[Top 10] Final Fantasy XV Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Final Fantasy XV Best Weapons
Noctis Lucis Caelum holding the Sword of the Father

Final Fantasy XV has a plethora of weapons. In this guide, I will talk about the best and worth-getting weapons of the game. Don’t worry. You do not have to reach endgame to get the best stuff.

10. Blade of Brennaere (Best starter weapon)

Final Fantasy 15 - Blade of Brennaere - Fire Greatsword Location

The Blade of Brennaere is a fire great sword. To be honest, It is nothing compared to the other weapons in this list. What makes this mention-worthy is…

You can get this as early as Chapter 1 when you reach Hammerhead for the first time

  • It’s free
  • 131 ATK is better than any default weapon.

This weapon can be found at The Three Valleys as a treasure. Miss that and you can buy this at weapon shops by Chapter 3. Beware of using these on fire-elemental enemies as you might end up healing them instead.


  • 131 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • +82 Max HP
  • 27% Fire Resistance
  • Inflicts fire-based damage

9. Ziedrich (Best shield in the game)


Shields are not just for defense. This franchise-recurring shield is great for Gladiolus but only Noctis can maximize its full potential.

  • Strongest in the game with 327 ATK
  • Boosts Strength when blinking

As Noctis has four weapon slots, you may want to switch to this before an enemy attack so that the blinking (successful dodge) effect will occur.


  • 327 ATK
  • 1 CRIT
  • +50 VIT
  • 14% Shot Resistance
  • +200 Strength for 3 seconds after Blinking (effect triggers only for Noctis)

8. Flayer (Best polearm in the game)


The Flayer is the strongest polearm. What makes this on the bottom of our list is that you can only get it in one of the hardest dungeons in FFXV’s endgame. By the time you get this weapon, there is not much left for you to try it on after.

What makes this weapon amazing is that…

  • Deals 80% damage to finishing moves
  • 337 ATK
  • You do the math

You may equip this on Noctis to make him more OP than he already is or you may give it to Ignis for a more well-balanced team. I did the latter so that I can trust my boys to finish off encounters when I need a break.


  • 337 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • Finishers deal 80% damage

7. Radiant Lance (Best for early game and for grinding)

Final Fantasy XV | Radiant Lance | Location

This lance has always been a high-ranking weapon throughout the Final Fantasy franchise. For FFXV, you can get this as early as Chapter 3!

I recommend that you get this as early as possible because…

  • Strong against daemons (any creature that comes out only at night)
  • 205 Attack Power

You may get this at the optional dungeon, Costlemark Tower. If you feel that you are under-leveled or not confident enough then just escape all the encounters that you see, grab the Radiant Lance, and get out!


  • 205 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • Light-Elemental

6. Orichalcum (best for early game and grinding)

FFXV 64 Early Orichalcum via Costlemark Tower

If you are braving Costlemark Tower for the Radiant Lance, then might as well get the Orichalcum, too. This is basically the Radiant Lance but stronger and in dagger form.

  • Great for level grinding and monster hunting
  • Also stronger against daemons

If you don’t want to risk Game Over, the Radiant Lance and Orichalcum are available in the Meldacio Hunter HQ weapon shop for 10,000 Gil each.


  • 223 ATK
  • 8 CRIT
  • +9 Max MP
  • +20 Magic
  • Light-Elemental

5. Death Penalty (Strongest weapon for Prompto)

Final Fantasy XV | Death Penalty | Patch 1.13 | How To Get It

The Death Penalty debuted as Vincent Valentine’s ultimate weapon in FFVII. 

There are two ways to acquire this firearm. One is as early as Chapter 8 by defeating the Lv99 Melusine. This enemy is a tricky mistress as you only have until dawn to kill her or else she disappears and you have to do it all over again. 

The other option is defeating the endgame dungeon in Balouve Mines in Chapter 15. Arguably, this is one of the easiest among the seven secret dungeons.

  • 424 ATK
  • Has a chance of inflicting Instant Death to enemies

Prompto must wield this weapon as the Instant Death effect can only happen when he uses Piercer or Trigger Happy. I have experienced the effect a couple of times and it is amazing.


  • 424 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • +25 Spirit
  • 1% Chance to inflict Instant Death

4. Sword of the Tall (Royal Arm fit for a king)


You do not need to acquire all 12 Royal Arms to finish the game but where is the fun in that? 

