10 Most Legendary Characters in World of Warcraft

10 Most Legendary Characters in World of Warcraft
The Most Epic NPC's That Actually Matter (Photo - Lady Jaina Proudmoore by Ver1sa Cosplay)

Have You Met All 10 of These Legendary Characters in World of Warcraft?

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that there are very few games out there with as much epic lore content as World of Warcraft. As we fans have grown to love the game over the last decade the question arises: Who is the World of Warcraft best hero? This list is a compilation of some of the most epic and legendary heros (or villans) in the Warcraft universe. They selection criteria involves the way that they changed the world, how epic their deeds are, and finally their base cool factor. Here we go! World of Warcraft best hero top 10 list:

10. Illidan Stormrage


The Night Elf demon hunter eventually led the scourge himself

The night elf demon hunter was supposed to aid Malfurion and Tyrande in the defense of the world tree, but instead he defected to Sargeras. He is no longer a night elf but neither is he a demon. Illidan has become something greater and is now the self-proclaimed ruler of Outland… or at least he was until a massive raid group destroyed him.

A quick search on the forums will reveal that Illidan is one of the most popular WoW characters in the game. For what reason? He is badass and dual-wields the coolest weapons in the game so that could be two reasons. Perhaps it is that he is just misunderstood and his fal truly is one of Azeroth’s most tragic stories. Illidan is number 10 on this list because while he is pretty awesome, he also reminds a lot of teenage angst.

            “Betrayer… In truth, it was I who was betrayed. Still, I am hunted”- Illidan Stormrage

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