[Top 15] Final Fantasy 10 Best Blitzball Players (Ranked)

In Final Fantasy 10, Blitzball provides entertainment and content like few mini-games do in the gaming industry.

Final Fantasy 10 is a massive RPG game with content throughout its story and endgame. Nevertheless, Blitzball reigns as the ultimate mini-game that gets players invested as few other mini-games can.

Everything about Blitzball is refreshing and engaging. Its team-building allows players to venture Spira, connect with Blitzball players, and try different setups.

And if by nothing else, playing Blitzball grants you excellent rewards, most notably Wakka's different Overdrives and his Celestial weapon.

Getting rid of the original Besaid Aurochs will hurt, but these 15 players will make up for it with trophies for your museum. Let's dive in (literally)!


15. Wakka

Wakka provides versatility and possesses one of the best abilities in Blitzball: the Aurochs Spirit.

Wakka might be a sentimental choice here, but either way, there's value in having him by your side. The Besaid Aurochs' captain possesses average stats and interesting shooting ability, so his placement in this ranking can be debatable. 

However, similar to Tidus, his techniques compensate for some of his downfalls. Auroch's Spirit is the saving grace for Wakka, but to turn him into a scoring beast, you need to train the original Besaid Aurochs because the technique's prowess relies on their stats.

What Makes Wakka Great:

  • Above average shooting ability in the earlier stages;
  • Possesses one of the best techniques in the game (Aurochs Spirit);
  • Amazing cost-effectiveness;
  • Captain of the Besaid Aurochs.

How To Get Wakka:

You can find Wakka on the bridge of the Airship and get him out of retirement for 1 Gil per game.


14. Zev Ronso

Due to his shooting and endurance stats, Zev Ronso is an excellent offensive option at the earlier Blitzball games.

Zev Ronso won't ever be your best player or the highlight of your games. He doesn't excel at anything but doesn't hurt you in any way due to his versatility at the earlier stages.

His shooting and endurance stats from the get-go are better than the original Besaid Aurochs, so he can still be helpful. What makes him unique is his potential as a blocker.

What Makes Zev Ronso Great:

  • Decent versatility, with 11 Shooting (SH) and 12 Endurance (EN) stats at the start;
  • Blocking stats scale up amazingly, starting at 7 and reaching 18 by level 10;
  • Best blocker in the game between levels 30 to 60;
  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness and easily attainable due to being a free agent.

How To Get Zev Ronso:

You can find him early on at Dock Number 5 in Luca, and he is available from the get-go, costing 150 gil per game.


13. Naida

Naida's speed and defensive prowess make her an underrated option for your team.

Naida is one of the most underrated and balanced players in Blitzball. Her versatility makes her a well-rounded defender with high Attack (AT) and reasonable Block (BL) stats. 

She also complements her defensive abilities with an above-average passing game and fantastic speed, easing everything for your team. There's nothing to dislike about her performance.

What Makes Naida Great:

  • One of the fastest players in the earlier stages;
  • Fantastic Attack (AT) stat during the middle levels;
  • Complements with above average Block (BL) and Pass (PA) stats;
  • Reasonably attainable due to being a free agent.

How To Get Naida:

You can find Naida in the Calm Lands; she is the shopkeeper. You can sign her outright for 340 Gil per game.


12. Argai Ronso

Argai is one of the best shooters in Blitzball while having a massive HP pool and endurance.

Argai is an excellent option between levels 10 and 40 in the early to mid stages. He is a non-mobile striker due to his low speed and high shooting stats. 

His best attributes complement well with fast midfielders who can draw out defenders and leave Aragai Ronso one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Despite his fantastic endurance, his lack of speed diminishes his value.

What Makes Argai Ronso Great:

  • Massive HP pool.
  • 3rd highest Endurance (EN) stat at the beginning.
  • Best Shooting (SH) stat from level 15 to 80.
  • Relatively easy to obtain due to his short contract with the Ronso Fangs.

How To Get Argai Ronso:

You can find him at Dock Number 4 in Luca, and he costs 200 Gil per game. He's not a free agent, but his contract with the Ronso Fangs is only for 10 games.


11. Jumal

Jumal is the best option to keep your defense from conceding goals at the start of your Blitzball journey.

Jumal is an ideal goalkeeper starter for the early game. He is the best option at the start of your journey in Blitzball and will get you some wins while your players grow to higher levels. 

Unfortunately, he scales up poorly, becoming average at level 20, making him this low on the list.

What Makes Jumal Great:

  • Best attainable goalkeeper at the start;
  • Second highest Catch (CA) stat between levels 1 and 5;
  • Fantastic attainability since he is a free agent, and you can get him at the start.

