Skyrim Daedric Quests Guide (with Video)

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Sanguine. Become an ally of any one of Nirn’s 15 Daedric Princes – and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Are Daedric Quests the Meat and Potatoes of Elder Scrolls’ Freeroaming?

Although you might be tempted to play the hero most-times – you are, after all, the HERO of Skyrim – sometimes it’s tempting to dabble in the dark-side. Being that they sort of represent the dark side of Nirn, the Daedric Princes are great for those who want to play around with the ungodly arts. Also their quests get you some pretty neat artefacts like rare swords and stuff. That’s a plus.

The Daedric quests are the doing of the biddings of these damn dark princes. One Prince says jump into that Oblivion portal – you say how high is that portal. There aren’t any portals involved, mind, but you get the picture. You do whatever these dark Princes tell you too – and reap enchanted rewards.

Below is a guide on the 15 Daedric quests scattered across Skyrim!


Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts - Azura's Star & Black Star ("The Black Star" quest)

  • Get yourself to the pretty standout Shrine of Azura – South of Winterhold.
  • Speak to Aranea.
  • Hit Winterhold, to the North.
  • Strike up a cheeky convo with Dagur at the Frozen Hearth inn. He’ll point you to Old Nelacar (also in the inn).
  • After intimidating, bribing, or persuading Nelacar for info (Speech matters…Speech or money or muscle) He’ll let you in on the last known location of his mentor – who was playing around with Azura’s Star (Azura’s Daedric artefact).
  • Strike out for Illinata’s keep (which be West of Riverwood)

Now here’s where the pace gets upped…

  • Follow the Dungeon’s twisting corridors. Watch out for them Conjurers too..
  • Keep on keeping on until you hit that barred door near the end. Unbar the flimsy wooden thing. Then head right for the dire Deluge.
  • Soon you’ll hit a bunch of steps somewhere in the Deluge. See that skeleton in his throne? Poor sod. Steal his stuff along with that broken Azura’s Star.

Time to choose…

  • Hand over Azura’s Star to either big Aranea (from the quest’s beginning) or old Nelacar at the inn.
  • You’ll get either Azura’s Star (the fixed version) or the big Black Star respectively.
  • Enter that starry Star, and defeat the tortured soul within.
  • Claim your starry Star.
  • Fin.


Skyrim Boethiah's Calling Walkthrough - Oblivion Walker Ebony Mail - Daedric Artifact # 12

Just bear in mind that you’ve gotta be Level 30 to get it on with Boethiah.

  • Hit up the Sacellum of Boethiah (Sacelleum is Roman for shrine don’tcha know. They could have just called it a shrine but ok), East of Windhelm stables and up in the mountainside.
  • Chat up that Priestess of Boethiah watching two cultists batter each other.


  • Bring one of your trusty companions to the shrine of Boethiah. Make sure that they’re nonessential.
  • Stare deep into the eyes of your good friend for the very last time, smiling warmly.
  • Instruct them to Use the Pillar of Sacrifice
  • Bludgeon their brains out.
  • Bludgeon the Boethiah cultists’ brains out.

Time to become Boethiah’s champion

  • Mosey on over to Knifepoint Ridge, West of Falkreath
  • Bludgeon Boethiah’s champion’s brains out.
  • Pick up that poor champion's sweet Ebony mail.
  • Wear those bloodstained Ebony garbs and wear them proud. You are now Boethiah’s champion.

3. Clavicus Vile

Skyrim A Daedra's Best Friend Walkthrough - Masque of Clavicus Vile - Daedric Artifact # 5

You’ll have to be a solid Level 10 before starting up this one

  • Speak to Lod or a guard at Falkreath – Lod’s dog’s gone missing, they say!
  • Head West of Falkreah till you see that mangy mutt
  • Follow that talking mutt to a lovely, dingy little abode called Haemar’s Shame.

Pick up the pace…

  • Fight through hordes of Edward Cullen and his many thralls until you reach Clavicus Vile’s towering statue
  • Clavicus rather misses his Rueful Axe. It’s up to you to grab that thing.
  • Head to Rimerock Burrow, far far to the Northwest of Skyrim.
  • There it is on the table, right next to Sebastian Lort. You’ll want to give him a few smacks before you grab it.
  • Head back to big Clavicus.


  • Either kill the mangy mutt – to keep the Rueful Axe – or spare him and earn yourself Clavicus Vile’s boon.

4.Hermaeus Mora

Skyrim: Obtaining The Oghma Infinium Artefact from Daedric Prince, Hermaeus Mora

You should be Level 15 before starting on this one! It also runs concurrently with the main questline – as in you’ll probably end up doing this one whichever way the wind blows.

