems like a necessity in today’s society.

Currently, high-definition means 1080p. 4k Ultra HD is nearly four times the amount of pixels as the current high-definition display, bringing that number up to 4,096p. This allows for sharper images that have more clarity.

Even if you don’t have any movies or video games that support 4k Ultra HD, it uses an “upconverter” to display media 1080p and below. It does this by breaking up one pixel into four identical ones. It then uses an edge smoothing method that allows the picture to still look natural, instead of a blocky mess.

4k Ultra HD is supported by a handful of companies at the moment – namely, Amazon and Netflix. Additional content is always being added. The Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Pro also support 4k media.

The Luminous Engine used for Final Fantasy 15 has a lot of cool features that make the graphics look better than its predecessors, and the 4k Ultra HD highlights these features. Each character is made up of around 100,000 polygons, with 20,000 used for the hair alone. The game uses technique such as ‘real-time global illumination’ and ‘photorealistic rendering’, which make the game look very lifelike. Although it still looks cool in the current 1080p state, the 4k Ultra HD Final Fantasy 15 sharpens the graphics and makes the smaller details even more clear.

Even if you’ve already played Final Fantasy 15, it would be worth playing it again in 4k Ultra HD to have an even more visually striking adventure.

To learn more about 4k Ultra HD, you can check out this article from PC Mag.

FF15 in 4k HD

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