Final Fantasy XV Best Royal Arms [Best and Worst Royal Arms Revealed]

Enter Noct activating his Armiger once all 13 Royal Arms have been collected accompanying with a menacing purple glow from his eyes.

Ah, yes. Royal Arms. The famous crystalline weapons floating around our Prince Charming. They are the weapons of the old Lucian kings of yore which grant the wielder of their immense power and strength provided he/she must be from the bloodline of Lucis Caelum. There were 113 of them in total (symbolizing the total rulers of the Lucis Caelum dynasty) but only 13 of them have survived till the present day.

They range from daggers to two-handed Greatswords and drain HP along with MP of Noctis. And only Noctis gets to use it. (You must know that by now.) Having 13 of them unlocks the Power of Kings known as “Armiger Unleashed” (provided you have Founder King’s Sigil with you) where you can make a flurry of attacks with all 13 of them. Has some really cool super moves too.

But seeing as how they drain HP and MP, you must be wondering, which of them should I really use? Or which among them are useful? Well, this list takes care of that problem pretty easily. Let’s jump right in and see which among the 13 are best and worst accordingly.

13. Sword of The Tall (Worst)

Sword of The Tall in action: 

Sword of The Tall showcase

Belonging to a king known as The Tall, the above-mentioned Royal Arm is not just any two-handed Greatsword but a chainsaw. Yes, you read that right. A Chainsaw. (Would make for a cool Chainsaw Man reference though. Check that manga out, by the way. Amazing series. Anime releases on October 11.)

Found in Costlemark Tower, this is the only Royal Arm that’s not present in a tomb but rather in a maze that’s only available at night. You can get this weapon once you activate the “Of Gods and Kings” quest and defeat the Jabberwock.

It’s got the highest damage among the Royal Arms with 518 attack and has a really, really cool design! But despite all that, it’s just … bad. Like, really bad. The attack movement is slow, the Warp Strike is arguably slower and it doesn’t work on a group of enemies which most of the game has. You’ll know why it’s so bad in the next few lines.

Why Sword of the Tall is bad:

  • Painstakingly slow attack movements which would lead to Noct and the gang getting unnecessary damage accompanied by constant HP and MP drain.
  • Works best only on single giant enemies (Red Giants for example) which seldom occur in the game.
  • Reduced Elemental Resistances which is a HUGE disadvantage considering there are lots of elemental enemies in the game.

Sword of the Tall full details:

This sword’s got a great design! But that’s just the only good thing about it. Nothing worth remembering.

12. Mace of The Fierce (Worst)

Mace of The Fierce in action:

Mace of The Fierce showcase

Property of an old king of yore known as The Fierce, this weapon is a gigantic mace as it’s mentioned above. (Duh.) Discovered at the Tomb of the Fierce which is at the summit of The Rock of Ravatough (one hell of a tough dungeon, by the way.), This Royal Arm goes well with its namesake considering that it bludgeons the enemies in front of you.

Like the weapon before, it handles itself like a two-handed greatsword but it’s actually a mace. It’s got a good warp strike attack and it’s perfect for breaking appendices of monsters but it is slow to use and doesn’t have that much versatility.

Why Mace of The Fierce is bad:

  • Slow attack movements which can again risk Noct and the rest to susceptible attacks from the enemy.
  • Reduced Ballistic Resistance which is quite disadvantageous keeping in mind that there are more Magitek Soldiers hunting the four heroes and are ready to gun them down anytime.
  • Risk of combo interruption leading to early death keeping in mind that HP and MP is constantly drained.

Mace of the Fierce full details:

Not gonna lie, it looks deadly. Deadly enough to put Noct and the gang at risk here.

11. Bow of The Clever (Worst)

Bow of The Clever in action:

Bow of The Clever showcase

Owned by a king of old known as The Clever who sought refinement of his skills through the arts, this Royal Arm is more of a ranged weapon rather than a melee one. How? Well, it acts more like a gun. (Although, a gun for a Royal Arm would’ve been amazing. But then again, this is the old times we’re talking about.)

This weapon is different from the rest in the fact that it uses a magic stat instead of strength to deliver attack damage. So, the usage of accessories will be crucial here. The better the magic stats/build, the more damage it does.

