[Top 11] Best Final Fantasy Games for PC (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

PC Ports make the Final Fantasy series easier for everyone to play!

Final Fantasy has been an ongoing franchise since 1987. For the longest time, many of the older games were inaccessible, having been released on older platforms like the Playstation 1. Now that the mainline games are available on Steam, this is the best time to get into the series. Be not overwhelmed, as each numbered Final Fantasy is a stand-alone story. This list will show which are the most fun to play so that you can begin, or continue your Final Fantasy journey! 

11. Crisis Core Reunion - 2022 (Available on Steam for PC) 


Crisis Core Reunion is the prequel to Final Fantasy VII. It follows the story of Zack Fair, and details events leading right up to when we first meet Cloud in Midgar. With a killer soundtrack and newly remastered graphics and gameplay, this is definitely worth playing. It was originally released for the PSP back in 2007, and this new remake keeps the original story with a fresh coat of paint; including a new English voice cast, and a reworked DMW system.

The gameplay for Crisis Core is straightforward but engaging and fun. Materia is ever present, and it’s easily unlocked throughout the game. The DMW no longer interrupts the flow of combat like it did previously, with some exceptions.

The story of Crisis Core hits hard and gives us an interesting look into what really goes down in Shinra Corp. Even if you’ve already played Crisis Core in the past, you should still consider giving Reunion a play, especially with the FFVII Remake getting a part two soon. It’s not too long either, and the main story can be beaten in about 20 hours or so if you bypass the side missions. (You will miss out on extra materia slots and items if you skip them though, so it’s not recommended.) 

Choose this game if you like...

  • Final Fantasy VII! If you were a fan of this cult classic, then you need to play its prequel. You are given so much insight and backstory that anyone interested in the lore of this world would be hard pressed to miss out on.
  • Fast and simple combat! Combat is key is Crisis Core and if you’re going for full mission completion then most of your time will be spent fighting. Get ready to hear “Activating Combat Mode” in your sleep!
  • Great characters and tragic stories. We won’t go into spoilers here, but if you’re familiar with the franchise, and you’ve already played FF7 before, then you understand. Zack is a great character with a lot of heart, drive, and dedication. 


Remastered Graphics

Fully upgraded from its original PSP design, the new character models in the Unreal Engine give you the face lift Crisis Core deserved!

Upgraded Battle System 

Changes to the DMW and overall gameplay makes for smoother and more satisfying fights! No longer being interrupted by every DMW roll, you can fly through your fights.

English and Japanese Voice Acting

Along with new models we are given new voice actors, as well as the option to play with the Japanese voice cast as well! 


Fun factor score: 70/100


Discover the origins of the Buster Sword



10. Final Fantasy XV - 2016 (Available on Steam for PC)



Final Fantasy XV follows the story of Noctis and his friends as they take a road trip through the gorgeous land of Eos. Tasked with obtaining the weapons of his ancestors, Noctis and the boys drive all across the world. The open world feels vast, and there are plenty of monsters to hunt and fish to catch.

Combat is swift and satisfying. The warp allows Noctis to FLY from one end of the battlefield straight into an enemy, dealing extra damage with a satisfying crash. Switching between attacks is swift and easy. With the Royal Edition you’re given the ability to switch between party members once the DLC has been completed.

While opinions on this game seem divided, XV delivers on the characters and the combat. Each of the four characters all have their own unique personality and traits, and this game gives you plenty of time to explore and hang out with them. 


Choose this game if you like...

  • A Newcomer friendly experience. If you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before, or you were overwhelmed by stats and ability boards and materia and all the odd niche mechanics some games are known for; give this a shot. It acknowledges in the beginning that it's for both the newcomers, and the old fans too. 
  • Fun, fast paced combat! Long are the days of turn based combat in most current Final Fantasy games, and this game really shows off the action RPG elements. The warp strike allows for long distance, hard hitting damage. Over the course of the game, you build an arsenal of ancient weapons, each with unique traits and abilities.
  • Four hot guys on a camping trip! Boyband jokes were in no short supply when this game was released. Despite this, they are all endearing and have a very strong fanbase. Their bond is strong and it truly shows. The chemistry between Noctis and his friends carries throughout the game, and it feels genuine. Those boys all fit into that one tent, we swear!


