[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best Mounts And How To Get Them

Ride in style as you conquer the Shadowlands!

Shadowlands has many new and endlessly unique mounts to pursue as you take on content challenges.

The thing about World of Warcraft is that no matter how hard you grind, it never ends.

After the biggest bosses have been slain, the last quest-chain completed, and the latest achievement dinged, you’d think it was time to settle in and wait for the next patch. But Blizzard knows how to hook us, and has shown a fondness expansion after expansion for filling Azeroth with secrets that even the most veteran WoW players must toil over to complete. When the work’s done, it’s not really done—there’s so much more to see!

Be it for the feeling of resolve, a hunger for more adventures with friends, or the need to be a head-turner as you glide by in a capital city, one of the more popular activities outside of the current storyline involves collecting hunter pets, companion pets, transmogs, and achievements. It’s a race to have it all with every new era of Wow, and no collection stands out and says ‘I’m committed to Azeroth’ quite the way a hefty collection of rare and exotic mounts does. And Shadowlands, thankfully, has so very much to offer us as mount collectors.

From the rarest, most coveted mounts of the xpac to the easier to obtain but unbelievably striking ones, we count ten of the best mounts up for grabs in Shadowlands.

10. Swift Gloomhoof

A loyal and chilling steed to carry you to victory!

We start our countdown with the mysterious Ardenweald beauty that is the Swift Gloomhoof, only obtainable by slaying Night Mare in Dreamshrine Basin. Local legend says that spotting one of these is both a blessing and a curse, as their birth is said to signify the death of a wild god. Somehow both bright and menacing, this is a mount that can’t be left out of your prized collection.

Classified as one of WoWs famous ‘secret’ mounts that has been puzzled out by The Secret Finder Community, making the Gloomhoof yours will require getting into places not normally accessible on the map. Your hero will also need to be in allegiance with the Night Fae, and will require dozens of quests to be completed so as to gain access to a few NPCs. Once you obtain the dream catcher needed to challenge Night Mare and slay him, you’re all set to collect this 100% drop.


Here’s a Helpful Guide for obtaining Swift Gloomhoof:


9. Hand of Salaranga

No mount like Salarange has ever been seen before in WoW history.

Strikingly spooky, the Hand of Salaranga is the first of its kind, with no other ‘hand’ mounts currently present in-game. Although lesser-coveted versions with different colored skins can be obtained, Salaranga is the prize to win when beefing up your mount collection in Shadowlands. This mount is big, creepy, and definitely an eye-catcher.

Such a mount is of course no easy task to obtain. It comes from the achievement ‘Breaking the Chains’ which is a 9-part achievement that sends you into every nook and cranny of Shadowlands content. Some of the achievements needed within this achievement, such as ‘United Front,’ where you must complete all four covenant assaults within the Maw, are so easy that you might actually already have them. However, make no mistake—the grind can be incredibly time-consuming. Butowners of this impressive mount will attest that it’s worth the effort.


Here’s a Helpful Guide for obtaining Hand of Salaranga:


8. Battle Gargon Silessa

Silessa inspires terror in hearts all over Azeroth.

Stylized in similar fashion to many mounts only available to hardcore PVPers, Battle Gargon Silessa is a sight to behold. Lore says that after fighting alongside her rider in the great incursion of the Light, this beast was trusted with guarding a vault of riches. Once obtained, her rider sits on an impressive ruby and gold torch-lit throne, which gives off an intense and commanding aura.

Unfortunately, this beauty is yet another grind. Only obtainable by the Venthyr covenant, you will need an enormous amount of reservoir anima to upgrade your Mirror Network to rank 3 and begin repairing the three mirrors available for repair in Revendreth once per day. These mirrors give you access to a hidden room that MIGHT have a treasure trove called the Forgotten Chest in it, which MIGHT drop Silessa. Despite all the luck involved in obtaining this mount, this Gargon is a must for collectors.


Here’s a helpful guide for obtaining Battle Gargon Silessa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-kyRQWBrB4&t=19s

7. Wild Glimmerfur Prowler

This Prowler is sleek and attractive. Envy will follow you.

As a community, WoW players have often shown great affection for just about anything ‘fox-like’ that appears in-game. When the Lothien Prowler dropped in Legion, players were scrambling over each other to obtain it! Now with a stunning new fantasy-like twist, available to fox-lovers all over Azeroth is the Wild Glimmerfur Prowler, an emerald-tinged Vulpin mount that, thank goodness, is rather easily obtainable.

This mount can be dropped off the mob known as ‘Valfir the Unrelenting,’ a heavy-hitting rare that spawns in Night Fae territory and requires a large group to down. Adding slightly to the challenge, this rare has a buff that makes hitting it difficult, as it’s dodge change is quite high. Still though, as far as difficulties go on this list, it shouldn’t take you too much effort to bring home this gorgeous Vulipin mount!

Here’s a helpful guide for obtaining the Wild Glimmerfur Prowler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI6hASNbceQ

6. Lord of the Corpseflies

Just the right amounts of both cuddly and creepy.