This can be found at the optional Balouve Mines dungeon where the Tomb of The Clever will be present and you can get the Royal Arm. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend this Royal Arm at all. Here’s why.

Why Bow of The Clever is bad:

  • You do not get this Royal until very late in the game. You’ll have to be Level 50 for it to even get access to the dungeon and get the royal arm.
  • Only works on the ground. Doesn’t work airborne which can prove quite disadvantageous.
  • Ranged weapon only. An additional buff for this would’ve been good if it provided some physical damage as well.
  • No proper Warp-Strike as Noct shoots four diagonally upward arrows that may miss enemies that are quick, too small or far away from Noct after warping.

Bow of the Clever full details:

Sleek and Stylish. The Bow sure was advanced in its time. Wish it was as advanced in-game as it claims to be.

10. Sword of The Wise (Average)

Sword of The Wise in action:

The first Royal Arm that you ever receive in-game. Obviously, as most Royal Arms are named after their namesakes with Noct being the exception, this one was in the hands of a king known as The Wise who raised the walls of Lucis and is a considerably simple weapon for a simple man.

You get this Royal Arm in Chapter 2 at the Tomb of the Wise located in northern Leide as part of the main story and gives you a fair taste of what the Royal Arms actually are in-game. It’s a fairly good weapon with one defining feature, it’s got a two-hit Warp Strike. Perfect for obliterating enemies around you.

For a first Royal Arm, it’s pretty good! Not going to lie, doing the hit-and-run tactic seems fair with this weapon as it gives you the perfect time to evade and land those warp-strike combos. But it does lack in some aspects.

Why Sword of The Wise is average:

  • One of the best blitz combos can be performed with this Royal Arm which can be suitable for significant damage delivery.
  • Two-hit warp strikes are always a plus considering the weapon's distance-closing properties and always give an edge.
  • No MP cost but significant HP drain which can prove fatal for Noct in battle.

Sword of the Wise full details:

I’m a simple man. I see a simple Royal Arm, I use.

9. Star of The Rogue (Average)

Star of the Rogue in action: 

Star of The Rogue showcase

Belonging to the Lucian queen, Crepera Lucis Caelum, who took to the shadows to ensure her rule, this is another ranged Royal Arm in the shape of a giant Shuriken. Going well with her namesake The Rogue, it does well to have a moveset similar to the Rogue/Ninja subclass in the previous Final Fantasy games.

This weapon can be obtained in the Tomb of the Rogue located at the end of Myrlwood Forest in northwest Cleigne. This is an optional Royal Arm like most of the weapons here on the list and you need to be above Level 40 to get this Royal Arm and Myrlwood Forest opens up mid-game in Chapter 7.

Unlike the Bow of the Clever, the Star of the Rogue uses strength to deliver damage to the enemies. But it has an erratic pattern of usage despite its well-adjusted stats.

Why Star of The Rogue is average:

  • Performs a multi-hit Warp Strike which can be used for giant enemies such as Behemoth or Iron Giant.
  • Can hit multiple enemies at once so great for crowd-control.
  • An erratic pattern of function so can be difficult to use in most situations.

Star of the Rogue full details:

Noct doing the JoJo pose while holding this humongous Shuriken.

8. Swords of The Wanderer (Average)

Swords of The Wanderer in action:

Swords of The Wanderer showcase

Don’t let the name fool, you. They may look like swords (and act like them.) but trust me when I tell you that they’re the dagger versions of the Royal Arms. Property of the old king of yore known as The Wanderer where this Lucian King explored realms yet to be discovered by mankind, this weapon is a class apart.

You get this Royal Arm via the main story in Chapter 3 where you get to go to the Tomb of the Wanderer located in Greyshire Glacial Grotto. The cool thing about this Royal Arm is that the separate swords act like daggers and can be joined together to form one sword for maximum damage delivery.

It's fast, delivers a flurry of attacks while executing a heavy blow as well and the moveset rival those of the Zwill Crossblades. It’s a weapon worth using in your playthrough. But like most Royal Arms, this one has its own set of faults as well.