Large Open World

The map of Eos is huge, with beautiful sweeping landscapes, and huge beasts wandering the open world, sometimes crossing the road as you're driving. 

Fast Battle System

Swap between weapons, warp through the air and into your enemies, and team up with your buddies to execute hard hitting team-based attacks in fast paced combat. 

Updated Content

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition offers a slew of DLC, giving a look into each character, and offering great in game upgrades and perks. You can even customize the Regalia and take her off road!


Fun factor score: 80/100

Nothing better than a road trip with your bros.   



9. Final Fantasy XIII - Year Released (Available on Steam for PC)


Final Fantasy XIII follows the story of Lightning, a former soldier of the Guardian Corps army. Through a series of fate and circumstances, she and five others go on a journey of events to try and stop an ancient and deadly conspiracy that could destroy the floating city of Cocoon.

Final Fantasy XIII is for those that like a more story-centric approach. You don’t need to hear again about linear gameplay. It’s nothing new to Final Fantasy, and in the back end of the game, the world really opens up and offers plenty to explore! The world of Cocoon has a similar feeling to that of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. Deep greens and industrial structures really give the feeling of a floating space city. 

The gameplay is paced well and is incredibly streamlined. You’re healed after every battle and mp is not a factor here. The paradigm shift mechanic allows for strategic fights and turns each fight into a battlefield, and you’re the general. Set up your team and watch the brutal onslaught unleash. 


Choose this game if you like…

  • Story centric Final Fantasy games. Granted, much of the lore is tucked away and needs to be sought out, but the story of Lightning trying to save her family is a strong one. A big theme for XIII is self-discovery, finding your true identity, and taking destiny into your own hands.
  • Well-paced combat! The paradigm shift mechanic and simplified battle mechanics make your fights feel streamlined and allow you to strategize and watch your teammates dish out damage.
  • Science-Fantasy blended themes. If you enjoy the sci-fi meets fantasy aesthetic of VII and VIII, then the setting and overall vibe of XIII will be right up your alley. 


An Unforgettable Story
Final Fantasy XIII offers new battle mechanics, amazing visuals, and cutting-edge cinematics. 

The PC port for XIII has been graphically optimized for pc, allowing better frame rates and fullscreen support. 

English and Japanese Voice Cast
Both audio versions are now available through the PC release!


Fun factor score: 60/100

Lightning and her team are ready for anything. 


8. Final Fantasy VI - 1994 (Available on Steam for PC)



The story of Final Fantasy VI follows Terra, an escaped slave of the Empire. She teams up with rebels and mercenaries in an attempt to overthrow a massive Empire with far too much power. She goes on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to learn more about her past and where she truly comes from. 

This game features fourteen playable characters, the most in any Final Fantasy game! Each has their own unique specialties and traits. The story will often lead to party switch-ups, so you’ll get a chance to utilize everyone. The gameplay will feel familiar with turn-based ATB mechanics. Combat moves quickly and you don’t typically linger in fights for too long. 

Final Fantasy VI is one of those installations in the franchise that many deem the best. It still holds onto that fantasy feeling with an industrial, steampunk filter. If you’re a fan of classic Final Fantasy this is the installment for you.


Choose this game if you like...

  • Classic Final Fantasy. The Pixel Remasters release for PC and mobile has finally made older games in the franchise accessible and easy to play. If you haven’t had a chance to play an older Final Fantasy give this one a shot.
  • Character choice! If you like character-heavy Final Fantasy games this is for you, as there are plenty! And don’t worry, the story will split the party from time to time so you’ll have a chance with everyone.
  • Classic turn-based combat. This game has the classic combat that many love, and often miss. The ATB bars keep combat at a steady pace and flow.


Updated Graphics
The pixel 2D graphics get a nice polish, including the original character pixel designs. 

