[Top 5] Final Fantasy XV Best Polearms (And How To Get Them)

Noct besting his luck against the Grootslang with a bit of fanservice to everyone out there.

We'll be talking about the Top 10 Polearms to use in-game in this article since we've talked about swords, greatswords, axes, maces and bows.

Probably one of the most important classes of weapons there is for the Final Fantasy series in general since it pays homage to the Dragoon job class which is recurrent since Final Fantasy II. In this case, both Noct and Iggy can wield polearms and rev up their flair with it to their enemies, making good use of those High Jumps.

So, let’s get this show started. Top 5 List, here we go.

5. Gae Bolg

Noct practicing his thrusting moves with this legendary weapon before the enemy encounter.

Gae Bolg showcase

First up, we have the Gae Bolg which is based on the legendary mythological weapon from Irish folklore. It’s also a recurring weapon which made its first appearance in Final Fantasy X. 

This one was originally a pre-order bonus where you get the Final Fantasy XIV variant of the weapon in-game but now after the latest patch update, you can get this weapon in your default inventory if you have the Royal or Windows Edition.

It’s a great weapon that lives up to its name. Quick and deadly. And it does deliver some pretty good damage in the beginning chapters of the game, providing a good jump start but once you get to the latter half of the game, this weapon won’t do much help. Unless, if you’re planning to land some Warp Strikes with this lance, then that’s the sure way to go. After all, it does have that pack of “oomph” to it and it’s always satisfying to see those beautiful Warp Strike animations.

Why is Gae Bolg average:

  • Fast and quick moveset making for deadly combos against hordes of enemies.
  • Additional damage during Warp Strikes ending battles swiftly.
  • The weapon cannot be used as effectively during the latter portion of the game.

Gae Bolg full details: A famed weapon whose full potential went long untapped. It inflicts heavy damage when used to warp-strike.

  • 75 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • +44% damage when using warp-strikes.

4. Precision Lance

It’s got wings. And a bit TOO familiar-looking to the Rapier Lance.

How to get Precision Lance

Up next, we have the Precision Lance which as the name indicates is a lance that deals with precise blows to the enemies’ appendages, limbs or even the head. Common weak spots, I must say.

There are two ways to get this lance. One is via the menace dungeon of the Daurell Caverns where it’s located on the last floor and the second via the Totomostro minigame where you get this weapon if you have 120,000 medals received and you get the weapon as a reward.

It’s the second-strongest polearm in the game. That’s a given considering its high attack power and fairly increased chance of landing Critical Hits on any enemy, whether monster, Magitek infantry or Daemons. It’s a weapon worth using over. I’d prefer equipping it to Iggy as his insight is second to none in the group.

Why Precision Lance is great:

  • Fast and quick moveset making for deadly combos against hordes of enemies.
  • Increased chance of landing Critical Hit on enemies making for swift and easy battles.
  • Targets weak spots which are sure to stagger enemies.

Precision Lance full details: A polearm designed to help its wielder target an enemy's weak spot. Increases the odds of landing a critical hit.

  • 266 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • +10% Critical Rate

3. Drain Lance III

Cid’s here ready to give the boyband a hand or two everytime they need an upgrade.

Drain Lance III Overpowered Early

Coming up next in our list is the Drain Lance III which is the strongest version of the Drain Lance here in the game.

You can get this version of the Lance as early as Chapter 3 and can use it all the way up till mid-game. Just give it to Cid and complete the “A Better Dain Lance” and “A Better Drain Lance II” sidequests to get this weapon.

It’s a lance that’s crafted with Insomnian technology meaning that it can absorb elemental powers from monsters and foes alike. Much like the Engine Blade and any other weapon of Insomnian Origin. It doesn’t hurt to equip and it sure as hell packs a punch.

Why Drain Lance III is great:

  • Fast and quick moveset making for deadly combos against hordes of enemies.
  • Increases MP which helps in executing aerial combos.
  • Absorbs elemental powers from enemies when dealing the finishing blow making dependency on Elemental Veins much less.

Drain Lance III full details: The most powerful version of a unique polearm crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.

  • 195 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • Max MP:+11
  • Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy.

2. Dragoon Lance

Iggy’s a Jack of all Trades. Let’s hope he finds a new Recipeh with this Lance.

Dragoon Lance location

This one’s another recurring weapon in the franchise making its debut in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

You can get this weapon via two ways. One is via a treasure chest located Northwest of Coernix Station – Cauthess and the other via completing the Dreadful Legend quest which you can get via Randolph in Lestallum. Unfortunately, both of these ways are available only in Chapter 14, so you’ll have to complete the game first to get this weapon.

True to its name, it’s made from dragon scales and performs as per the requirements of a Dragoon. Quick, agile, sharp and deadly. All the requirements for a Lancer. I’d say use this on either Noct or Iggy however you see fit.

Why Dragoon Lance is great:

  • Fast and quick moveset making for deadly combos against hordes of enemies.
  • Provides fire, ice and lightning resistance making for best defence.
  • Has one of the highest attack rates in the polearms categories helping in destroying enemy hordes easily.

Dragoon Lance full details: Made from the elementally resistant scales of dragons, this polearm protects its wielder by mitigating damage from fire, ice, and lightning.

  • 246 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • Fire Resistance: 15%
  • Ice Resistance: 14%
  • Lightning Resistance: 16%

1. Flayer

That Flayer’s looking Sus.

Flayer Location

And lastly, the best polearm in the game which is also a recurring weapon in the franchise, making its debut in Final Fantasy VII and it’s also known as Fang Tian Hua Ji.

It can be found in the menace dungeon at Steyliff Grove, where you get it as an item drop after defeating the end boss of the menace dungeon.

It has the highest attack in the polearm category and offers a great window to perform Link Strikes on enemies along with the fact that Finishers deal an additional damage, you can’t go wrong on equipping this weapon on either Ignis or Noctis.

Why Flayer is great:

  • Fast and quick moveset making for deadly combos against hordes of enemies.
  • Additional damage on finishers making battles all the more easier.
  • Has the highest attack in the polearm category delivering devastating damage to monsters and enemies alike.

Flayer full details: A mysterious weapon of unknown origins, it finishes off a flurry of attacks with a devastating coup de grâce.

  • 337 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • Finishers deal +80% damage.

And with that our list of polearms ends. Catch you later in the next article.

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