  • Speak with Septimus Signus – sat, being a general lunatic, alone at his self-titled Outpost in a cave North of Winterhold.
  • Take on his generous offering of an Attunement Sphere and Blank Lexicon. Cheers, mate.
  • Shuffle on over to the nearest set of half-buried Dwemer ruins (Alfthand is just South-West of wintery Winterhold).
  • Descend the deep dark depths of Alfhand ruins, till you hit that Dwarven mechanism in Alfthand Cathedral. Hit it with your Attunement Sphere, baby.
  • Traverse the cavernous depths of Blackreach. Try not to get your head kicked in by Dwemer robots while you’re at it.

Once you’ve hit your objective marker, you’ll be faced with a room basically containing a centuries old Rubix cube.

  • Place the Blank Lexicon in the middle. Time to solve this glorified Rubix Cube.
  •  Hit the third button (from the left) till button two lights up.
  • Hit the second button from the left a couple times.
  • Smack that first button’s golden butt.
  • Now pick up that Runed Lexicon and maybe that Elder Scroll too. That might be important at some point.
  • Return to old Septimus at Septimus Signus Outpost.

Septimus needs the blood of several Dwemer-like species’ to open this big Dwemer lockbox of his. He’s a grizzly old fellow.

  • On your way out you’ll have a cheeky catch-up with Hermaeus Mora himself. Choose to be his champion, if you want.
  • Collect yourself a sample of Dark Elf’s, Orc’s, High Elf’s, Woof Elf’s, and Falmer’s blood. A fairly straightforward endeavour, really. Just bash their heads in and pinch the blood samples straight off their corpses.
  • Return to Septimus and watch him get sizzled a stone’s throw away from his lifelong dream.


Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts : Savior's Hide & Ring of Hircine ("Ill Met By Moonlight" quest)

  • Go to Falkreath town, following ghastly rumours of brutal murder to its culprit – Sinding (conveniently and thankfully behind bars at Falkreath jail).
  • Accept his kind offering – the Cursed Ring of Hircine – which is irremovable and seems to turn you into a man-slaughtering were-beast at random. Fun.
  • Next, you’ll be tracking a beautiful, fascinating species of white stag – truly stunning. Bash its head in to remove the ring. Bonus points for filming it and sending it in to Nat Geo Wild.

The Stag’ll then talk to you for a few. Well, Hircine will using the stag as a conduit. Time to hunt Sinding.

  • Head to Bloated Man’s Grotto – Northwest of Riverwood.
  • Save Sinding…or annihilate him to bits. Either way, you’ll win Hircine’s favour.


Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts : Volendrung ("The Cursed Tribe" quest)

  • Gain access to Largashbur stronghold (Southwest of Lake Honrich in The Rift) anyway anyhow. (Hint: save Ugor from Giant-induced death outside the stronghold or find some way of tempting the Orcs out - like with some ranged attacks -so they’ll unlock their doors in the process. Simples.)
  • Speak with the adorably named Atub, and gather him some Troll Fat and a Daedra Heart as offerings.

(There should be a spot of Troll Fat in the shed containing an Alchemy Lab to the right of Malacath’s fearsome shrine If you’ve done Mehrune’s Dagon’s little quest, you’ll be able to yank out the Daedra Hearts of the Dremora around Dagon’s freaking huge shrine. They respawn every 10 days, in case you Fus Ro Dah them off a cliff and can’t find their remains or something.)

  • Bring those ingredients right back to Atub.
  • Once Malacath’s done yammering on, all disappointed and that, join Chief Yamaraz at Fallowstone Cave (Northeast of Riften).
  • Chief Yamaraz isn’t getting out of this alive, either way, so deal with him however you’d like. Bearing in mind he’ll attempt to batter you no matter what you do.
  • Batter the head Giant to little pieces (There’s a tiny alcove to the right of Malacath’s shrine. A perfect place to get some R&R between clashes with the beast.)
  • Bring the big dude’s Warhammer back to Largashbur.
  • Lay it over Malacath’s shrine, once Malacath’s done yammering on again, and see it transformed. Meet Volendrung – your new favourite toy.

7.Mehrunes Dagon

Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts - Mehrunes' Razor ("Pieces of the Past" quest)

Mehrune’s Dagon can mainly be taken on through invitation. Once you hit a big fat Level 20 on your character, a Courier may happen to approach you – kicking things off (that or you can overhear talk of the Mythic Dawn museum around and about Dawnstar).