The soundtrack has been carefully rearranged to fit the overall Final Fantasy, personally overseen by the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu. 

The gameplay has been updated and modernized, with auto-battle options, and a more modern UI.  

New Extras
Some extra features have been included, such as a bestiary, an illustration gallery and music player. 


Fun factor score: 90/100

Terra and her crew atop the airship.



7. Final Fantasy VIII - Year Released (Available on Steam for PC)



Squall, a newly appointed member of the elite mercenary group SeeD joins in the resistance to stop Galbadias corrupt rule. He’s recruited by Rinoa, a member of the resistance against Edea the sorceress. It’s an impactful story with a lot of heart. It’s a great follow-up to Final Fantasy VII, but its unique mechanics set it apart completely.

This installment introduces us to the Junction mechanic. It’s hugely different from past games and is a bit divisive as it can take some time getting used to. But once you get the hang of it and adjust your team to your liking it’s pretty cool and creates an interesting flow of battle.


Choose this game if you like…

  • Different mechanics. The Junction system is a wholly different way to unlock ability buffs, and build up your stats and magic. It’s complex but rewarding when your character builds pop-off during the bigger boss fights.
  • Card-based mini-games. Triple Triad is a popular card game in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. Different regions have different rules, and there are plenty of NPCs throughout your journey that would love to play a match.
  • Open World Final Fantasy. The game throws you out into open-world maps right away, and there’s plenty to explore, and monsters to fight. 


Major Enhancement Options
The FFVIII Remaster for Steam provides optional gameplay enhancements to make your gameplay, including battle assist options, no random encounters, x3 speed boost, and the ability to unlock all items and abilities, Limit Breaks, cards, and attain max levels for all Guardian Forces.


Fun factor score: 80/100

Squall is another cool and stoic type of protagonist. 


6. Final Fantasy X - 2001 (Available on Steam for PC)



Tidus, a talented and popular blitzball player meets up with Yuna, a summoner who is on a journey to complete her trials so that she can save the world from Sin, a large entity of evil that brings only destruction. Final Fantasy X is another iconic and easily recognized title in the franchise. Tidus and Yuna make numerous cameos in other games, including Brave Exvius and Kingdom Hearts.

FFX continues the aesthetic themes that blend fantasy and sci-fi. Blitzball is an incredibly fun and fast-paced mini-game that takes place in a large glass bubble full of water. As you move through the story, Tidus slowly learns new words and languages and you learn with him.

Everyone has their opinions on THAT scene in this game, but when you play it and truly pay attention to the story at hand, it makes a lot of sense and truly fits in with Tidus as a person. It’s a tragic story, with an amazing soundtrack and compelling characters.


Choose this game if you like... 

  • Classic turn based combat. Now a long sought mechanic in final fantasy games, if you’re missing that, this game is for you.
  • Sports like mini-games. Final Fantasy loves to include their mini games in a number of titles. Blitzball is fun, and engaging.
  • Tragic foreshadowing. There will be no spoilers here, however the opening cinematic when you begin the game sets the tone. If you enjoy stories laden with angst, then here you go!

HD upgrade
All the models, including the environments, characters and monsters all receive an HD upgrade and look better than ever.

PC Version Features
Such as a remastered background soundtrack, content for the International Edition, Auto-save and game boosters to let you cater to your own playstyle. 


Fun factor score: 80/100

Tidus, the main character stands in the beautiful oceans.



5. Final Fantasy XII- Year Released (PC 



Van is a young man forced to grow up in the ruined kingdom of Dalmasca, which has been taken over by the Archadian Empire. With no family left as a result of the ongoing war, he dreams of piloting his own airship and flying free. As he finds his companions, together they attempt to do what is necessary to save their home.

FFX features the classic ATB mechanic. You obtain upgrades through licenses, and it makes a return to the “job-like” classes of old Final Fantasy games. 

Final Fantasy loves their steampunk airships, and this game delivers. It has an interesting cast of characters and races, giving us the Viera and Nu Muo. It’s character-driven and full of heart and emotion.