Why Swords of the Wanderer is average:

  • Flurry of combos performed in dagger form but weak in delivering damage to opponents.
  • The combined form provides focused hits but is slower in animation and is forward-directional only.
  • Provides an opportunity to perform evasive leap which is perfect for dodging enemies.

Swords of the Wanderer full details:

The first two photos show the separate formation of the Swords in its full glory. The third shows the combined Herculean strength of this weapon fit only for a King.

7. Shield of The Just (Average)

Shield of The Just in action: 

Shield of The Just showcase

And we now reach the Shield Variant of the Royal Arms where this was once owned by a queen of the old remembered as The Just who was known for establishing peace in the region and was loved by all the citizens of the Lucian Kingdom.

You get this optional Royal Arm in the Tomb of the Just located west of the Disc of Cauthess and south of Lestallum in Thommel’s Glade. The great thing about this is that you do not need to traverse a dungeon to get this royal arm. Just like her namesake, you can find her tomb in a plain old field.

It handles itself exactly like a regular shield but unlike other royal arms, there’s something special about this weapon. You’ll find out why in the next few lines.

Why Shield of The Just is average:

  • Holding the phase button makes Noct recover his HP at the cost of his MP. Similar to how Noct takes cover.
  • Great for farming AP (Ascension Points) and clearing crowds of enemies by warp-strikes at a significant cost of HP.
  • Can brace against any unblockable attacks which help in the reduction of taking damage.

Shield of The Just full details:

That’s one tall-ass shield, not gonna lie.

6. Axe of The Conqueror (Average)

Axe of The Conqueror in action:

Axe of The Conqueror showcase

This one’s another story-attained Royal Arm with the weapon being originally of a king of yore known as The Conqueror who united the Lucian Continent in times of chaos. It’s a large labrys/double-headed halberd that instils fear in the hearts of the enemies.

You can get this weapon at the Tomb of the Conqueror located end of the Keycatrich Dungeon in northern Leide.

This Royal Arm is quite controversial to use. You’ll about to find out why.

Why Axe of The Conqueror is average:

  • Performs slow and powerful attacks but at the expense of defence and severe reduction in HP (Highest reduction in all Royal Arms)
  • Can perform Cross-Chains and Blindsides damaging giant enemies like Adamantoise, Behemoth etc.
  • Especially good at making enemies vulnerable where the rest of Noct’s gang can perform their attacks on them but with a significant reduction in HP (as said before.)

Axe of The Conqueror full details:

That’s one mean-looking axe. Preferably suitable for someone who says “WHO TOOK MY FOOD!?”

5. Sword of The Father (Best)

Sword of The Father in action:

Sword of The Father showcase

You all know whose sword is this. You must, by now. It’s the signature sword of the one and only King Regis Lucis Caelum, the 113th monarch of the Lucian Kingdom and father to the Chosen King, Noctis. Hence, the name of the iconic weapon.

You get this sword via Chapter 13. Not going to spoil the details of it, still. But this is another story-attained Royal Arm where once you get this weapon, Noctis feels complete and compelled to do his duty as a King. (I got this when acquiring ALL the Royal Arms and getting this as a Final Royal Arm is a feeling like none other, trust me.)

It’s one of the best Royal Arms in-game. And for good reasons.

Why Sword of The Father is best:

  • Lowest HP drain when used in combat making it the only Royal Arm to do so. (Obviously, what a Father wouldn’t do for his own son.)
  • No MP cost when performing mini-warps or Warp Strikes making it ideal to strike foes alike.
  • Places enemies in Vulnerable state without the expense of HP, MP or Strength stats, perfect for executing a flurry of combos.

Sword of The Father full details:

The iconic sword. Imbued with the blessings of a Father for his Son.

4. Blade of The Mystic (Best)

Blade of The Mystic in action:

Blade of The Mystic showcase

This blade belonged to the first Lucian King, Somnus Lucis Caelum AKA The Mystic. He established the first Lucian Kingdom and made the foundations of the Kingdom that would be known today in-game.

This is another story-acquired Royal Arm where you find the weapon at the Disc of Cauthess in Chapter 4 where you get to fight the summon Titan.

It’s a well-balanced Royal Arm which has buffs helping you in your in-game journey and I’d recommend using this Royal Arm anytime.

