FFXV Best Weapons (Top 5) And How To Get Them

FFXV Best Weapons

What are the best weapons in FFXV?

One of every gamer’s first thoughts is, “I wonder what the strongest weapon is?”

As you play the game, and enemies get stronger and you have to shell out more and more in game currency to get the newest weapons you come across, hoping it’ll make a difference you can’t help but wonder, “What’s the ultimate?”

Well wonder no more! Each weapon class in Final Fantasy XV has One ultimate weapon! (Meaning: It’s stronger than other weapons you can buy or get made in that specific class, most likely!)

This is simply a list of the strongest weapons in each weapon category FFXV has to offer.

We’ll start from the weakest!

5. Flayer

“A mysterious weapon of unknown origins, it finishes off a flurry of attacks with a devastating coup de grâce.”

A polearm/spear weapon that Noctis or Ignis can wield. It can only be found once you’ve completed the game and unlocked the “Menace of ___” Quests. It has the strongest attack points of any other polearm weapon in the game!

Weapon stats

  • Attack: 337 (Critical rate:4)
  • Finishers deal +80% damage
  • Boosts attack in 4 of its movesets
    • Forward+Attack
    • The final attack in its basic combo. (Other spears end their basic combo with a jump into the air, Flayer's ends with a strong thrust.)
    • The final thrust of the Side+Attack combo
    • The final hit of full thrust (Down+Attack).

How do I get this weapon?

It’s in a special dungeon located in the Steyliff Grove. You’ll have to have already completed the game, and come back in chapter 15. You’ll need the special key from the old woman, Ezma Auburnbrie in Meldacio Hunter HQ. From there you will go to the Steyliff Grove and find the Large Door.

Follow this handy video guide to the Flayer:

4. Zwill Crossblade

“Blades for virtuosos who know how to avoid blows. Deadliest when the wielder is at full health.”


A pair of daggers that can be used by Ignis or Noctis. You have to unlock the Quests from Randolph in Lestallum before you can get these. They will require some footwork and a good monster hunt but they are well worth trouble. They’re not something you simply find while wandering the lands, and they will certainly put the other daggers in your inventory to shame!


Weapon stats

  • Attack: 345 (Critical rate: 8)
  • Max MP +5
  • Magic +25
  • +80% Damage if you have full HP


-How do I get these daggers?

First you need to unlock the Quest. It will be from Randolph in Lestallum. You may have to complete other Legendary weapon Quests to unlock this one. This handy guide will tell you all you need to know.



3. Death Penalty

“A dread pistol employing rounds that inflict mortal wounds. A single hit has the power to kill instantly.”


A gun/firearm/pistol that can be used only by Noctis or Prompto! It’s the strongest gun in the game. You can’t get it until you’ve finished the main story and unlocked the “Menace of ____” Quests!


Weapon stats

  • Attack: 424 (Critical rate: 2)
  • Spirit +25
  • 1% Chance to inflict Instant Death


-How do I get this Gun?!

Simple! Just complete the main game and get to chapter 15! After speaking to the Old Woman  Ezma Auburnbrie in Meldacio Hunter HQ, you will have the key needed. Proceed to the Balouve Mines, and find the hidden Large Secret Dungeon Door. Find and defeat the Melusine and you’ll be the proud owner of a Deathy Pistol!


This Guide will help you find your way!



2. Balmung

“Initially the sword delivers devastating harm, but as the wielder's magical energies decline, so too does the blade's lethality.”


A shortsword, or one-handed sword. Only Noctis can wield these weapons. It’s another End Game Only weapon. Unlock the “Menace of ____” Quests to get your hands on this beauty!


Weapon stats

  • Attack: 447 (Critical rate: 3)
  • Max MP +11
  • Damage reduction with lower MP (-4% damage for every % point reduction)


-How can I get this legendary sword?!
Easy! Once again just complete the game and talk to the Old Woman, Ezma Auburnbrie that resides in Meldacio Hunter HQ. If you’ve got her key, and are in chapter 15, just head to the Steyliff Grove once more! If you’re lucky you picked this fella up when you got the Flayer Polearm! Follow this guide to get them BOTH if you havent!


And Finally! The Strongest Weapon in the game! I bet you’ve all guessed what it is, right?
A Greatsword!


1. Apocalypse

“A blade that seeks to safeguard its master by becoming deadlier when the wielder's health wanes.”


The Apocalypse is a greatsword, or two-handed sword that Noctis and Gladio can use. Once more an end game only weapon. Finish the main story to unlock the “Menace of ____” Quests you’ll need to snag this beaut!


Weapon stats

  • Attack: 597 (Critical Rate: 2)
  • Max HP +403
  • Damage bonus when wielder has low HP. (Damage+)


-How do I get this majestic Sword?!

Take a guess!

… You got it! End game quest from the Old Woman, Ezma Auburnbrie in Meldacio Hunter HQ! It will be in the Balouve Mines. Follow this guide to get it. Piece of Cake!



Ok, ok, since I love y’all so much. Have an Extra! (like all those 5+1 fanfics we’ve all read before) I’m not personally a shield fighter, but if you are, or you like Gladio’s strong arms protecting your ‘scrawny body’, here is the strongest Shield in game!.



“A shield formed from many layers of armor. Executing Blink boosts attack strength.”


The most protective weapon in the game! A shield! You can use this lovely little thing as either Noctis or Gladio. It’s Legendary, so you’ll snag it from the Legendary weapons quests Randolph in Lestallum gives you! Be prepared to fight a big bad to get the proper craft materials!


Weapon Stats

  • Attack: 327 (Critical Rate: 1)
  • Vitality +50
  • Shot Resistance: 14%
  • +200 strength for 3sec. After Blinking (Only triggers for Noctis)


-How do I get this almighty shield?!
If you’ve got the Death Penalty, chances are you have this or are about to have this. It’s another of Randolph’s quests to forge a legendary weapon. Follow this video guide to help you achieve all your protector needs!


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