Choose this game if you like...

  • The classic job system. The job board allows you to combine different features and overlap jobs so that you can build each character's skills to your liking.
  • Airships and Steampunk! There’s a lot of that here.
  • Non-human characters. It may sound silly at first, but there are plenty of people out there who love seeing more non-human characters in Final Fantasy and the Viera are…exceptionally popular!


Job Systems

The Zodiac Age edition brings improvements to the overall battle system of the game, as well as more hunts, battles and mini-games.

Enhanced Technical Features
The music has been fully remastered and the voice acting gets an HD makeover. The game now runs at 60 fps, and is now compatible with 21:9 screens.

Better Gaming Features
Now with implemented trophies, Steam Trading cards, and New Game Plus and Minus being added, it’s perfect for the “collect-athon” gamer. 


Fun factor score: 90/100

Ven and his crew in gorgeous artwork done by Yoshitaka Amano.



4. Final Fantasy XIV Online- 2010 (Available on Steam and the official Square Enix website for PC )



Final Fantasy XIV is about you! A warrior with forgotten memories now adventures across Eorzea. You slowly begin to encounter strange enemies in mysterious black coats as you uncover a thread of conspiracies, and must now work against them.

While this game is an MMORPG, its single-player story is strong! It’s a solo-friendly game that allows you to roleplay and build your character any way you like. Multi-classing is not only possible but encouraged, which allows you to try each class to find the right fit. (Just keep in mind that your starting class will determine which city you start in, and your opening quest line. Each of the three cities offers different quest lines, so starting a new character doesn’t hurt either if you prefer that.)

Combat is fun and intuitive. Switching between classes and jobs is seamless and easy. If you enjoy mini-games, the Golden Saucer has you COVERED. There’s always cool glamor pieces, minions, gear and mounts to win. The Chocobo races are good fun, and the obstacle course is a really fun group endeavor, and joining in on the group dance party that gathers and the goal post is fun to join in on.

A lot of us have seen the copypasta meme, about the critically acclaimed MMORPG. (This isn’t without validity though, it’s true!) However if you want to get good use out of those free to play promises, then I would encourage you to download the free trial through the Square Enix website itself over getting the game on Steam. When purchased on Steam, you only receive 30 days of free membership before the subscription is required, whereas the free trial from the official website will let you play for free to a level cap of 60. There are still some restrictions to free to play, however it will let you get a feel for the game before making any commitments.

If you love Final Fantasy, and want to find a good online community to join, this game is highly recommended. 


Choose this game if you like...

  • Fantasy MMORPGS. FFXIV absolutely delivers on this, and shows that this franchise is perfect for an online experience.
  • Positive online interactions. While this of course varies from player to player, overall the consensus on the player base for FFXIV is overwhelmingly positive. There is a huge community of veteran players that go out of their way to help sprouts who are playing dungeons for the first time, or just need general advice.
  • Many ways to play! If you like jobs, and the class system in Final Fantasy you’ll enjoy XIV. Everything can be leveled up at your own pace. If you love nothing but combat, they have you covered. If you want to roleplay as a fisherman and spend all your time fishing before a night of gambling at the Golden Saucer, you can do that too!

Free to Play
If you download the free trial from the official website this will be over free to play up to level 60. If you purchase through Steam you will be given 30 free days of membership.

Large Player Base
Over 25 million players make up the world of Eorzea. Will you join them? 

An Amazing Story

Final Fantasy is known for its intense and heartfelt stories, and this is no different. So when your own character gets to be involved it can hit a lot harder. 


Fun factor score: 90/100

Face off against mighty monsters and bosses with your friends! 



3. Final Fantasy VII Remake - 2022 (Available on Steam for PC)



This is a reimagined remake of the iconic Final Fantasy VII. The original developers were involved in its production, and it provides an outstanding new way to experience this story. On top of the original story of FFVII we get to see more of Midgar and its citizens. The weight of the actions taken feels more impactful, and the HD character models and sweeping soundtrack make the story more immersive than it’s ever been.