  • Chat up Silus at his DIY Mythic Dawn museum till he lets you in on some info regarding the three pieces of Mehrune’s Razor.

The Hilt

  • Retrieve the Razor’s hilt from Jorgen’s house in Morthal, either by persuading/brawling him into submission, swiftly sneaking it out of its Adept-locked chest, or having a talky talk with his wife Lami – completing Rare Gifts and allowing you to take it scot-free!

Pommel Stone

  • Head to Dead Crone Rock, Southwest of Markarth
  • Find the witch within and calmly commence to bashing her head in. It truly will be a dead crone rock after you’re done annihilating that old lady. Take the pommel stone from her.

Razor’s shards

  • Mosey on over to Cracked Tusk Keep, West of Falkreath.
  • Get yourself inside that Orc’s keep someway, somehow. There’s a hatch to Ghunzul’s room upon the roof of the keep. It’s his head you need to bash in.
  • Nab his vaults key to open up the gates (or just pick that Expert lock).
  • Pull the two levers and grab yourself those shards at the end. Beware the traps!

Once you have all three:

  • Return to Silus, at Dawnstar.
  • Meet Silus at Dagon’s rather imposing, unnecessarily gigantic shrine, in the mountains South of The Pale.
  • Commune with Dagon. Whether or not you walk away with his Razor, though, depends on your opinion of Silus as you’ll soon see.

8. Mephala

The elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Daedric quest - Mephala

Before you hit up this cheeky Daedric Prince, you’ve gotta be Level 20 – and past Dragon Rising from the main questline.

  • Wonder around The Bannered Mare at Whiterun for a spell (after having met the requirements mentioned previously) and you’ll hear talk of Jarl Balgruuf’s estranged children sooner or later.
  • Hit up Jarl Balgruuf, at either Whiterun’s keep or the Blue Palace depending on what’s occurred during the Civil War questline. Ask about his kids, obviously.
  • Look for Nelkir at Dragonsreach. He’s a cheeky young chap with a bit of a mouth on him but hey ho anything for a Daedric artefact, am I right?
  • Follow his directions to the locked door in the keep’s basement.
  • After some intense listening – to the fairly creepy voice at the door -, speak with Nelkir again. He’ll tell you that the key can be found on either Farengar Secret-Fire or Jarl Balgruuf. He’ll also tell you that no one will miss Farengar, should things not go so well between you two. Creepy kid.
  • Pickpocket or otherwise obtain the key however you can off the aforementioned individuals.
  • Head on through that secret door in the basement. Nab yourself that Ebony blade, and hear Mephala’s grim instruction.
  • The blade can only be returned to its former glory if it’s used to brutally murder someone who trusts you, apparently. It’s a fine weapon, though, so you better had do. Using the sword, RKO a follower or some (non-essential) person you’ve previously done a favour for. If they tell you you’ve been good to them whenever you walk by, consider them to be an ample target.


Skyrim: Daedric Artifact - Dawnbreaker

You might have to be Level 12 to start this little ditty – just cause Meridia’s beacon will only begin to spawn in chests in dungeons, ruins, and bandit camps once you’ve hit that little number.

  • Once you’ve ahold of Meridia’s Beacon, scoot it on over to Meridia’s Statue (West of Solitude). Find it either in random, unassuming chests scattered through the world, or approach Meridia’s statue and the big lady will tell you where to get one herself.
  • Hand that beacon to the statue. Precedingly mess your trousers as you’re violently thrown - like an eagle up a tornado - several kilometres into the clouds above Skyrim.

She’ll want you to clear some rascally necromancing buffoons out of her shrine.

  • Guide Meridia’s Beacon’s light throughout Meridia’s shrine ruins¸ mainly by activating pedestals throughout, turning various crystals and refracting the light towards the objective, like some overblown high school science project.
  • Make sure you stop and loot some of the former Necromancer’s cold corpses on the way. They must have gotten their pensions a few decades early or something, cause by and large they’re carrying upwards of 40 gold each.
  • Eventually you’ll stumble upon Kilkreath Catacombs, and the Necromantic ritual unfolding within.
  • Destroy Malkorath – and then destroy him again the moment he decides he can just raise himself up from the dead willy nilly.

His shades will attempt to flank you, throughout, so try and stay back – resorting to some ranged attacks. Having a companion at your 6 might be a good idea. Another option is to go beast-mode and Werewolf Malkorath before he has a chance to do anything. You’ll have to be a Werewolf, of course.

