Top 10 Best Roblox Car Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

We rounded up the Top 10 best Roblox car games for you!

Roblox games has since evolved, and the platform now has many games that have not only great gameplay, but graphics as well. These include car/racing games!

Think of Need For Speed or Dirt vibes games, but on Roblox! Here’s our list of fun Roblox car games.


10. Autoclub Sports (Mobile / PC / Tablet / Xbox)

Roblox Autoclub Sport gameplay by Carboom YT

Autoclub Sports is your usual driving car game. You get a starter car, drive, and earn money. Drive around a nice Japanese city with really great views. The map is nice and will make you feel like you are in Tokyo City. 

There are lots of races and grand prix events to join. And also different maps to drive around on. If you like anime and anything Japanese, this game will make you feel like you are in Japan!


9. Driving Simulator (PC / Mobile / Tablet / Xbox)

Driving Simulator gameplay video by Seniac YT 

Driving Simulator is an easygoing game to play. Upon joining, you are given enough money to customize your first car in your own garage which is really cool. You earn game currency when you drive. There are races and daily quests to look forward to everyday. 

The drive mode and controls here are also very easy to use. Driving Simulator is a fun game to play and drive around the game map.


8. Hot Wheels Open World (Mobile / PC / Tablet / Xbox)

Official Hot Wheels Open World trailer by Hot Wheels Gaming YT

Yes, Hot Wheels on Roblox! Hot Wheels Open World is one of many original collaborations of Roblox with well known brands. Here, you can pick your Hot Wheels car to drive around the fun and exciting map. You’ll be sure to come across some fun obstacles. You can also join races. As you earn the game currency, you can unlock more vehicle types.

One of the favorites here is the custom feature. Your very own unique Hot Wheels!  Imagine all your favorite and most wanted Hot Wheels cars come to life and you can even drive them yourself! This is a game every Hot Wheels fan of all ages will love, and will truly give you that childhood nostalgia.


7. Car Crushers 2 (Mobile / PC / Tablet / Xbox)

Roblox CAr Crushers 2 gameplay by Rainbow Dash Tricia YT

Car Crushers 2 is a very unique and cool car game. Over 200 car models available, and a huge map to drive around in. There are the usual supercar favorites as well as the more affordable car models. As the title suggests, yes, you will be crushing your car! Crush your car in many ways like driving into the Spike Pit,  Landslide, The Freezer, The Slicer and more. Crushing your car is the main way to earn money, you can also earn by joining races.

Bump your way to a car fight with other players in the demolition derby mode and try not to fall down the fire pit. There’s also a time when the crushing facility will explode and you will need to evacuate. There’s no better place to wreck cars at Car Crushers 2!


6. Midnight Racing: Tokyo (Mobile / PC / Tablet / Xbox)

Midnight Racing Tokyo car guide video by EJBL1 YT

Love cars and Japanese culture and pop culture? You will truly love Midnight Racing: Tokyo! They have well known car brands and models that look amazing and even the smallest details too. Enter races, or challenge individual players, and upgrade your own unique car. The driving gameplay here is realistic too, as you need to use the gear shift button as you drive. 

As of writing, the game is still in Beta, but the map is really nice, and every Japanophile will enjoy the place. Drive around and enjoy the Tokyo city life, check out the Japanese stores or head to Japanese countryside and drive around the scenic mountainside views.


5. Driving Empire (Mobile / Tablet / PC / Xbox)

Roblox Driving Empire gameplay video by ItsMatrix YT

Driving Empire has a lot of nice supercars. The car graphics and driving gameplay is also realistic. It’s easy to earn money here, just drive your car, and you automatically accumulate money, as well as competing in races.

Customization is also fun and you can even upgrade car parts like your car’s engine. The map is huge, so you’ll find yourself driving around towns, seaside cities, mountains, there’s also a really pretty bridge. Driving Empire also offers planes and yachts.


4. Drift Paradise (Mobile / Xbox / Tablet / PC)

Drift Paradise gameplay video by ItsMatrix YT

Roblox Drift Paradise just has something that makes you love it. The gameplay is like how other car games are, you drive around, earn and upgrade. But, it’s really fun to play, drive and drift around in the game map. 

The vehicle graphics are great and there are so many maps to choose from with beautiful scenery. Perfect game to play with friends!


3. Ultimate Driving 2 (Mobile / PC / Tablet / Xbox)

Roblox Ultimate Driving 2 gameplay video by ItsMatrix YT

Roblox Ultimate Driving is a driving game in a big open world like other car games, but here, you can role play as a regular car owner, a first responder, school bus driver, and more. And also, you might want to keep your driving etiquette on check, because one wrong move and you will get a traffic ticket and get wanted by the law, oops!

There are races you can join. The cars and environment have great graphics, and nice car sound effects. Sometimes it’s nice to see car game players driving properly on the road too!


2. Vehicle Legends (PC, Tablet, Mobile)

Roblox Vehicle Legends gameplay video by ItsMatrix YT

Roblox Vehicle Legends is also your usual car game, but it’s a favorite of many. The usual well known supercars are here and they have amazing graphics for the cars and even the interiors are accurate for the car model. The engine sounds are cool too. 

This game is really fun to play. Just enjoy driving around the massive map or join races and bet on each other’s cars.


1. FR Remastered (Mobile / Tablet / PC / Xbox)

Roblox Formula Racing official trailer by Formula Racing Studios YT

For car lovers, this is absolutely the best car game on Roblox. Just like in real life F1 racing, you and your car get prepped up for the race.  The game has amazing and realistic graphics, especially the cars. There’s a multiplayer and solo mode, you can race by yourself or compete with fellow car enthusiasts.

The game version is still in beta, so some modes like the solo race are still coming soon. This is a really great and fun F1 inspired game, there’s also realistic game details like coming up to a pit stop during  a race to fix whatever needs fixing with your car


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