Similar in presentation to the much sought-after Honeyback Harvester Bee, Lord of the Corpseflies is both good-looking and slightly unsettling to gaze upon. Just like Silessa and Salaranga, you can obtain other colored skins of this mount—but if you’re  here to build an impressive collection, this one is the way to go.

This dramatic-looking battle bug is obtained during an event called ‘Corpse Heap’ by downing a rare called ‘Fleshwing’ in Korthia. While the event is pretty straight forward, drop chances are low for this mount, so you might find yourself spending some time on it. Plus, to add to the headache,, the mount hatches from a ‘small corpsefly egg,’ which will need to incubate for three days before revealing if you’ve got the mount or not. Classically frustrating content, but also classically addictive. ‘I’ll try just one more egg’ is about to be your stereotypical thought.


Here’s a helpful guide for obtaining Lord of the Corpseflies:


5. Arboreal Gulper

You just can't leave without a frog mount.

Not exactly difficult to obtain, but just too lovely to leave out, the Arboreal Gulper is an adorable addition for any collector looking for physically memorable mounts rather than the most rare ones. The mount’s in-game description states that the foliage and wood growing all over the gulper is all-natural, helping it to siphon anima from the air. This is definitely a magical little creature that you won’t want to leave out of your collection!

This mount is obtained by slaying a rare called ‘Humon’gozz’ in Ardenweald. He can be summoned by planting an ‘Unusually Large Mushroom’ in a very specific spot near Dreamsong Fenn. With a guaranteed 100% drop rate, it shouldn’t take you muchwork to down the rare and obtain your very own fantasy frog mount.


Here’s a helpful guide for obtaining the Arboreal Gulper:


4. Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater

This Soul Eater has a presence that demands the ultimate respect.

It just wouldn’t be a WoW mount countdown without a badass looking dragon! The Sinful Gladiator’s Soul-Eater is an absolutely breath-taking mount, and one that just may push PVE players to try their hand at some PVP in order to nab it.

Depending on your enthusiasm for PVP, this mount may be easy, difficult, or down-right impossible to obtain, as it’s the reward for Shadowlands PVP Aaena season 1. Two other re-skins of it are also available from season 2 and 3 as well. But with that eerie greenish-black tinged hide and those piercing red eyes, I personally find this version of the mount to be the most noteworthy of the three.


Here’s a helpful guide on obtaining the Sinful Gladiator’s Soul-Eater:


3. Sintouched Deathwalker

Flashy and freaky, this Deathwalker is one of a kind.

Strangely reminiscent of the Glacial Tidestorm dropped by Jaina in Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor, or even the Farseer’s Raging Tempest class mount, the Sintouched Deathwalker may not be the only elemental mount available, but it sure commands a unique power of its own with its presence. It’s said this mount is ‘forged from the sins of countless diabolical dungeon denizens,’ and that only those able to overcome them may harness it.

This ominous-looking mount is yet another prize that may encourage players not familiar with the Keystone system to give it a try. This elemental beast is a reward for the achievement ‘Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One.’ It has also been re-skinned for seasons two and three in a haunting teal and a nightmarish red. Large and mystical, this mount is a looker, and will surely gain you favor when added to your collection!


Here’s a helpful guide on obtaining the Sintouched Deathwalk:


2. Soulbound Gloom Charger

This Gloom Charger has an icy, villainous aura.

Blatantly a Death Knight’s dream, the Soulbound Gloom Charger comes in at number two on our list simply because it’s got to be one of the most insanely cool-looking mounts Shadowlands has brought us so far. With echoes of long sought-after mounts like the Headless Horseman, and even dare I say it, Invincible himself, players will find adding the Gloom Charger to their collection to be a satisfying experience indeed.

I’m sad to report that this is of course not an easy one, as the mount is a rare-drop from something called a ‘Mysterious Gift from Ve'nari.’ This is a Paragon level reputation rewards chest and will surely require some elbow-grease. But with one look at this glorious gothic-esque mount, you’re likely to find the work rewarding enough to be worth the challenge.


Here’s a helpful guide on obtaining the Soulbond Gloom Charger:


1. Sinrunner Blanchy

The ultimate prize for Shadowlands mount hunters.

This mount comes in at number one because if you know anything about mount collecting in Shadowlands, you already knew this one was coming. Sinrunner Blanchy is arguably the most sought-after mount in all of Shadowlands content, and is associated with a particularly coveted status in-game.

Without spoiling too much, I will say that what makes this mount so interesting is the lore surrounding it, and how it’s managed to tie long-forgotten content to present day WoW. Players will need to interact with Blancy on six different days (thankfully, not necessarily six days in a row) to win her affection. The challenge is in catching her, as when she spawns, she’ll take off like lightning across the map, running at a faster speed than any mounted player in-game is capable of.

There’s just no avoiding this one, gamers—you’ve got to have this mount! And once you do, you will be further rewarded as you explore this lonely horse’s story and all of the Easter eggs that she has to offer.


Here’s a helpful guide on obtaining Sinrunner Blanchy:



And with that, we’ve officially covered 10 of the best mounts available to obtain in Shadowlands. The grinding may be a long process, but you’re sure to have all of these longed-for mounts with a little hard work, dedication, and help from the light of Elune. Good luck, Champion; and happy hunting!

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