How To Get Jumal:

You can get him in Luca, in the plaza area, sitting on a bench for 200 gil per game.


10. Zalitz

With his massive attack stat, Zalitz is one of the best defenders at the beginning.

Zalitz is a great defensive option for your earlier stages due to his combination of Attack (AT) and Block (BL) stats, similar to Jumal. It will work great as a stop-gap until other players become better players.

Unfortunately, his defensive capabilities scale poorly in the mid-thirties levels. Otherwise, he would rank higher on the list.

What Makes Zalitz Great:

  • Best Attack (AT) stat from levels 1 to 15 in the game;
  • One of the best defenders for the early game;
  • Decent blocking stats that complement well with his attacking talent;
  • Great attainability and good cost-effectiveness as a free agent.

How To Get Zalitz:

You can find Zalitz outside the Luca Theater and sign him outright for 150 Gil per game.


9. Kiyuri

Kyuri is a diamond in the rough: you will need patience to turn her into one of the best Blitzball players in the game.

Kyuri is an endgame gem type of player, as her potential is tempting due to her high stats in Endurance (EN), Pass (PA), and Attack (AT). Unfortunately, until the later levels, she's an average Blitzball player throughout. 

For players who invest in the long term, Kyuri is an excellent addition to the midfield. Still, she is a pricey player at 500 Gil per game.

What Makes Kiyuri Great:

  • Incredible potential for later stages;
  • Excellent midfielder due to high Endurance (EN) and Pass (PA) stats;
  • Great at stealing the ball due to her stat in Attack (AT).

How To Get Kiyuri:

You can find Kiyuri on the deck of S.S. Winno in the Kilika Docks. You must re-board the ship to sign her to your team; she costs 500 Gil per game.


8. Navara Guado

Nav Guado's impressive stats at the start will allow you to win tournaments easily from the get-go.

Navara Guado's combination of passing, blocking, and speed makes him a good option at the game's earlier stages. He is a nightmare to face against because he can block almost everything during your first tournaments.

Adding him to the team early on will help your passing game and hold down your defense effectively. Unfortunately, he doesn't scale great from levels 10 to 50 but reaches his enormous potential later on.

What Makes Navara Guado Great:

  • Best passer in Blitzball until level 60;
  • Becomes the best blocker in the game after level 60;
  • Good versatility from the start, with 16 Passing (PA) and 14 Blocking (BL);
  • Great cost-effectiveness.

How To Get Navara Guado:

You can get him in Guadosalam, running around Seymour's house entrance for 100 Gil per game after his contract with the Guado Glories is up.


7. Nedus

Nedus' endurance makes him a terrific option to withstand the defenders, while his speed at the later stages turns him into a special player.

Nedus is an odd player, as his greatness relies on his top-notch speed at the later stages, and his endurance ranks at number 1 throughout the early and middling levels. 

His shooting isn't great as a forward, but it is good enough to warrant him some goals. Adding to his shooting stat, he possesses both Nap Shot and Nap Shot 2, which are helpful. 

At level 99, you can pass by everyone with his 99 Speed (SP). He lacks versatility, and you must be patient, but he can prove helpful to your team.

What Makes Nedus Great:

  • Fastest player in the game at level 99 with a 99 Speed (SP) stat;
  • Incredible endurance from the get-go until level 70;
  • Good shooter throughout every stage;
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness and attainability.

How To Get Nedus:

You can find Nedus in Luca at Dock Number 1, and you can sign him outright for 60 Gil per game.


6. Larbeight

Larbeight is the best striker at the later stages in the game due to his shooting ability.

Larbeight is one of the most sought-after players in Blitzball due to his ability as a shooter later on. Combined with his high endurance, he becomes one of the best forwards in the game. 

The problem, however, is his mediocre stats across the board until level 80. Suppose you value players at level 99 above the early to middle stages. In that case, Largeight is your go-to guy at the forward position. His ranking is hard to grade due to its disparity in early to later levels.

What Makes Larbeight Great:

  • Second best shooter at level 99, with a 96 Shooting (SH) stat;
  • One of the best Endurance (EN) stats at the later stages (level 80 and above);
  • High attack stat for a forward;
  • Extremely cheap at only 70 gil per game.

How To Get Larbeight:

You can find him on the east side of Kilika. However, you must wait to sign him until he becomes a free agent, as his contract with the Kilika Beasts is rather long.


5. Wedge

Wedge's ability to thrive in different positions throughout your journey makes him unique.

