[Top 15] Best Roblox Games For Kids (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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Cute and adorable pets to love! via Adopt Me Twitter

Roblox is really a part of the youth today, chances are, your kids are already playing Roblox.  Playing Roblox games is indeed fun and addicting.  And also with the cute graphics, and exciting clothes and accessories to dress up your avatar, the gaming platform is a favorite of kids, and even us adults.

There are over millions of amazing games on the platform, each one amazing in their own way. Some games are real gems, and will capture your kids' hearts. So here is our list of the fun games your little ones will have a blast playing! 

15. Doodle World (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Roblox Doodle World gameplay by Thinknoodles YT

Pokemon is absolutely a favorite among kids. If your child likes adorable creatures like in Pokemon, they will surely like Doodle World on Roblox too! It has a similar goal as in Pokemon, catch doodles using eggs, engage NPCs and players in a doodle battle, chain doodles to discover a new skin.

Kids will find the pets here are actually 2D doodles, or drawings of pets. But the art style is really cute and beautiful too. Doodle World also has a large fan base, and sometimes, the doodle art concept of fans gets in the game! If your kid is a Pokemon lover and loves to draw, this game is a must try!


14. Mermaid Life (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Mermaid Life gameplay by Phoeberry YT

Do you have little mermaids at home? Your kids will surely love Mermaid Life on Roblox, where they can make their  mermaid dreams come true in this magical game. Kids can customize their own mermaid character’s face, hair and body shape.

Work at the cafe, find treasure boxes, or look for traveling gypsy mermaid to earn the shell currency, and buy pretty clothes and accessories like crowns and tail accessories. Mermaid Life is really a fun and lovely game for kids and kids at heart. The underwater game map is really beautiful and there are lots of beautiful details. The player animations are unique and cute, like brushing her hair, playing Tamagotchi, and playing on the laptop in bed, in your own mermaid home.

Mermaids can also adopt cute, little sea creatures for pets now. Mermaid Life also has some Roblox toys which are so cute. Expect your real life mermaid to spend lots of time in this game, as it’s easy to just get lost and swim happily in this beautiful mermaid world!


13. Pet Simulator X (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Pet Simulator X gameplay by RussoPlays YT

Get ready for some blocky cuteness in this game! You get a starter pet to help you harvest money in the first location, earn coins to buy and hatch new pets.

As you  move along the map, you open new locations with different themes and if you have many pets, you harvest coins faster and faster to get new and rare pets. Pet Simulator is a favorite of kids, and the pets really are adorable. Kids will enjoy harvesting coins with their pets and while playing with friends.


11. World Zero (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Official Roblox World Zero trailer by developer Red Manta Games YT

World Zero is like the MMORPG  the younger set will appreciate. When you join the game, you get to choose what you want to be from the starter class, be a mage, swordmaster or defender. Defeat enemies, do dungeon quests, and tasks to earn gold to get better weapons and armor.

Kids will love exploring the vast and beautiful worlds.There are also great cosmetics, and weaponry here, you can dress as a samurai, a magical girl, there are also fun, seasonal outfits to purchase. World Zero really gives a Genshin Impact,  Sword Art Online vibe and Final Fantasy vibe.

As they level up and get stronger, they can join guilds which are very fun and enjoyable. Joining guilds also gives great rewards like an exclusive mount, and more crystals. Warning though, it’s really an addictive game, so better time your kids’ gaming!


12. Royale High (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Roblox Royale High outfits compilation by Daydream plays YT

The best game in Roblox for kids who love fairies, fantasy and fashion! Enter the magical world of Royale High,create your character, a fairy, a princess, cosplay a favorite character, or anything you like. The game is renowned for their stunning 3d designs of clothes and accessories.

The amount of detail on the pieces is really beautiful, and your little fashionista will truly appreciate them. There’s also a huge fan base here, and the developers hold submissions for fans to submit makeup art, wishing fountain stories, fabric designs, and more.

Kids will love this magical school game where they can fly with their pretty wings and explore the realms. As of writing, players are awaiting a huge Royale High update where there will be a new school, and it is truly stunning and ethereal. There will also be new mini games, so there is much to be excited about!


10. Fashion Famous (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Fashion Famous gameplay by PlayCookiePlay YT

If your kids are fashionistas in the making, they will truly enjoy Fashion Famous. With around 200 seconds, create a whole outfit from scratch, including hair and makeup, according to the theme. You can only use the clothes and accessories from the clothes that are in the outfit room.

After making your best outfit, players will rate  every player, and the winners will be announced. This is an easygoing and comfort game but really enjoyable. Kids will definitely have fun putting together an outfit, and checking the other players’ looks as well. And they will delight in seeing their character walk down the runway!


9. Welcome to Bloxburg (PC / Mobile/ Tablet )

Bloxburg gameplay by faulty YT

Bloxburg is just like The Sims game. Your character has realistic needs like becoming hungry, exhausted, bored, and more. You get a starter house, pick  whether to be a cashier, delivery person, fisherman, and other jobs, and earn money to buy food, furniture, and eventually materials to build the house of your dreams.

This game  is very popular among Robloxians, and the build mode of Bloxburg is one of the best building games on Roblox. And any game that unleashes a child’s creativity and imagination is on the A-list of any parent.