  • Retrieve Dawnbreaker – making sure to relieve the area’s dead of their heavy purses beforehand, or else you’ll never have another opportunity to do so.

10. Molag Bal

Skyrim: "The House of Horrors" Mace of Molag Bal Daedric Quest

This one’s a little unconventional to start off with. Ever seen Insidious? Think Insidious, Skyrim Edition.

  • Head on into Markarth town. Somewhere, smack-bang in the middle, you’ll bump into Tyranus.
  • Go with Tyranus into Markarth’s haunted house – prepare yourself, big Insidious vibes inbound.
  • After all that haunted house business, bash Tyranus’ head in, just as Molag Bal tells you to. It’s the only way forward, I’m afraid.
  • Go into the basement, and have a heart-to-heart with Molag Bal while you’re behind bars, unable to escape.
  • Track down Logrolf the Wilful – a priest of Boethiah. He’ll be at any one of the Forsworn camps in the region. Don’t worry too much about tracking him down. That’s what map markers are for, kids.
  • Take Logrolf the Wilful back to the house for some refreshing R&R in Molag Bol’s rusty cage.
  • Happily oblige Molag Bal by brutally beating old Logrolf into submission twice – killing him to obtain the Mace of Molag Bal.

11. Namira

Skyrim Remastered: RING of NAMIRA Location The Taste of Death - All Daedric artifacts Walkthrough)

  • Approach Kleppr at the Silver-Blood inn for some general rumours. Soon enough, he’ll be spilling some saucy info on Verelus shutting down the local burial joint.
  • Catch up with Verelus himself on your way into the hall, bribing or persuading him into letting you have a bit of a snoop around.
  • Inside, you’ll find Eola – who accidentally wondered into the burial hall just the other day, and also accidentally ate a few of the bodies. You’d better hear her out if you want to start the quest.
  • Head on down to Reachcliff Cave – South of Reachwater Rock – and clear the place. Make it a bit cosier for the coming celebration.
  • Chat up Eola once more, and she’ll propose a celebratory feast. The main course is that bloke Velerus from earlier, who was just trying to protect the town’s graveyard.
  • After luring Velerus to the party, you’ll have the option of bashing his head in – or doing the same to the entire Coven of Namira. Obviously, you’ll only get the ring of Namira for one of those options. I’ll let you decide which it is.

Alternatively, you can give Eola a good smacking right at the start and be done with the whole affair (while earning yourself a few extra gold pieces from Verelus).

12. Peryite

Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts : Spellbreaker ("The Only Cure" quest)

Peryite demands that you be at least Level 12 to start the quest by approaching his pestilent shrine. At Level 10 a surprise encounter with one of the Afflicted can also get you there, mind.

  • Kesh, at Peryite’s shrine (Southwest of Dragontooth Crater), will recommend that you gather a few bits and bobs. These bits and bobs include a deathbell flower, a Silver Ingot, a flawless ruby, and some vampire dust.
  • Alternatively, you can skip the chit-chat by gathering all the items we’ve listed here and sticking them straight into the cauldron at Peryite’s shrine. Inhale those fumes for a taste of and encounter with Peryite himself. Basically you start the quest by smoking up.

Hints on the required items…

  • A Flawless Ruby can be found in the halls of Countenance and Attainment in the College of Winterhold. Looting dead Dragons can also work (sometimes).
  • Deathbells can be located throughout the swamps of Hjaalmarch.
  • Silver Ingots and Vampire Dust are carried by the Silver Hands of the Companions questline. They’ll be found at the hall of the Companions in Whiterun.

Now you’ll be after the glorious title of a champion of Peryite.

  • Ride on over to Bthardamz, conveniently directly West of the Shrine to Peryite.
  • From here on out you’ll be battling bucket-loads of Orchendor’s Afflicted and Dwemer robots, till you reach big Orchendor himself.
  • You’ll find Orchendor surrounded by hordes of his Dwemer robot minions. One of them is also a Centurion. Thankfully, you can bypass these steamy beasts with a little stealth and patience. Or just knock their rusty heads in with a wooden sword. Whatever floats your longboat.
  • Now, Orchendor’s a bit of a tricky fellow. He’s completely immune to frost, fire, and shock spells for a start. Good luck, mages. He can also teleport, so good luck getting an edge over him – like say the edge of a blade. Archery or Sneak should suffice, however.
  • Once he’s been suitably smashed to smithereens, return to the Shrine to Peryite and claim Spellbreaker for yourself.