The Remake implements a combination of the original ATB mechanics we are familiar with and combines them with fun real-time combat. There is a plethora of weapons and materia to cater to your playstyle.

Whether you’re new to Final Fantasy or a long-time fan, the Remake of this iconic title is spectacular, and there’s still more to come! 


Choose this game if you like...

  • The original Final Fantasy VII! If you enjoyed the original story this new spin on the story will keep you on your feet.
  • Real-time combat! While the command system and ATB gauges are still a factor in this game, it implements real-time combat as well to keep the battle moving fast!
  • Themes of destiny and fate! While it’s not uncommon in Final Fantasy stories, the remake for VII puts an emphasis on the changing of fate and determining what destiny lies in store for you. 


Reimagined Story
Experience the classic tale in a new and exciting way, with more characters and story themes and elements.

Episode INTERmission
This new DLC now available on Steam features the beloved character Yuffie as she tracks down the ultimate materia being held by Shinra. 


Fun factor score: 90/100


Immerse yourself in the world of Final Fantasy VII like never before. 



2. Final Fantasy V - 1992 (Available for PC on Steam)



A king goes missing as he attempts to restore the connection lost between the crystals that balance the powers of the world. When a group of strangers are brought together by fate, they work together to change their destiny and save the world.

This game features the job system we remember from these classic titles in the franchise. Between that and a greatly unique ability system, you can build your party to your liking. You get a lot of room to develop each party member to meet your playstyle!

Final Fantasy V is one of the acclaimed classics. It has the medieval fantasy setting we all know and love. Sweeping soundtracks and updated pixel graphics make this the prime way to experience this game.


Choose this game if you like...

  • Classic medieval Final Fantasy. Even though many like the science-fantasy blend that many of the more modern games exhibit, there's plenty more that miss that classic fantasy setting.
  • Class systems! Another mechanic that is missed at times, the jobs make character development a breeze and is a comprehensive way to build your party.
  • Old pixel graphics! Retro gamers rejoice as the Pixel Remasters make the old classic titles accessible once again with their availability on Steam. 


Updated Graphics
The pixel 2D graphics get a nice polish, including the original character pixel designs.

The soundtrack has been carefully rearranged to fit the overall Final Fantasy, personally overseen by the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu. 

The gameplay has been updated and modernized, with auto-battle options, and a more modern UI.  

New Extras
Some extra features have been included, such as a bestiary, an illustration gallery and music player.


Fun factor score: 60/100

Immerse yourself in classic RPG goodness. 



1.Final Fantasy VII - 1997 (Available on Steam for PC)



Shinra, a massive power company, is utilizing Mako energy to power Midgar. However, this isn’t without its environmental impact. Enter the rebel group Avalanche. Cloud teams with his old friend Tifa and helps Avalanche as they attempt to bring down Shinra Corp and save the planet.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most recognized and iconic titles in the franchise. The buster sword makes numerous cameos and references in other games and forms of media. It contains one of the most impactful and most talked about character death moments of any final fantasy title. It has a story that many can relate to, whether it’s a journey in discovering who you are, or an active rebellion to save the planet and environment. 


Choose this game if you like...  

  • Strong characters and stories. There’s a reason this game is as iconic as it is. It’s impactful, and at times heartbreaking.
  • ATB turn-based combat! Combat in VII is smooth, quick, and cohesive. You get a party of three, each with their own Limits and abilities.
  • Industrial, science-fiction environments. This title leans a bit further away from the fantasy element we are used to in other titles, and that really helps further set it apart from the others. 


The release on Steam brings achievements, perfect for collectors and trophy hunters.

Cloud Saves
So that regardless of where you are, you’re always ready to play.

Character Booster
If you want to give yourself an extra advantage, you can give yourself more HP, MP, and Gil so that you can play the way you want to.

Optimized for PC
So that you can have the clearest and most updated experience possible.


Fun factor score: 90/100

Cloud stands before Shinra as he plans his next move. 


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