The 15 Best Social Games to Meet New Friends and Party

Social Games
Finding friends can be a lot easier online.

Make New Friends in These 15 Best Social Games 

Gaming is fun, but isn’t it a lot more fun when you can play with others? If you are looking for some fun games to play with other people, these can be the perfect options for you.

15. Roblox

Roblox Gameplay

Creativity is the name of this game. From the characters that represent you to the Obbies (minigames in Roblox) that you play, users regularly create new games and avatar skins. Every day is a new day on Roblox.

Today you feel like playing a punk rocker, trying to escape that massive flood about to consume the zone. Tomorrow, you are a pizza maker and delivery driver trying to earn money for your shop. You can create whoever you want to be today on Roblox.

Making blocks your way: Every game and person is as unique as the person playing them, letting your creativity shine as you interact with others.


14. Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Gameplay

Can you survive? Join up with friends or meet some new ones online to test your survival skills with Don’t Starve Together, the expansion of Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve was a very popular game, so popular that fans begged for a multiplayer version of it. After a few years, developers released an expansion called “Don’t Starve Together”. Maxwell tricked Wilson into making a machine that transports him into this strange world in Don’t Starve. In Adventure mode, you can unlock the dark secrets about this mysterious location. Gather resources out in the dismal world so that you can survive these bleak conditions as you are thrust into this strange world filled with monsters.

Pick your character and head out on an adventure in this land of doom and gloom. The goal: don’t starve together. Did someone on your team die? Prepare to suffer the insanity of their ghost until you hunt down one of the tools used to resurrect your fallen friend. Keep exploring to find materials so you can craft items that will ensure your survival in this cruel, harsh world.

Dark and dreary: Danger is everywhere in this unassuming and artistically-well done expansion.


13. Second Life

Second Life Gameplay

Be who you want to be while exploring this virtual world. Every game has been created by users, which can be shared or even sold on the marketplace for others to enjoy.

After creating the character you want to be, live your life however you want in this expansive virtual world. Enjoy the experience of buying the perfect property, creating the home of your dreams. Build your business empire. After a grueling day at the office, blow off some steam at a live concert. Life is a little less ordinary in this virtual reality.

Wondering around Second Life: When social media meets up with a virtual world, anything can happen.


12. Habbo

Habbo Gameplay

With a focus on teens, Habbo centers around a hotel where users can create their own rooms or hang out in another user’s room. Public rooms are created by Habbo designers to give an area where everyone can socialize together.

Transform your boring hotel room into the place to be by purchasing carefully selected items using credits. Feeling a bit lonely? Adopt a pet or a bot to keep you company or purchase items to make your room into a party.

Social networking first: This online community is primarily a social networking community for teens, but it offers quests and games to enjoy with their friends.


11. Moviestar Planet

Moviestar Planet Gameplay

Secretly, most people dream of the glamourous life. With Moviestar Planet, you can be your fabulous self. Play games or just hang out with your friends, this app is all about social fun.

Get glammed up before hitting the town with your friends. Shop in swanky stores, finding elegant accessories to complete your glamorous look. Being famous is hard but rising to stardom is well worth every second. 

Fame and Glamour: Be the star that you were meant to be when you play Moviestar Planet.


10. IMVU

IMVU Gameplay

Creating avatars and becoming your avatars are the same thing when using IMVU. It has a completely immersive experience, offering you real world adventure in this expansive virtual world. Users can create content, such as their avatars or clubs, and can earn real money for their efforts.

This is a game that centers around social networking but has a fun twist where you can become whatever you want to be.

The options are endless as you create your completely customizable avatar. Go to the beach, where you don’t have to worry about sunburns while enjoying drinks with your friends. Close out the night dancing at the club, meeting new friends along the way.

Become a star: Create the person you want to be, but don’t be afraid to keep mixing it up to keep your style fresh.

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