13. Sanguine

Skyrim Remastered: Sanguin Rose Location (A Night To Remember - All Daedric artifacts)

You’ve got to look like you can handle a few drinks before you start this one (you should be Level 14 at least)

  • After hitting Level 14, the first inn you stop by will have Sam Guevenne in it. Accept his offer of a glorious drinking session.
  • After waking in Markarth’s Temple of Dibella, hungover, speak with the priestess and try smooth-talking your way out of clean-up duty. Grab that note on your way out no matter what though!
  • Speak with Ennis at Rorikstead about saving his goat from the Giant you sold it to, while blind drunk. You could just persuade, intimidate, or bribe him, if you don’t fancy bartering with the BFG. If you do approach the BFG, make sure you leave your followers behind or else the transaction might not go so smoothly.
  • Hit up Ysolda at Whiterun. Apparently, you were due to be married last night. If you can’t persuade, intimidate, or bribe Ysolda, hop along to Witchmist Grove (North of Bonestrewn Crest). It turns out your bride was a decrepit old witch – and she’s quite angry about you not tying the knot. She’s a witch so be wary of her Magicka.
  • Chat up Ysolda again, and she’ll direct you to Morvunskar. The place is packed with mages, mind, so be prepared to dice them up. Inside is a portal to the Misty Grove…
  • Inside you’ll find your old drinking buddy, although he looks a bit like Satan now. Take that Sanguine Rose on your way out!
  • Also, if you head to Moruvunskar right at the start you can skip all that other noise – though where’s the fun in avoiding all of those menial tasks?

14. Sheogorath

Skyrim-The Mind Of Madness Quest

Sheograth can be met at any Level! You’ve just got to make it to Solitude...

  • Seek out Dervenin, who’s raving mad and somewhere between the Blue Palace and Bards College.
  • Find the Pelagius’ Wing of the Blue Palace, and smooth-talk the maid outside into giving you the key.
  • Enter Pelagius’ Wing and also Pelagius’ mind.
  • Speak with Sheograth – the Prince of madness – and see about restoring sanity to Pelagius mind.

Paranoia (Northwest portal)

  • Enter the Northwest portal, and witness two atronachs fighting in an arena. Shoot the unsuspecting spectators on the other side (using your Wabbajack) until Sheograth turns them into wolves and they devour the issue at hand.

Night Terrors (Northeast portal)

  • Shoot Pelagius – in his bed – and then the creature that appears over him. Repeat until Pelagius’ nightmares are all gone. This man could sleep through anything, apparently.

Anger Issues (Southeast portal)

  • Blow up Pelagius’ confidence (that little fellow on the ground) with the Wabbajack, and shoot his attacker(s). Who knew that anger problems could be solved by blowing up other people?
  • Return to Sheograth to claim your Wabbajack, and finally be done with Pelagius’ shaky sanity.

15. Vaermina

Skyrim Waking Nightmare Walkthrough - Oblivion Walker Skull of Corruption - Daedric Artifact # 10

  • Wander about Dawnstar for a spell – till you hear two of its peoples talking about some bad dreams everybody had just the other day…
  • Alternatively, just head straight for Windpeak Inn and have a sit-down with Erandur. He’ll know just the trick for ridding the townsfolk of these nightmares.
  • Follow Erandur to Nightcaller temple, towering over Dawnstar and the frozen wasteland which is this part of Skyrim.
  • As you two hop merrily down into the depths, you’ll find some of the sleepy denizens wanting to commemorate the end of nap-time by bashing both your heads in.
  • Grab yourself Vaermina’s Torpor in the corner of the laboratory on a shelf.
  • Drink that lovely beverage. It’s like Mountain Dew but more magical. It’ll allow you to merrily stroll through that mystical barricade you saw a minute ago.
  • Pull a ring-on-chain, to the left of the barrier, so you can land yourself back in reality. Grab a hold of the Soul-Gem keeping that little barrier in place to get things going again.
  • A fleeting reunion with two of Erandur’s old buddies will now end with you and Erandur blowing them to pieces.
  • Finally, decide on whether you’d rather have the Skull of Corruption or spare Erandur’s life. That Skull of Corruption does look awfully shiny…

Skyrim’s Daedric Quests are more than just another set of generic side-quests. They colour the game with all sorts of exciting, unconventional scenarios and storylines. Not to mention that unique Daedric loot! The Daedric quests bring moral-decision-making to Skyrim, along with unique bits of story and dialogue. Oblivion’s Daedric Quests were almost the meat-and-potatoes of Oblivion’s exploration, and Skyrim doesn’t seem to be any different. We advise that you track down these Princes for a good few hours of fun.

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