11 Great PC Games to Expect in 2016

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The Action-Packed Battleborn Fight

Keep an eye out for these 11 great new games to expect this year.

2016 is sure not to disappoint. Many exciting PC games are expected to come out this year. There is a wide variety of highly anticipated games in all genres and this will only be a list of 11 of those great PC games to expect this year.

11. Battleborn

The game takes place in a space fantasy setting where most planets and stars in the universe were destroyed after some catastrophic event. The star that the heroes of the game have gravitated towards is known as Solus.

The game is designed to be reminiscent of the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) format while still maintaining a unique first-person shooter mechanic.

There will be twenty-five characters at release and each one will feature unique personalities, abilities, and weapons. It is primarily played in first-person mode and has been uniquely labeled as a “hero shooter”.

There is also a campaign mode that players can work through in solo or co-op play.

Battleborn is expected to release May 3, 2016.

10. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Faith Connors, the main character of the game, lives in the city of Glass. In this game players will learn of the character’s origin and help her in her mission to overthrow the corporations who maintain a suffocating grip on the society she is a part of.

The game will feature an urban environment that must be traversed utilizing parkour and other unique exploration methods such as zip-lines. The players will be able to utilize any of the many methods to reach their goal as the game features different routes to objectives.

Multiplayer features will also be an exciting part of this game. Although there isn’t a co-op or competitive mode, the actions of a player in one game might affect the world of another player.

The game is set to release May 24, 2016.

9. Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 2

Last year, the base version of Pillars of Eternity was released and it received countless amazing reviews and a few rewards, as well. (Such as the Best PC Exclusive and Best Crowdfunded game from PCInvasion.) That game is definitely worth the praise and this year it will be releasing The White March Part 2.

The White March Part 2 will be the second expansion to the Pillars world.

It will add new content such as more quests and abilities. In addition, there will be a new companion added as well: Meneha, the Barbarian. The game will finish out the story introduced in The White March Part 1 and bring the game to a well-rounded close.

The White March Part 2 will be released on Feb. 16th of this year.

8. The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a strategy card game released based on the Elder Scrolls universe. It was announced at E3 2015 and is scheduled for release this year, although no specific date has been set at this point.

The trading card game will feature key characters who have appeared in the Elder Scrolls universe. Some will be from legends and others from quests that are mentioned in the lore and the games.

7. Dishonored 2

The player will choose between playing (Empress) Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano in Dishonored 2. Emily, after being dethroned, wishes to claim back her title. So, she follows the steps of Corvo Attano in becoming an assassin in an attempt to reclaim her title.

Corvo and Emily will go through the same missions but their perspectives and paths will vary. Each character has a unique set of skills that will allow them to traverse the campaign differently.

The player can choose between playing stealthily or not. If they are successful, it is possible to beat the game without killing.

No specific time frame of release has been announced aside from this year.

6. Star Citizen

The upcoming space sim, Star Citizen, offers a chance for gamers to participate in a space trading and combat simulator. Star Citizen gives the player large amounts of freedom in actions and decisions and the player’s decisions will impact the economy and the events of the game.

Interestingly, the game will not feature different servers. Instead, there will be a matchmaking and instancing mechanic that will alter and affect how players interact. Accompanying this mechanic, players are able to choose the amount of exposure to other players.

The game will be a unique blend of online and single player elements that focus primarily on immersion. Much of the drama and events will be player-driven as they navigate this unique space simulator.

The game’s release is to be announced but should be expected in 2016.

5. Overwatch

New from Blizzard, Overwatch is another great game to expect this year. Although there were a few beta tests last year, the full launch is planned for some time this year.

The game will be a team-based shooter thatallows you to play one of twenty-one heroes. The cast of heroes is incredibly diverse: anything from your standard human character to a gorilla scientist named Winston.

The game is expected to release in Spring of 2016.

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in the distant future after the events of the first three Mass Effect games. The game will not relate much to the previous three games and choices from the games may be recognized but they will not factor into the major events of Andromeda.

The player will get to explore the new Andromeda galaxy and set out on an all-new adventure.

Players loyal to the franchise will recognize some of the core elements that make the Mass Effect games what they are: new worlds to explore, interesting characters, and action-packed gameplay. All the while, players will get to experience new mechanics and gameplay that has not yet been announced.

As the year progresses, gamers can expect to hear more news about what to expect in the game and they can get excited about the new addition to the Mass Effect universe.

The game is anticipated to release in the fourth quarter of 2016.

3. Torment: Tides of Numenera

The Angel of Entropy is hunting the Changing God and all of the things that he has made – including your character. Your character is known as the Last Castoff and you are the last in a chain of beings that were the result of the Changing God’s constant changing of bodies. Travel across the Ninth World, alternate dimensions, and distant worlds to build your legacy and find your god, the one who sired you, before it is too late and the angel of entropy destroys you, all other castoffs, and the Changing God himself.

Backed by a kickstarter, Torment: Tides of Numenera gives an exciting RPG experience. Richly crafted, the game is focused on story and contains rich dialogue to entice gamers into the isometric world. The game promises to uphold its four pillars advertised in the kickstarter:

A deep, thematically satisfying story; a unique world; a rich, personal narrative; and choice with real consequences.

The game also continues the thematic legacy of Planescape: Torment, a critically acclaimed game from 1999.

Enjoy this vast and satisfying world set to release later this year. 

2. X-Com 2

In X-Com 2, become the commander of a military organization struggling to combat the alien occupation of the planet. It takes place twenty years after the aliens have defeated humanity. Through the turn-based battle system, the player will fight for the liberation of humanity.

Beyond simply fighting, the player will also maintain control of the Avenger. The Avenger was previously a alien barge but has been converted into the player’s mobile base.

The game will offer features such as customization of soldiers, new enemies, and a new faction.

It is scheduled to release on February 5th of this year and is available for preorder.

1. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 makes the top of my list of great games to expect in 2016. Dark Souls 3 is a game that I am highly anticipating, and you should to. As a fan of the Dark Souls franchise, this game is supposed to round out the series while still maintaining all the elements that players know and love.

Some things to expect in Dark Souls 3 are a new mana bar, difficult combat, and a story that promises to be amazing and elusive.

The game will be released in April 2016 so be sure to watch for the exciting addition to the Dark Souls franchise.

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