Top 15 Best Roblox Adventure Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

An adventure awaits!

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Fancy an adventure?

From young kids to adults enjoying the fun and amazing gaming experiences, Roblox is now a well known and well loved gaming platform. The platform is also known for their iconic blocky avatar, and now evolved into a more modern game avatar body. 

The games in Roblox also are now better than ever with more game genres and great graphics. And if you’re looking for some action packed games, why not try our list of the most fun Roblox adventure games?


15. Blox Adventures (PC, Mobile, Tablet, XBox)

Blox Adventures gameplay video by GravyKoalaMan YT

A really fun and challenging adventure obby game. Complete world maps, and earn coins to unlock more and more harder worlds. Some maps are really hard!

There’s a new racing adventure mode, best played with friends!


14. Castle in the Sky (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Castle in the Sky gameplay video by PebbleSand1 YT

Based on the well loved Studio Ghibli film of the same name, Castle in the Sky is an adventure obby. Some of the elements in the game will absolutely remind you of the Ghibli movies, like the kodamas and the ancient robots in Castle in the Sky film.

The obby adventure is fun to play. As you move along the map, little by little you get to find out the secrets of the castle, and why you are there in the first place.


13. Epic Mini Games (PC, Mobile, Tablet, XBox)

Roblox Epic Minigames gameplay video by Janet and Kate YT

Epic Mini Games is really one of the best and fun games on Roblox. Some of the games are hard too. Earn coins as you enjoy the game and solve over hundreds of puzzle games here. You’ll find puzzle games, adventure games, obbies, and problem solving games.

There are pets and the gears here are fun and interactive. Make it rain flowers and even set up bombs around the map!


12. Escape Room (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Roblox Escapr Room gameplay video by ethereal YT

One of the hardest Roblox games ever. In the Escape Room, you have an hour to complete puzzles and escape over 20 different rooms, each with its own extra hard puzzle! 

This is an award winning game and won over four Bloxy Awards over the years including “Hardest Game” in 2017. Really great game for puzzle and problem solving game lovers. So be sure to gather your wits and escape quickly!


11. Build a Boat for Treasure (Mobile, Tablet, PC, XBox)

Build a Boat for Treasure gameplay video by LavaFlows YT

As the name suggests, you build a boat and travel by water to look for treasure. At the beginning of the game, you only get few basic materials for building your boat. As you level up and earn more, you get more and sturdier materials to build a bigger vessel.

The goal is to craft a very sturdy boat/ship that will stay afloat because there are a lot of obstacles at sea. Careful when treading the dangerous waters in this world!


10. Little World (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox)

Roblox Little World gameplay video by CentiDent YT

Ever wondered how is it like to live as an insect? Step into the not so little world of Little World! Learn the challenges of becoming a small insect or bug, and survive the wild life starting at the bottom of the food chain. 

Leveling up here is easy by collecting fruits and joining campaigns. You also get to be a different type of animal every time you level up. Just be extra careful of the bigger animals!


9. Dragon Adventures (PC, Mobile, Tablet, XBox)

Fanmade Dragon Adventures trailer by FlufyTSG YT

Dragons are indeed mighty and majestic mythical creatures, and you will fall in love with Dragon Adventure’s beautifully designed dragons. Take care of dragon eggs, hatch and raise tamed and strong dragons. Design your base and you can also engage in battle with other players.

Developer Sonar Studios really are amazing and talented, the Dragon Adventures’ dragons are ethereal and magnificent!


8. Dragon Blade (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Roblox Dragon Blade gameplay video by Accemption YT

Dragon Blade is inspired from The Legend of Zelda. Dragon Blade’s Terragonia world map is really beautiful and fun to explore while riding a horse or even a dragon! Complete quests to level up your armor and weapons.

You may also build and design your own base and eventually, your own kingdom. Get ready for this game’s fun and epic adventures!


7. Piggy (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox)

Roblox Piggy gameplay video by CookieSwirlC YT

Piggy is one of the well known and most played games on Roblox. Just a reminder that this game is a horror game. But, it’s more like a semi/mild thriller horror game, it’s not too scary and you’ll see in social media, some kids actually really love Piggy. 

You will have to complete the first story game. There is an infection, and you have to escape the premises you are currently in, find keys and do not at all costs go near Piggy.


6. Loomian Legacy (PC, Mobile, Tablet, XBox)

One of the many Pokemon inspired games in Roblox. You can do the story quests, explore the map to discover loomians-the Pokemon like creatures in the game, battle NPCs and players. There are over 200 collectable adorable loomians to discover.

Loomian Legacy will surely make you feel like you are adventuring with Ash and Pikachu!


5. Treasure Quest (Tablet, Mobile, PC, XBox)

Fight monsters of every kind in different and fun dungeons in Treasure Quest. Defeat enemies, collect treasure chests, and use your spoils of war to get better weapons and cosmetics. As you level up it is easier to defeat enemies and finish dungeons quickly with even one hit. 

Based on the fighting gameplay, Treasure Quest is quite an easy and easygoing adventure and RPG game. Finish dungeons solo, or go on a dungeon grind with friends or join random parties. It's easy to get addicted to this game!


4. Vesteria (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Vesteria game guide video by Ky YT

It’s easy to get lost in Vesteria’s magical adventure and RPG world. Defeat enemies, complete quests and upgrade your ranks. The world map here is really charming.

There are dungeons to raid, and cities to unlock. It'll have you feeling like a hero in a medieval adventure movie! Vesteria is one of the most played games on Roblox.


3. The Wild West (PC)

Roblox The Wild West gameplay by Tank Fish YT

This is the Roblox game for all you cowpokes. There’s the great western world to explore, banks to rob, or try to be a good citizen and leave your outlaw ways behind and help the law catch wanted men. There are a lot of fun and enjoyable quests to complete.

The game’s gameplay is a lot similar to the Red Dead games series. If you are a fan of the Red Dead games, you will enjoy The Wild West. Experience what it’s like to be a real outlaw like Arthur, John, or Red in Roblox!


2. Pirate’s Tale (PC)

Roblox A Pirate's Tale trailer by Aurek Team YT

Get ready and stock up on your bottles of rum, and set out on a journey in Pirate’s Tale. Here, you can live your best and carefree dream pirate life! Fight other pirate ships and sea monsters, engage in PvP with other pirates and explore the map to loot and hunt for treasures. 

The gameplay is really enjoyable, because of course, a pirate’s life is the greatest adventure you can have!


1. Winds of Fortune (PC)

Official Winds os Fortune trailer by Sonar Studios YT

Winds of Fortune is really one amazing game. Stunning graphics and gameplay. Here, you can live your dream pirate life, battling enemies and rival pirates, explore the beautiful and diverse world, gain skills-even magic! Craft weapons and upgrade your ship. 

The world and graphics look really advanced here, different from other Roblox games. Journeying in open seas is one of the best things to do in Winds of Fortune, but, be careful of sea kings and cunning bandits too!


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