In Bloxburg you can build anything from scratch, like a lovely little cottage, a million dollar mansion, make a model of a national landmark, some even build a whole neighborhood. Kids will also enjoy doing the jobs, and with their own selves providing for themselves(their character) will give them a sense of responsibility.


8. Anime Fighting Simulator (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator gameplay by Gravycatman YT

Say, did you pass on to your kids your love of anime? If yes, then they are going to love Anime Fighting Simulator! With great and admirable characters like Luffy and Goku, they are a great role model for kids.

In Anime Fighting Simulator, they can get to try Luffy’s gear abilities in game or even Zoro’s 3 sword style technique! There are so many powers and abilities inspired from anime that we so love, like Naruto, various character abilities from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, and more.  If your kids are into anime and Japanese pop culture, they will really enjoy Anime Fighting Simulator.

They get to train really hard like their idols and obtain strong powers. The different dimensions are also inspired from various towns from various anime series, so kids and even you, if you are an anime geek too, will absolutely feel like you are there walking inside your favorite anime with added powers!


7. Epic Mini Games (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Epic Minigames gameplay by Roblox Battles YT

Mini games galore! Play really cool and fun mini games, earn in-game tokens every time you win a game to get fun gear like  a bomb that explodes, trail effects, and cute pets to follow you around. With over a hundred mini games, Epic Mini Games has games with almost every gaming strategy there is.

They have mini games with naval combat, fighting games, collecting, mind games, and so much more.  Kids will love this game because the games are easy and fun to do, some are hard, some need a lot of thinking, but you just need to be fast. This game is really cute and fun to play with the whole  family.


6. Hide and Seek Extreme (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Roblox Hide and Seek gameplay by MobileGamesDaily YT

Ready or not, here I come! Players play a game of hide and seek. The game picks the “It”, and players vote for the game location. The locations are parts of the house. Players will be given a chance to hide for 60 seconds.

Hide behind a box, under the table, you can even hide way up a desk or cabinet thanks to some jumping spots. Kids will really enjoy playing a virtual game of hide and seek. There are also perks and abilities that you can buy, like being able to fly/glide to find more hiding players. There’s also a cool skin you can use if you are the “It”.


5. Color Block (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

Roblox Color Block gameplay by Janet and Kate YT

There are tiles of different colors, step on the right color until the game ends and if you win, you gain XP and coins. Players can vote on the design of the tiles, they have flower, hexagon tiles, and more. There are also pets here that have simple blocky square shapes, but they have things on them like hair and accessories.

The 3d model of the pets are truly  cute and well made, even adults at heart will want to earn more to get them.  This is a really fun and feel good game for kids and adults. It’s like playing the game stop dance, but you have to hurry to get to the right tile color. The kids will really be excited when they see how cute the pets are!


4. Work at a Pizza Place (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

Work at a Pizza Place game review trailer by Roblox YT

One of the original Roblox games since the platform's early years. As the name suggests, players will work at a pizza place. Choose a pizzeria employee as you join the game, earn money to upgrade your house and get the cool furniture.

This is not only a fun game, but will teach your child the importance of having a job. As they do the cashier, cook, or delivery work, and get paid, it will give them the feeling of satisfaction that if they do the work, they will be rewarded(paid). There’s also a party island here, where players can join and launch a party, dance on the dancefloor, and have a great time.  


3. Ropets (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

 Official Ropets trailer by developer Ropets YT

Ropets has some of the cutest looking pets that you can own in a Roblox game. The pets’ design and 3d build here look like they’re straight out of a Disney movie, and they are really adorable. With over 500 pets to hatch and collect, this is absolutely a game your little ones will love!

The game also has a build mode which will definitely boost your kids’ creativity. There’s also an obby, and the avatar editor here can let you be anything you want. Ropets has the best looking unicorn pets!


2. Dragon Adventures (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Official Dragon Adventures trailer by developer Sonar Studios YT

Get ready to be immersed in Dragon Adventures’ beautiful and magical world. With over a hundred dragon breeds with stunning and ethereal designs to collect and raise. You can also design your own base, you can also battle other players.

The dragons here are truly beautiful and one of a kind. They also look like Pokemon dragons. Kids will love flying around the beautiful map on their dragon’s back. It definitely gives a feeling of being on set with Hiccup and Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride!


1. Adopt Me! (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

Official Adopt Me update trailer video by PlayAdoptMe YT

Probably one of the best games and most successful games on Roblox today. In its early years, you can only adopt human babies, roleplay, or just enjoy the game map. But, today in Adopt me!, you can buy pet eggs and hatch different types of pets, from farm animals to mythical creatures, and even get them some cool pet wear.

 Raise the pets, turn them neon, and build. The build mode in Adopt me! is also one of the game’s best features now, and the developers also add more materials for building.  Kids will absolutely adore the cute pets here.

Adopt Me! has also collaborated with a lot of big brands like Warner Brothers for Scooby Doo, Universal Studios for Minions, and the Spin Master Glamicorn bag to name a few. They also have constant updates with new pets, houses, and weather-giving new pets depending on the weather. 

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