Wedge is one of the most peculiar players in the game because he changes positions as he evolves. He starts as a fierce striker, becomes a defensive force at the middle levels, and ends up as one of the best goalkeepers in the game. 

Having Wedge on your team is a journey of metamorphosis, making it a fun experience. Also, you can get him immediately.

What Makes Wedge Great:

  • Best shooter, stat-wise, in the earlier levels with fairly good Endurance (EN) stats;
  • Excellent Attack (ST) stats in the middling stages;
  • Second best goalkeeper at the later stages, reaching an astonishing 62 Catch (CA) stat;
  • Incredible attainability and reasonably cheap.

How To Get Wedge:

You can find Wedge in Luca guarding the Stadium, and you can sign him outright for 160 Gil per game.


4. Brother

Brother is one of the most crucial Blitzball players to lead you to wins early on in the game.

Our favorite pilot in Spira is also one of the best Blitzball players. His starting stats (13 BL, 14 SH, and 14 PA) are so high and balanced that Brother makes Blitzball easy. 

Even if his blocking, passing, and shooting abilities are above average, his top-notch speed makes him unique. Brother's versatility and deadly combination of stats make him a must-own on your team if you want Wakka's overdrives and celestial weapon.

The only downsides are his least impressive performance in the later stages and his cost-per-game. Nonetheless, if you want to win a lot of tournaments, Brother is your savior.

What Makes Brother Great:

  • One of the game's best Block (BL) stats from level 5 to 50;
  • Good Pass (PA) and Shoot (SH) stats at the earlier stages;
  • One of the fastest players in the game throughout every level;
  • Great attainability by being a free agent.

How To Get Brother:

You can find Brother piloting the Airship on the bridge, and he costs 210 Gil per game.


3. Tidus

Tidus' Jecht Shot is one of the most devastating abilities in Blitzball and will warrant you many wins.

The Zanarkand Abes superstar and our beloved main character shines every step of the way. The undisputable striker in Blitzball is a must on every team. 

Even if, stat-wise, Tidus could be a more well-rounded forward, his Jecht Shots will make up for it by making the defenders completely obsolete. He has good speed, endurance, and shooting ability.

His reliability and null cost from the get-go make him one of the best options in the whole game and, more likely than not, the only player who will stay on your team forever.

What Makes Tidus Great:

  • The Jecht Shots are two of the most devastating techniques in the game;
  • Guaranteed to stay in your team at no cost;
  • Balanced from the start until the later levels;
  • Beloved main character.

How To Get Tidus:

Needless to say, you get Tidus when you load up your game.


2. Ropp

Ropp will hold down your defense like no other Blitzball player can while allowing your forwards to flourish with his passing game.

With his great stats in blocking and attacking, Ropp is one of the best defensive options in Blitzball. 

He terrorizes almost any forwards in the game and complements his defensive abilities with a decent passing game. Ropp doesn't possess the potential later on as some of his peers do, but his consistency throughout warrants a high place in the rankings.

What Makes Ropp Great:

  • Starts with 14 Blocking (BL) and 11 Attacking (AT) stats;
  • Excellent passer with a 96 stat at level 99;
  • Can learn any tackling technique;
  • Easily attainable due to being a free agent.

How To Get Ropp:

You can find Ropp on the Mi'ihen Highroad in the Inn clerk at Rin's Travel Agency and sign him outright for 200 Gil per game.


1. Nimrook

Nimrook will be, more often than not, the reason you win games. He is above and shoulders, the best goalkeeper in the game.

Nimrook will be your nemesis until you can get him, and then, he becomes your favorite player. Why? Simply put, he is the indisputable best goalkeeper in the game. 

The only downside is that you must face him for quite a while, so much patience is required. 

Plus, he has a contract with the Al-Bhed Psyches for 24 games and is loyal to the team, so you need to find the opportunity to sign him whenever he becomes a free agent. If you can't sign him, reload the game and try again.

What Makes Nimrook Great:

  • Best Catch (CA) stat from level 1 to level 99 in the whole game;
  • Makes your team almost unbeatable;
  • Incredible cost-effectiveness.

How To Get Nimrook:

You can find Nimrook in the Airship, in the lower corridor where all the Al-Bhed Psyches gather. He costs 100 Gil per game.


Ranking Blitzball players vary depending on your priorities. These 15 players can be positioned differently depending on each person’s intention with Blitzball. If you intend to play long-term, you may find Larbeight more valuable than Brother, for example. 

Nonetheless, if you target any of the players above, your life in Blitzball will be smoother and more exciting. Each one of these players offers different gameplay and strategy, so it’s up to you to build the best team the Besaid Aurochs ever had!


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