WoW Dragonflight XP and Leveling System Explained

Dragonflight Leveling and XP System


For those who have played the most recent re-launches of old expansions (WoW classic servers), the leveling process for Dragonflight is both significantly shorter, easier, and more varied. Which is a good thing. Unlike previous iterations of WoW, Dragonflight is much less linear, with the main storyline not having enough xp to level fully. This means you’ll have to explore side quests, dungeons, and some other not-so-obvious paths to reach max level.

This makes the storyline much better, as content doesn’t have to be crammed into leveling areas only. This also prevents leveling from being super long in order to make you get out into this rich and detailed world. They have also made significant scaling xp nerfs as you level, making the process up to level 60 much faster than any previous expansion, which is great for any new or returning players who have to start at level 1.

With so many changes to past content and current leveling, each player can carve out their own path through Azeroth+. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Dragonflight leveling.

What is the Max Level:

It's time to begin the grind again!

The current level cap is moved to 70.

  • From 60 -70 the xp needed is 3,540, 580
  • World fastest 70 was in 90 mins of gameplay
  • Looking at a range of 2-15hrs to get from 60-70

XP per Level Changes:

Speed through the mid-range levels to get to new content if you want, or play your favorite past expansion.

Blizzard massively changed the xp-per-level values with the release of Dragonflight pre-patch. This has made it even easier to level an alt or for returning players who are starting from scratch.

  • Levels 1-10 and 30-60 had their xp values decreased
  • Level 10-30 was slightly increased
  • The xp value decrease is scaling, starting at a 1% decrease at level 30 and scaling to a massive 75% decrease at level 59

Link to experience-per-level values chart: Required Experience Per Level Changes in Dragonflight

How Many Zones:

The Dragon Isles are the largest zones ever added into the game, so there's plenty to explore.

There are 4 zones to level through (and a 5th starting zone for Dracthyr Evokers).

  • The Waking Shores - Level 58-64
  • Ohn’ahran Plains - Level 62-66
  • Azure Span - Level 64-68
  • Thaldraszus - Level 66-70

Fastest Way to Level:

Master your craft and level fast.

Dragonflight will provide new experience opportunities for those with crafting professions. Each new item made gains a "First Craft Bonus". This means you can't spam make an item to gain experience; however, with a large pool of potential crafted items to choose from, it still provides a lot of experience. 

  • Can get from 60 to halfway through 63 in 10 mins, and from 60 to halfway through 66 in 30mins
  • Does require you to have all the mats to craft things, you’ll either have to grind it yourself, or buy them off the AH which can be pricey

Character Boost:

Select whether you want just a barebones boosted character or extra perks.

There are several different iterations of the game that you can purchase.

  • Heroic and Epic editions of the game come with a level 60 character boost
  • If you buy Heroic and then upgrade to Epic, you DO NOT get a second boost
  • Boosted characters come with a full item set, bags, a small amount of gold, riding skill, and more!

Dracthyr Evoker:

After millennia of sleep, take these new heroes out into the world!

The new hero class of the expansion, these humans/dragons were created by Neltharion millennia ago and have recently awoken to a changed world!

  • Start at level 58 in the starting zone, the Forbidden Reach
  • Can join either faction
  • Can’t have two on the same realm
  • Evokers can only be Dracthyr and Dracthyr can only be Evokers (for now)

Changes from Chromie:

How have the Shadowlands been incorporated into the timeline?

There are a few changes to keep the timeline up to date from our favorite enigmatic gnome.

  • Shadowlands can now be chosen as a timeline to level through
  • Battle for Azeroth has become the default timeline
  • This has led to some changes for BfA content,
  • Raids and Visions of N’Zoth remain at level 50 content
  • Heroic and Mythic dungeons remain at level 50 content
  • Normal dungeons, island expeditions, and warfronts are now all changed to level 60 content

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