The Sword of the Tall is your prize for defeating Costlemark Tower’s primary dungeon (not the endgame one on Chapter 15). As with all weapons equipped on Noctis, you do not have to use it to benefit from its stats.

This Royal Arm is a cut above the others because

  • 518 ATK
  • One tap of a button is equal to multiple hits.

The downside of this weapon is that it decreases Elemental Resistance by 40%. If that is not your cup of tea, then you may switch to the Axe of the Conqueror. The setback of that one is that it only has 483 ATK.


  • 518 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +200
  • Spirit: -30
  • Fire Resistance: -40%
  • Ice Resistance: -40%
  • Lightning Resistance: -40%
  • Dark Resistance: -40%
  • A greatsword with a chainsaw effect, dealing multiple hits with each blow. The warp-strike is 3 horizontal swings.

3. Ring of Lucii (The reason why Noctis is OP)

Final Fantasy XV Weapon Guide -- Ring of the Lucii

The Ring of Lucii is acquired in the Main Quest in Chapter 13. This weapon allows Noctis to cast Arcana, a special kind of magic that summons the power of the crystal.

This magic pimp ring lets you…

  • Cast Death, thus instantly kill small enemies while recovering your HP
  • Cast Alterna (Banishment spell) to large enemies or hordes
  • Cast Holy as a counterattack after a successful dodge.

The downside of this ring is that you need to have full MP for the Arcana to work, especially Alterna. Also, you must be actively using the Ring for the Arcana to take effect. 

If you are afraid that you will become too OP when you use it, with an 85% successful casting rate, your fears are valid. Personally, I only used the Ring in the Costlemark Tower endgame no-item dungeon. 

Still, do not let me or anyone stop you from using the Ring wherever you want. Do take note that some things do not work with the Ring of Lucii like warp-strikes and the Black Hood’s auto-dodge effect.

This ring is so ridiculous that you can defeat the Lv99 Adamantoise in less than a minute with just one Alterna spell. Imagine my pain when I learned about that after spending three real-life hours on killing it the normal way.


  • Allows Noctis to cast Holy, Alterna, and Death

2. Zwill Crossblades (Most sought-after daggers)

How to Get Zwill Crossblades (Best Weapon!!!) | deadPik4chU's Final Fantasy XV

This is arguably the strongest weapon in the game. This recurring weapon gets stronger when your character is at full health. With an impressive combat animation when in use to how much damage this baby can give, it is a real sight to behold.

In order to get this, you have to defeat a Lv120 Naglfar from one of Randolf’s Legendary Weapons Quests. As the quests appear only in Chapter 15, I recommend finishing all of Randolf’s quests before doing any endgame dungeon crawling to fully enjoy the Zwill Crossblades.


  • 345 ATK
  • 8 CRIT
  • +5 Max MP
  • +25 Magic
  • +80% damage at full HP (calculated from current HP, not from max HP)

1. Ultima Blade (Best Overall)

FINAL FANTASY 15 - ULTIMA BLADE! Overpowered Early guide! Windows/ Royal

Any Final Fantasy fan knows what it means to have an ultimate weapon. As Final Fantasy XV is a game “for fans and first-timers”, the Ultima Blade fits this concept to a tee. Acquiring this blade requires players to explore, fight monsters, and synthesize – all the good elements of a good RPG – which is what Final Fantasy is all about.

What makes the Ultima Blade the ultimate weapon is that…

  • It stems from the Engine Blade, Noctis’ default weapon.
  • You can get this as early as Chapter 3 – if you’re willing to work for it.
  • Acquiring this weapon requires you to enjoy what the game has to offer.
  • Absorbs elemental energy – great for elemancy.

I personally love how you can get the weapon early in the game. I find it also very poetic that you get this one by enhancing your default weapon. Just like how your OP endgame characters stemmed out from Lv1 dorks. You will be using this blade for a great chunk of the game. Honestly, I only removed it from Noctis’ weapon slots in Chapter 15.


  • 364 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • Max MP: +40
  • Magic: +30
  • Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy

The Ultima Blade is Final Fantasy XV’s love letter to the whole franchise. With that being said, find out how the game fared five years since its release? Did it live up to the standard? Or did it just collect dust?

Also, find out what are the best accessories in the whole game. Who knows? They might be in the same place where you get some of the best weapons.

Don’t forget your abilities. The boys will just be boys in costumes if they cannot fight right. Find out how to make the most out of their skills in our Ascension guide.

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