Why Blade of The Mystic is best:

  • Can have +100 Strength buff activated for 10 seconds not just in combat but outside as well for quick elimination of enemies.
  • A quick and combo-friendly weapon that releases three projections before a Warp-Strike in combat for significant damage.
  • Delivers devastating damage in melee and is helpful in breaking appendages as well.

Blade of The Mystic full details:

Quite Mystical, ain’t it?

3. Katana of The Warrior (Best)

Katana of The Warrior in action:

Katana of The Warrior showcase

This Royal Arm belongs to a king of the old known as The Warrior whose wife was taken from him very early and was changed after this tragedy. He made this weapon in the lands outside Lucis and hunted down all those involved in the murder of her beloved both in the Lucian Continent as well in the Accordian and Imperial Continents.

This is another story-acquired Royal Arm where you get to attain this in the Tomb of the Warrior located in the abandoned quarry of Fodina Caestino on the Imperial Continent.

It’s a Katana. This goes out for all the weebs out there. (Me included.) And it plays so good, dammit. I was a regular user of this Royal Arm in my playthrough. And it’s the closest you can get to playing as Vergil from Devil May Cry series in a Final Fantasy game.

Why Katana of The Warrior is best:

  • Extended range of Warp Strike allowing to teleport quickly from one end of the enemy horde to another.
  • Fast combo execution while delivering heavy damage and a flurry of attacks, ideal for Magitek Army.
  • Very quick Warp Strike allowing quicker elimination of enemies.

Katana of The Warrior full details:


2. Trident of The Oracle (Best)

Trident of The Oracle in action:

Trident of The Oracle showcase

This is another signature weapon of the series. You all must know it by now too. This belonged to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, The Oracle. Unlike most Royal Arms, this one is not of Lucis Caelum bloodline but was instead of the Nox Fleuret i.e. the Oracle’s bloodline and it was passed from one generation to another.

You get this weapon at the end of Chapter 12 of the game. Not going to spoil the details, again.

This weapon is listed as among the top for good reasons. Apart from the significance in the story, it’s got great combat skills as well. Personally used this as well in my playthrough but really wished we could’ve gotten this earlier somehow.

Why Trident of The Oracle is best:

  • Creates after-images of Noctis when doing combos dealing additional damage to enemies upon touching.
  • Aerial dive Warp Strikes can stun-lock enemies surrounding Noctis providing significant damage.
  • Provides a flurry of combos ending with a heavy blow making for quick elimination of enemies.

Trident of The Oracle full details:

Noct holding the weapon of his Dearly Beloved. Surely an important weapon for him.

1. Scepter of The Pious (Best)

Scepter of The Pious in action:

Scepter of The Pious showcase

And there it is. The last Royal Arm on the last making its way to the top. This Royal Arm belonged to a king of old known as The Pious who worked closely with the Oracle of his time and inculcated divine laws within his kingdom.

This Royal Arm can be attained in Chapter 6 but in an optional prompt when one of the Chocobros will suggest going there for exploration. And like most Royal Arms, this will be found in the Tomb of the Pious located at the end of Malmalam Thicket. Take note, Iris will also accompany you as a guest during this expedition, should you choose to accept it.

This weapon is a Jack-of-all-trades amongst the Royal Arms in the sense that its moveset takes on the forms of five other Royal Arms to perform a variety of attacks. Like the Bow of the Clever, it uses magic stats for delivering damage but can be used for some bludgeoning physical combat as well!

Why Scepter of The Pious is best:

  • Greater Dark Resistance making it suitable for thrashing out Daemons.
  • Different forms of attacks based on directional input of player mimicking other Royal Arms.
  • Performs two-hit Aerial Warp Strikes while evading incorporating the hit-and-run tactic for avoiding damage overall during combat.

Scepter of The Pious full details:

Beware my Power, the Divine Lucian King’s Light.

And with that, the list of the best Royal Arms is finished! These are my two cents on it. Let’s hope you find this list useful and decide which of these Kingly Weapons should you select for your arsenal.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go and finish my second playthrough of the Pitioss Ruins dungeon. That’s one tough end-game dungeon, trust me. See ya next time!

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